Anchorage Started New Brokerage Service for Crypto Trading Platform

Anchorage Started New Brokerage Service for Crypto Trading Platform

A number of institutions we have seen started offering crypto platform for their institutional investors and so do Anchorage, a crypto services startup which is the first crypto-native Qualified Custodian for institutional investors, has just launched a crypto platform for its institutional investors which is an expansion in their offerings. To concretize their goal, the startup acquired the data analysis firm Merkle Data, which is committed to building the surveillance and analytics tools market participants need to interpret market information and assess risks.

Merkle Data, which provides clients with data and risk management solutions accurately value digital assets and assess market risk, is expected to boost the startup’s quantitative analysis and risk modeling capabilities and Merkle Data’s acquisition similarly expands Anchorage’s reach. Anchorage has been in its service for a long time. Previously they introduced Stellar inflation and Tezos staking to clients holding either crypto asset.

Reportedly, according to a statement, whatever investors want to do with their assets-buy and hold, exit a major position, actively trade, participate in staking and governance-the custodian will be involved and that is why it is expected that these expansions as pivotal for the custodial firm. Clients have been asking the company to provide them with a brokerage as deposition, buying, selling and withdrawing are done with this custodian by their clients.  

The platform of Anchorage uses a fee-based model, which makes money by commission, instead of the prevalent principle structure, which allows brokerages to profit off the spread between an asset’s quote and spot price. In comparison with other over-the-counter desks running today, the features of the company’s trading service are slightly different. The way they are stepping forward is good but they should concretize every step with accuracy. They must try to being different from others with extra-ordinary offerings but undoubtedly this is going to be a massive market in near future.

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