Allegations to Sanctions issue at North Korea Crypto Conference

Allegations to Sanctions issue at North Korea Crypto Conference

An allegation rose against Virgil Griffith, an ethereum developer who got arrested in 2019 for giving an Ethereum related presentation in North Korea, by U.S. Government for providing technological training that helps the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to avoid U.S. economic sanctions. He got imprisonment in North Korea for the allegation. Fabio Pietrosanti said the sanctions were not a topic at all and law enforcement has a detrimental conjecture about the conference, which took up two days of larger trip, topic. A small group of non-North Koreans was allowed in this trip to have a look at the ‘’hermit kingdom.’’ On the state website the full itinerary can be seen. Pietrosanti, who knows Griffith very well, thinks as a sanctioned country, North Korea encourages a lot of curiosity for anti-censorship activists. 

Pietrosanti knows Griffith well because he joined the TOR community, aiming at developing the open-source anonymized web browser that make surveillance all, as participant where he first met the person, Griffith.  The attorney of Griffith issued a statement after first court appearance and the judge that day found that Virgil should be released from jail pending trail. It proves that the allegation is untested. Hopefully in the day of court the real story will come out to public.

Rule of Visiting North Korea

Pietrosanti having an agenda wants to advocate for the release of Griffith. He asserted that the sanctiones were not negotiated in the DPRK conference. ‘’Don’t talk about any political issue’’ is the rule of visiting a regime like North Korea he said. The conference basically enhanced an opportunity to the outsiders to access North Korea like a tourist trip with educational value. They visited different parts of the country under a strict schedule. The amount of outsiders in the conference was less than 10. They didn’t have the opportunity to speak individually with a single North Korean person.

Somnolent Audience

The conference program was a bit improvised. They didn’t have enough material sanctioned to cover two days of conference. Pietrosanti talked about the tokenization of property. He had not enough sense of the identities of the North Koreans in the room but so far he understood most of the people there had simply been told to go. But he saw people sleeping during the conference. In 2020, there conference will again be held. The conference seems boring to Pietrosanti because he didn’t understand well the presentation of Griffith.

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