Allowing of workers to receive salary by crypto platform: Jobcoin

Allowing of workers to receive salary by crypto platform: Jobcoin

A platform of crypto is attempting hard to allow consumers to receive their salary. Thus they believe that they can reduce pressure on consumers. They will pay the salary on demand. A number of diligent individuals are becoming victim of credit card bills, high-interest loans and loan shirk for fighting with raising expenses. For completed hours workers can request to be compensated as the concept of the startup. Reduction of poverty and inequality is the main purpose of the JobCoin. The process will be done by enhancing working conditions for lower to middle-income workers.  Their technology has that capability they think so.

They are intent to deliver stability to those who are struggling to make ends meet. They also help workers while sending remittance back to their home countries through avoiding exorbitant fees. As per how the perk would boost retention rates enabling businesses with tight margins to eliminate their training costs and thus employers stand to benefit. The technology of JobCoin can be connected to company attendance records to ensure that its salary advance feature is not abused.

Assisting the unbanked

Those who have no bank account, the technology of JobCoin will be congenial to them too. The process will be done by using its cryptocurrency. All types of purchases will be done receiving salary in advance and after the transaction happened a settlement fee from merchant will be received. Organizations obtaining jobcoin payment system will be benefited as belief of the jobcoin and they will be able to advertise their wares directly to registered employees as promotions.

The exchange enables consumers to convert their crypto into fiat which has cosen ethereum as blockchain to launch its product. It’s cryptocurrency is going to be ERC-20 complaint. Jobcoins aims to move to its own blockchain once it is established.

A hopeful start

The exchange is currently in the top 10 in volume ranking JobCoin claims so. The startup is going to be enlisted on the exchange as of May 17. Taking place of IEO on Bitking on May 15 and 16 is deemed to be the next stage when users will be able to purchase jobcoin on the platform by using six cryptocurrencies. These six cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and XRP. Jobcoin is trying hard and soul to expand its business on a global scale. With a view to doing so the startup is trying to embrace its advance payment concept. The process of launching jobcoin exchange is underway in developing countries.

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