Allegation of Sexual Assault against Peter Todd (Bitcoin Coder)

Allegation of Sexual Assault against Peter Todd (Bitcoin Coder)

To introduce Peter Todd it should be said that he is the former bitcoin core developer. Isis Agora Lovecruft known as a transgender cryptographer was sued by Todd. It is because Peter Todd mentioned the person deleted a tweet where she called Todd a ‘’rapist’’. But Lovecruft and Zooko Wilcox (zcash co-founder) filed a declaration in the court with evidences and Lovecruft censured Todd of sexual abasement during consulting work on a bitcoin project. She mentioned a quote of Tood in the declaration file which was ‘’I am going to shove my cock in you so hard and beat you until you beg for more’’.

Private messages of Todd with a third party got revealed to the court which said about his sexual advances. Another private message of a woman showed that the woman was claiming herself raped by the man. Recod of 2012 said that Todd was one of the top 25 contributors to the Bitcoin Core code repository. These all are according to Wilcox’s court declaration. Wilcox also mentioned in the court declaration that a female friend explaining being pressured into sex by Todd. While Jane Doe was in a mentally compromised situation because of the medical condition was pressured into sex by Todd was also mentioned in the court declaration. Because of this particular reason she stopped participating in bitcoin project.


Jane Doe depicted Todd’s supposed coercive sexual assault in express detail which was reliable with the court filling yet thus there were no evidence from outsider to the supposed ambush. The episodes portrayed by the two ladies occurred inside the bitcoin community which was traumatic. It can have an influence to the broader crypto society as Todd has been the most active contributors to the Bitcoin core project. The capability to engage in public forums relating to cryptocurrency development was impacted by the occurrence claimant of the alleged victims.


Saying a common theme in allegations of workplace-related harassment can be a cause of requital against the complainant. A study found that 75 percent of the workers speaking out against mistreatment faced some form of requital. Several others were also sexually hassled not involving Todd in the blockchain industry but they don’t want to disclose it to public as they are feared of ostracism. Other sources uttered that their private testimonies of mistreatment were either set aside or led to revenge. Todd needed to face backpack from several individuals. An unknown grievance was submitted to the MIT Bitcoin Expo in March for enabling Todd to talk, as indicated by a source with information of the circumstance.   

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