A Blockchain that Combines Hierarchy Sharding and Time Sharding

A Blockchain that Combines Hierarchy Sharding and Time Sharding

From generation to generation, people will find ways to lose their family history. I can personally prove this. Imagine that you are asked to trace your family clan back to generations, I bet you can’t or in most cases, you can know the history of your grandparents, not a detailed one.

Regarding your family tree or how your linage has come to you, it is harder and hard to do, where families can be separated through the continent and connected only through a cell phone. Build an IoT block chain network that has never heard of the importance of family linage and geared your family history, but I want to tell about its exterior because there is a great and workable concept behind every successful project. Good chance to be successful Despite the power of multiple devices to interconnect over the block chain, there is nothing more than a concept in recent times, but we all know that all the discoveries of the people are always born through a concept.

Review of TreeBlock project

TreeBlock, which is a block chain project for family enterprise solutions, which is the first block chain solution that will enable the mobile subscriber to be connected as a node, allowing each family to create a digitalized network of channels. TreeBlock will be able to manage family ventures with all its aspects of communication, money, real memory exchange and surprises.

The benefits of the project

TreeBlock will provide the following benefits:

A safe and secure channel where the family can securely and safely store information and cannot close the prying eyes, TreeBlock will keep all users 100% protected.

TreeBlock Block chain ecosystem will be able to save users’ own traditions.

Capability for users who can integrate the use of central and decentralization technologies

With TreeBlock ecosystem, users will be able to leave a legacy as their children and grandchildren

Family members can be connected through platform. Using TreeBlock existing platform tools, users will be able to build applications on its platform.

TreeBlock Tactics

TreeBlocks VM Web Assembly will be used which will enable the platform to use C / C ++ and over time it will be used for other programming languages Smart agreement and existing software developers can be the block chains App Developer without them need to learn the new programming language in reverse. TreeBlock will open a section that will take advantage of its flexible features for many block chain fixes.

Information about ICO.

Smart contract: ERC20

Token Ticker: TREX

Quantity: 10 000 000

Distribution scheme

65% — Sale

10% — constituent team (restriction on sale 2 years)

2% — generosity (lock 6 months)

5% — reserve for future company plans

3% — advisers (lock for 6 months)

5% — partners (6 months of blocking)

10% — Marketing

The family is a word that means so much for each of us. He embodies our relationships, memory, finances, family, health, emotions, and more. Tree Block will help manage all aspects of this family business, which will link, share and integrate data. We propose a first solution based on a block diagram that allows each mobile station to connect to a node and each link series to create a new digital society. You can manage your daily life, whether it’s communication, finance, memory communication, travel planning, health, education, family or family inheritance. Innovative applications that are secure, integrated and easy to use.

Imagine a central network so that each family is a single, protected and distribute your information domestically, based on our family block chain technology. The project started with a vision, to manage their daily lives, as well as important personal information and information that would be inherited by the next generation. Thanks to this innovation, despite the increasing distance, we will make a central place for the family.

With the Great Team of TreeBlocks I have no doubt that this project will be successful and it will not be in the block chain industry any time. TreeBlock While currently paying their initial coins, I’m suggesting to TREX Token for a lot of grabs that you use this opportunity to become a TreeBlock partner and show time advantage.

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