7 Reasons for Buying $10 in Bitcoin Today (Don’t be too Late)

7 Reasons for Buying $10 in Bitcoin Today (Don’t be too Late)

$10! With a $10 budget, you cannot even afford to buy a pizza today. Those who are new to the Cryptocurrency industry cultivate a common thought that a big amount of Crypto investment is needed to reap massive gain from the industry. But, if you ask us, ‘’is it worth investing $10 in Bitcoin today?’’, then we will answer you ‘’YES’’. Even in this regard, we can let you know 7 reasons for buying $10 in Bitcoin today. These seven reasons are so valid that they will make you realize the exact value of that $10. Let’s unravel talks why we are saying YES. If you can buy $10 worth of Bitcoin, you can earn a pervasive return by the Next Crypto Bull Run. Through this ‘’ $10 future value in Bitcoin’’ article, we are sharing with you a magical strategy that will help you derive an affluent return from only $10 worth of Bitcoin. So, this article is for you if you are eager to make a low amount investment in Crypto.

7 Reasons for buying $10 in Bitcoin today

  1. Bitcoin is down by 41% from its ATH.
  2. 2022 is the Crypto bear market, the best opportunity to buy Bitcoin.
  3. Bitcoin is down by 5% in the last 30 days.
  4. Bitcoin has been down by 27% in the last 1 year.
  5. Tesla’s Q1 2022 report shows selling off no Bitcoin from their balance sheet, which created no hype.
  6. Australia will launch its First Spot Bitcoin ETF in the last week of April.
  7. Bitcoin’s stay at the $40,000 support level creates a spike.

1)     Bitcoin is down by 41% from its ATH

The profitable and basic formula to profit from the Crypto market is buying any currency when its market price is down. For instance, we have already let you know that bitcoin is down by more than 40% from its ATH. So, it indicates that now is the best time to buy Bitcoin. That’s why we kept this point- Bitcoin is down by 41% from its ATH- in the first position of this article- 7 reasons for buying $10 in Bitcoin today. So, we can say for certain that Bitcoin will break its ATH in the Next Crypto Bull Market. So, buying $10 worth of Bitcoin can be a big step toward making a massive profit in the long run.

2)     2022 is the Crypto bear market, the best opportunity to buy Bitcoin

We described the Crypto bear market in detail below. However, we would like to let you know in brief that Bitcoin is available at a low price at a discount in the Crypto bear market. According to the rule of Bitcoin, 2022 is a Bitcoin bear market. So today, those who are averse to buying Bitcoin at $40,000 will stumble upon buying it at $100,000 in the 2025 Bitcoin Bull market.

3)     Bitcoin is down by 5% in the last 30 days

When we were writing this analysis-based bitcoin price article, the price of Bitcoin was rambling around $40k, whereas the price was moving around $42k to $48k last month.

So, you may understand now that Bitcoin is available at a 5-8% discount this month. That’s why we believe that you can start the journey of investing in Bitcoin today with your $10 amount. Hence, we kept this point at the third position of the chronological sequence of top-7 considerations.

4)     Bitcoin has been down by 27% in the last 1 year

Bitcoin’s price swing in the last one year is an important consideration because one year is a long time. So, upon considering the last one-year price swing of Bitcoin, you can see the currency plunged more than 25%. 25%+ down offers a massive discount rate for Bitcoin buyers.

So, it’s a golden opportunity to buy Bitcoin at a discount for those who have been waiting to take a good entry into Bitcoin.

5)     Tesla’s Q1 2022 report shows selling off no Bitcoin from their balance sheet, which may create hype

To be honest, Elon Mask & Tesla has been influencing the Bitcoin market since 2020, and it started with a positive tweet posted by Elon Musk at the beginning of the last Bitcoin Bull market.

Since then, Bitcoin’s price began to increase gradually. But after a certain time, Elon said that Bitcoin wasn’t environment-friendly as Bitcoin miners emit a massive amount of carbon dioxide. After the comment came from Elon, everyone started thinking that Elon might have sold his Bitcoin, and thus, Bitcoin’s price was hard-hit.

But, Tesla’s recent Q1 2022 report shows selling off no Bitcoin from their balance sheet. So, we believe the news will bring a positive impact on Bitcoin’s price soon.

So, this positive news during Bitcoin’s low price can be a great opportunity to start your journey with Bitcoin with only $10.

6)     Australia will launch its First Spot Bitcoin ETF in the last week of April

Bitcoin ETH created a big hype in the last Bitcoin Bull Market. And, Australia is at the threshold of launching its first Spot Bitcoin ETF.

If you notice the first four reasons out of the top-seven reasons for buying $10 in Bitcoin today, you can feel that Bitcoin’s price dipped massively, and if any hot cake type news like the launching of Bitcoin ETF comes in such a state of Bitcoin’s price, it will drive the price to the bullish trend. So, it’s a golden opportunity for you to enter the Bitcoin market with only $10.

7)     Bitcoin’s stay at the $40,000 support level creates a spike

Hello, Bitcoin community, we are now at number seven of the top-seven reasons and it is a technical fact. $40,000 is a significant support level for the Bitcoin price. And we told you multiple times that the Bitcoin price rebounded to a bullish mood from that support level. So, we won’t wonder if such a rebound happens again because there is a scattering of good news in the Bitcoin market.

So, considering the top-seven reasons aforementioned, we believe that it’s the perfect time to start your journey with Bitcoin with only $10. For so, you need to follow ‘’the best strategy to invest $10 in Bitcoin.’’ Don’t worry; in this ‘’Bitcoin Full Guide’’ article, we will give a step-by-step guide, and it must start with ‘’The Best Bitcoin Strategy.’’

What’s the Best Strategy to invest $10 in Bitcoin today? (No, it’s not Dollar Cost Averaging)

If you calculate ‘’10 United States Dollars (USD) to Bitcoin (BTC) today, you will see that you will get 24,789 Satoshi today (26th April) for a $10 investment in the currency. It’s because the price of Bitcoin was around $40,300 when we were writing this article.

Now, we are saying one thing to make you understand ‘’The Best Strategy’’.

  • What does ‘’The Best Strategy’’ mean?

Actually, you can choose any day to invest your $10 in Bitcoin; but, through the term ‘’The Best Strategy,’’ we are hinting at some special tactics by following which an investor can reap maximum gain from his little investment.

Maybe, everyone will recommend you follow the ‘’Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy’’ for a $10 investment. We know that the ‘’Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy’’ is Greek to many. And so, we are giving a brief on it-

  • What is Dollar-cost averaging in the Crypto market?

Dollar-cost averaging is an investment method of investing a small amount in the crypto market at a given time.

For example, a retail investor named ‘’X’’ has a large amount of money in his hand. He is willing to invest a total of $10K in the Crypto market.

He gets a salary of $500 a month and he decided to invest $10 in the crypto market every month. This approach is known as Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy.

To be specific, we won’t say the Dollar-cost averaging strategy is the best one.

What’s the reason behind not being the best? Let’s make a cross-question to you-

Do you know, ‘’how do 10 dollars grow in Bitcoin?’’
  • If you can apprehend the theme of the question, only then can you realize why we aren’t saying the Dollar-cost averaging strategy is the best.
  • According to the Dollar-cost averaging strategy, you might be investing small amounts in the crypto market at regular intervals. And this way, you keep your investment running as per the flow of the strategy even when the market price is high. That means your profit ratio is getting reduced naturally.

So, what’s the solution?

  • Make price analysis your top-notch priority if you are interested in the Dollar-cost averaging strategy. Don’t get frightened; you don’t need any technical skill for so.
  • At firsthand, open the Bitcoin price chart of any Cryptocurrency exchange. Our recommendation is for you to refrain from investing $10 in the crypto market if you see the market is at its highest price or in a costly market situation today in the last 1 month or 3-4 weeks.
  • Hold your $10 investment in a stable coin and wait for the low price.
  • What if you won’t get a low price even after 1 or 2 weeks?
  • Keep waiting.

Actually, the Bitcoin bear market is the best choice for you if you want to purchase Bitcoin at a low price. We will discuss the detail in this regard in the ‘’what is the best time to invest $10 in Bitcoin Market?’’ section.

If I invest $10 in Bitcoin Today in 2022

What will happen if I invest $10 in Bitcoin Today in 2022? To be honest, if you would like to buy $10 worth of Bitcoin, you should strictly follow two things-

  1. Hold your Bitcoin for the long term.
  2. Buy Bitcoin at a cheap price (2022 is the best year for so).

1) Hold your Bitcoin for the long term

Upon checking Bitcoin’s last 10-12 years chart, you can see that the price of Bitcoin increased at times after a certain period at a regular interval. To catch the exact price inflating time of Bitcoin, you must know the sequence following which Bitcoin’s price increases and decreases. So, whatever your investment amount is, it’s a utopian scheme for you to think of getting rich overnight from investing in a volatile asset.

  • Holding an investment for the long term is the real challenging part of Bitcoin investment for earning money. Because today your $10 investment might come down to $6 by the next morning, it leaves a necessity for holding Bitcoin for the long term. You can probably lose your momentum if you are here as a short time investor. 
  • You have to find out the right area for investing your small amount and you can find this area only in the Bitcoin Bull market. You must come up with a long-term holding plan if your investment amount is low, like $10.
  • But, if you have intent on making a huge return within the shortest period of time, then it’s inauspicious for you to enter the market.

2) Buy Bitcoin at a cheap price (2022 is the best year for so)

Let’s share with a myriad of factors-

  • If you invested $10 on September 6, 2015, your return would be 0.048 Bitcoin in total by now because the then price of Bitcoin was $234.
  • On the other hand, the return would be 0.0222 BTC if you invested the same amount on April 23, 2016.
  • Similarly, you could have been the owner of 0.0005 BTC if you had invested $10 on December 17, 2017.
  • And, 0.0271 would already have been added to your wallet for a $10 investment in BTC on January 10, 2019.

The above analysis doesn’t mean your return is higher depending on how long ago you purchased Bitcoin. Just pay a look at the 2017 data; the return on a $10 investment was only 0.0005 BTC at that time, so rather than investing the amount in 2017, if you invested $10 in the earlier period of 2019, then your return would be 0.0271 BTC, which is five times greater than the return of 2017.

  • So, what have you understood?

Indeed, it is evident from the above data that if you want to reap massive gain from only a $10 investment, then you have to search for the Crypto bear market and invest at a lower-low level. The lower the entry price is, the higher the future value of your $10 investment is.

Understanding when the best price in the Bitcoin bear market is is the real challenging part of the Bitcoin market. We have recently published a descriptive article in this regard, which you can read to enhance your skill.

Top 2 Best Times to invest $10 in Bitcoin

  1. Crypto bear market (As like 2022).
  2. Lower low-creating days in Bear Market.

1) Crypto bear market (As like 2022).

At the beginning of this article, we slightly said that lower-low price range creating days in the crypto bear market is the best time for investing your $10. But, why are we talking about the topic separately?

  • Indeed, it is the most critical part for you for investing your small amount, for instance, $10, in the Crypto market. Our want is that you may reap maximum profit by investing your $10 at a low price without any hassle.

If you analyze the price of Bitcoin for the last 10-12 years according to the Bitcoin four year cycle theory, you will see the Crypto market turned bull every after the Bitcoin halving year, like 2021, and the bull year has always been followed by a crypto bear market, like 2022. So, 2022 is an important year for those investors who have been eagerly waiting with their small capitals to invest.

Now, you may have gotten a question in your mind.

  • Should I buy $10 worth of Bitcoin in 2022?

YES is our answer. And we do appreciate buying $10 worth of Bitcoin in 2022 as the year is thought to be the best time for investing a small amount.

2) Lower low-creating days in Bear Market.

According to our research, Bitcoin will be available at a cheap price in the latter part of 2022. So for now, your function is to accumulate small amounts and wait for a good entry point (BTC’s cheap price).

And, never invest blindly without considering Bitcoin’s price whenever you have $10 in your hand. You need to check whether the current price of Bitcoin is in the lower price range compared to the last 2-3 weeks, even though you are in the crypto bear market. Always try to buy Bitcoin at a strong support level.

Top 5 ways to invest $10 in Bitcoin in 2023, or 2024

  1. What you are required to do if you understand that you are not in the Crypto bear market is to analyze the bitcoin price for the last 3-4 months.
  2. Wait; don’t get scared. You don’t need to be a technical analyst for so.
  3. You just need to check whether the price of Bitcoin is in its highest price position or cheapest price position in the last 3-4 months.
  4. Enter the market with your $10 investment if you see that Bitcoin is in its cheapest price position in the last 3-4 months.
  5. On the other hand, you should wait until the next Bitcoin low price if you see the price of Bitcoin is relatively high. Again saying, don’t make an entry to the market with your $10 abruptly. Learn to wait.

Entering the market with your $10 is the best option for you if you get a Bitcoin bear market luckily. But, if the Bitcoin bear market isn’t available, then try to follow the strategy that we shared with you before making your $10 crypto investment.

Best time for selling Profit from the $10 investment of Bitcoin?

You are destined to gain profits if you can hold your BTC for the long term. But, a common mistake has become customary among crypto investors that they don’t sell off their BTC when they are in profit. After then, when the Bitcoin market starts to roll back to the low price again, those who don’t sell off their BTC for-profits get stranded by the bear market.

You must come out of this wrong practice.

Sell your Bitcoin when the market creates an ATH regardless of whether you buy it on a daily basis, weekly or monthly basis.

Now the question is-

When does Bitcoin’s price remain high?
  • When Bitcoin creates a new ATH. The last 12-year Bitcoin price history shows that Bitcoin’s price created a new ATH in the interval of every 4 years. This ATH is made in the crypto bull run when the market is on extreme momentum.

So, we recommend you close your BTC’s position when the market creates any record-breaking new ATH.

  • But, don’t leave the market forever with the profit derived from your $10 investment. Rather, we suggest you wait for the next crypto bear market when you have to invest the already-derived profits again as it’s a continuous process. Thus you can build a strong Bitcoin portfolio with the handsome amount of profits you reaped from the $10 investment.
  • Let’s share with you another tip – When is the perfect time to sell your obtained profits from the $10 investment of Bitcoin?
  • When you see a Bitcoin price that gives you an 8X to 12X profit abruptly, you should sell your Bitcoin for huge profits. Then again, you should invest when the Bitcoin price crashes because it’s the right time to make an entry.
  • Indeed, it’s obvious that a crypto project crashes after giving a 10X profit. So, you should make the best use of this opportunity as an investor.

Therefore, we believe that we could make it clear to you when you should sell your retained Bitcoins. You have to be tactful as a retail Bitcoin investor, and we are teaching you the tactics.

Should I invest $10 in Bitcoin Every day or every month? Which one is more profitable?

There is confusion among retail Bitcoin investors regarding selecting the Bitcoin investment strategy. They cannot determine whether they should invest in Bitcoin on a daily basis or monthly.

In this ‘’ $10 in Bitcoin’’- titled article, we will discuss which of the strategies will be the best for making a profit from bitcoin investment.

$10 Investment Strategy: Every day VS Every month

Suppose, you receive $10 daily from a certain source which amounts to $300 a month.

On the other hand, you get $10 or any likely small amount every month that you can use for investing in Bitcoin.

So now, will you immediately invest that obtained amount in Bitcoin after getting these? Or, should you follow any good strategy?

Let’s come to know the solutions from experts’ opinions-

  • Investing $10 blindly in the Bitcoin market is not a proper way. But, it’s great that you are receiving $10 or any likely small amounts daily.
  • If you make a wrong decision on investment without understanding the market sentiment, you have to suffer in the long run.

So, which is the best way for those who want to invest $10 every day?

  • Earning $10 every day means amounting to $300 a month and $3600 a year.
  • Indeed, $3600 is a handsome amount to invest in the Crypto market if you know the proper time for investing in the Bitcoin market.
  • If you see Bitcoin’s price is relatively high, then we suggest you accumulate your $10 in the stablecoin so the amount of stablecoin increases with time.
  • And you should fall on the Bitcoin market with the accumulated amount in the stablecoin when the Crypto bear market comes and Bitcoin becomes available at a discount.
  • Thereby, you can reap much gain by using your accumulated Crypto stablecoin. It is what we are trying to make you understand (reaping maximum gain from only $10).

Let’s return to the discussion of investing $10 every month-

  • Look, our suggestion is the same for those expecting to invest $10 every month.
  • If you want to invest $10 every month, it means that $10 is available every month in your hand. So, you should convert this amount into stablecoin on a monthly basis. As a result, $10 saving a month will accrue to $120 a year.
  • This amount can give you a higher return in Bitcoin after a certain time, albeit $120 seems to be a small amount. For so, you should invest in the Bitcoin market in a proper way.

Top 2 Ways to Invest in Bitcoin on a monthly basis

  1. Keep converting your $10 into stablecoin and accumulate them until the Bitcoin bear market appears.
  2. You will get Bitcoin at a low price in the Bitcoin bear market and you should buy Bitcoin with the accumulated stablecoins that time.

So from the above discussion, now it’s evident that investing $10 in the Bitcoin market blindly daily or monthly is not a proper way of investment. Rather, when Bitcoin’s price remains high, investors should accumulate their funds in stablecoin as much as possible. And their prime function is to buy Bitcoin at a low price in the Bitcoin bear market with the already-accumulated amount.

Top 3 Bitcoin Exchanges to buy $10 in Bitcoin (low fee guaranteed)

  1. Binance
  2. FTX Exchange
  3. Coinbase

1)     Binance

Binance, which is trusted & top-rated, is the best exchange for you for buying $10 worth of Bitcoin. Because of the low trading fee, Binance is widely known as the exchange for retail Bitcoin investors.

If you have $10 in your hand, then you will have the opportunity to trade once in Binance. So, be careful while buying Bitcoin (make sure you follow all the above facts while buying Bitcoin in Binance). The reason is Binance requires $10 at the time of purchasing Bitcoin through spot trading.

2)     FTX Exchange

FTX is one of the top-rated Bitcoin exchanges, which is also a trusted one. You also get Bitcoin here at a low transaction fee. If you would like to, you can buy $10 worth of Bitcoin from this exchange.

3)     Coinbase

Actually, Coinbase is a costlier exchange than Binance and FTX. And even it is also an expensive exchange in the Bitcoin market. However, why did we keep this name on this list then?

  • Because of their transparency.

Indeed, there is no deficit of scam exchanges in the Bitcoin market. That’s why you must select a trustworthy Bitcoin exchange. You can pick Coinbase for your $10 investment. But again, Coinbase is our third consideration for buying Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is the most expensive asset now in the world. So, traders suffer from confusion about a small amount, like $10, investment in this asset because they can’t determine whether they should invest it now or wait. However, we covered everything from top to bottom in this article, starting from ‘’is it worth investing $10 in Bitcoin today?’’ to ‘’top-7 reasons for buying $10 in Bitcoin today.’’ 2022-23 is the best time for investors to make an entry into the Bitcoin market. So whenever you buy Bitcoin, it won’t give you instant feedback. You have to wait for a long term for a handsome amount of feedback. We hope this Bitcoin educational article will help you catch the exact scenario of the Bitcoin market. We wish you a flourishing Bitcoin journey.

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