Testing Secondary Trading by Ontario to Security Token Startup

Testing Secondary Trading by Ontario to Security Token Startup

In crypto space traders expand secondary market trading for some additional advantages as like as TokenFunder for what it has done; one of its branches is TokenGX. TokenGX provided green signal to operate the project with an eye to collecting data on secondary-market trading. Definitely there is a reason behind the job and this is it is going to assist TokenFunder to provide liquidity for investors. Throughout secondary-market trading, a number of firms will raise funds by token sale. These all is being possible because the OSC is allowing a tokenization startup to facilitate the secondary-market trading and so the firm is providing regulatory compliance for a short time.

All transactions done by TokenGX, having approval by OSC for testing and it is attempting to seek sanction in other claims with an eye to running secondary market, and TokenFunder are visible to everyone and initial token offerings as they adopted public ethereum blockchain. The chance isn’t stretched out to TokenFunder for the first time by OSC rather it (TokenFunder) was provided a chance of offering its FNDR tokens back in 2017.

To concretize the dream of TokenGX, which recently exempted some of its market dealer, developed a platform namely FreedomX, FNDR can be traded through the platform, where the secondary trading will take place. Residents of Ontario will come under the service and specially whitelisted traders who have come through the TokenGX’s Know-your-customer processes. Using smart contracts, trading and taking order is possible. Accredited along with retail investors, whose trades aren’t permitted to exceed $2,500, can make access to the platform. Fiat is not being used by traders to pay for trades rather than settlement balance tokens are being used.  All buying and selling will be done at a fixed price of one Canadian dollar by Token GX. Tokens that are brought by users won’t be shared with wallets outside of TokenGX’s system. On the other side, Token Funder is taking part in 10-month blockchain accelerator program of CDL, Creative Destruction Lab.

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