What is AMA in Cryptocurrency?

What is AMA in Cryptocurrency? (More Than You Think)

In the cryptocurrency industry, tons of new members join every day, and several questions are seen strolling in their minds. There are many acronyms in this space that are quite different from the traditional world. AMA, Ask Me Anything in full form, is similarly a very famous acronym in the crypto industry. The terminology creates confusion about who will question and where to question. How to earn money from cryptocurrency AMA is another mostly asked question. No worry, we have adorned today’s article for you, answering all your questions. This article will cover topics ranging from what is AMA in cryptocurrency to types of cryptocurrency AMAs and everything. It means that this article is a package of cryptocurrency AMA to a tee.

AMA crypto meaning

As we told you earlier, the broad form of AMA is Ask Me Anything. Let us narrate the matter. Suppose- you are an enthusiast about a reverse-oracle-based project, and you have discovered that Parsiq is the topper of the reverse-oracle niche. To dive deep into the matter or know more about it, you added yourself with their telegram channel, Twitter account, and other social media sites. You asked all your questions about Parsiq on those sites and got all your answers. But even then, you are in a gloomy state of mind thinking if you would be able to contact Parsiq CEO or any high-ranked member to quench your knowing thirst by getting answers directly from the.

  • Is there any such way?

Definitely, there is. And this way is known as crypto AMA or asks me anything in crypto.

You can ask all your questions on Parsiq Telegram channel mentioning Parsiq AMA. What will be happened then? The admin of Telegram channel will collect your questions to ask team members in the next AMA session. You will receive your answers directly from AMA team members when the next session happens.

But, if they arrange a live program, you can directly ask your question to Parsq team members after joining the live. This is how the relationship between community members and project operators is well-organized and flourished.

Just think once, you are buying a share of Apple, but you have some questions regarding the roadmap of Apple. Will you be able to ask that question to any Apple team members directly?

  • Not at all. Even you won’t find the proper way out for contacting Apple team members.

But, the scenario is different in crypto, which is the beauty of the crypto industry. In the industry, crypto community members can quench their thirst for knowledge by direct communication with the project operators through the Ask Me Anything session. They can also share opinions between them that contribute to the development of the project.

Types of Cryptocurrency AMA

So far, you have come to know about AMA-related factors. Now, let’s come to go deep into the matter. From the aforementioned caption, you have so far come to know that we will discuss types of cryptocurrency AMA now. It’s essential for you to know about all types of cryptocurrency AMA because not all crypto projects arrange the same AMA. You can wrongly present your question providing that you don’t have sufficient knowledge over types of crypto AMA. If so happens, you will be deprived of getting your answer.

So, let’s come to know about all types of cryptocurrency AMA without any delay-

  1. Live AMA
  2. Question-Answer AMA (Pre-planned)

1) Live AMA:

  • Crypto Live AMA is the most popular crypto AMA.
  • This AMA type is exactly what its name refers to. In this AMA, team members of crypto projects directly answer the questions of community members.
  • But, a common structure of this crypto live AMA is seen in many crypto projects: which is-
  • At the beginning of the live crypto AMA, the admin panel introduces community members to the pre-announced team members.
  • Then, the admin serves those selected questions to the team members of the particular project who answer those questions in their own style.
  • Thus, the first session of live crypto AMA sees termination.
  • The second session of this live crypto AMA is more interesting. In the second session, the admin opens the social media where the live crypto AMA is happening for community members so that they can make random questions that they need to know. This opening is for a specific time, like 5 minutes or some more. The admin allows community members to make their questions within this period.
  • At the completion of these 5 minutes, the project’s team members will answer those questions asked by community members as many as they want.
  • Through this second round, the crypto live AMA gets finished.
  • Although there is another session named prize distribution in live AMA, we will cover this topic in how you can make money in cryptocurrency AMA topic.
  1. 2 Question-Answer AMA (Pre-planned)
  • In fact, this type of AMA session takes place when any particular team is too busy to communicate with their community members timely. Even after that, they will to answers questions in their free time.
  • Then, we see that the relevant social media admin announces an AMA session’s date and time, assuring community members and allowing them to make their questions.
  • Owing to no chance for crypto team members for direct questioning, pre-planned AMA is relatively less popular than live crypto AMA.

Truly to say that Telegram channel is the most popular social media for cryptocurrency AMA to happen. The reason is that crypto community members can easily interact on Telegram and maximum crypto community members are active on Telegram. But recent YouTube activities for crypto AMA have caught sight of us. On the other hand, we sometimes see cryptocurrency AMA take place on Reddit, Discord, and Twitter.

Ask Me Anything Crypto questions

Whether you join in pre-planned crypto AMA or live cryptocurrency AMA, you must know which crypto AMA questions should be asked.

  • Suppose, ChainLink has arranged an Ask Me Anything Crypto session over their marketing plan and progress, and after joining the session, you made a question regarding their team, and in this case, it is quite obvious that they won’t answer your question.
  • So, before attending the session, you should know the topic and ask relevant questions.
  • Now, if you see there is no topic of the AMA, what will you do then?
  • Then, you should pick up the relevant hyped-up incidents that took place with the particular project to generate questions. For example, Binance added Shiba Inu coin last week, and that’s why Shiba Inu’s cryptocurrency AMA session is today on their telegram channel.
  • Now, you can raise a question which can be like- can we see some more pieces of news regarding the partnership between Binance and Shiba Inu coin?
  • The core word is that you have to ask something relevant via cryptocurrency AMA. But, you will probably get no answer if you ask such a question which is known to all.

What’s the benefit of cryptocurrency AMA?

In a word to say, cryptocurrency Ask Me Anything is equally beneficial to both crypto communities and teams. On the other hand, it goes without saying that Ask Me Anything Crypto promotes the relationship a bit up between crypto communities and teams. Furthermore, Cryptocurrency AMA has some other benefits too that are being arranged in a descending manner.

  • According to the perspective of cryptocurrency Project’s teams, the arrangement of cryptocurrency AMA takes place for equal distribution of information among community members.
  • The face-to-face communication between community members and project operators via cryptocurrency AMA brushes away the necessity for any third party, and it ensures crypto community members receive exact answers.
  • Cryptocurrency AMA recedes the possibility of spreading misleading information.
  • According to the perspective of community members, cryptocurrency AMA reduces the blurriness from any project and gives a crystal clear idea.
  • So, nothing impedes to say that cryptocurrency AMA tightens the nexus between cryptocurrency team members and community members.

How can you benefit from Ask Me Anything in Crypto?

As an investor in any project, you may have something to know about that project, and if so, you can be helped by AMA in cryptocurrency. The reason is that you will have all verified information from here. Moreover, you can also be benefited from several other ways from AMA, which we will mention below point by point.

  • Besides investing in any crypto projects for making money, sometimes you also need to invest for knowing the activities of any project. You should keep enough time in your hand to understand the exact progress of a particular project to invest in.
  • But, investing for a long-time is an arduous task for many.
  • However, if you want, you can gain information in bulk by participating in any cryptocurrency AMA.
  • Indeed, we don’t have any exclusive facial identity online, and everyone here is a random person. But, if you consistently join AMA sessions and make valuable questions, your profile value will get enriched. Even things can be like- you will have the opportunity to work with the particular project. Do you think it is incredible?
  • Although it is something incredible, we have a lot of examples of such incidents. Maybe, you have heard about Parsiq Swarm which offered an opportunity to community members to work with them. So, if you are active in cryptocurrency AMA, you will be benefited in any way.
  • There is another valid way for being benefit by cryptocurrency AMA, which is to build own community by sharing information relating to AMA on social media.
  • Suppose- after joining Chainlink AMA, you have come to know that the staking in Chainlink was increased by 10% from 0%. And you instantly shared the news on your Twitter account. Can you guess what will happen then?
  • As maximum Chainlink community members are active on Twitter, they will share your tweet and express their comments, and owing to that, many will start following you. Thus you can build up your own community.

How to join Crypto AMA?

Before participating in any cryptocurrency project’s AMA, first and foremost, you have to know which social media arranges the AMA program of the project you want to join. Maximum crypto projects use telegram channels for organizing their AMA program. However, we will now see how we can make ourselves informative by participating in a cryptocurrency AMA.

  • For participating in any project’s AMA program, first of all, we have to gather information about when the project’s AMA takes place. For so, asking the admin of the telegram channel is the most effective way.
  • Open an account, if you don’t have, on that social media, which is going to organize the particular project’s AMA. But, if you already have an account, you join the particular project’s page then. The reason is you may see any problem at the time joining when the page sees joining requests in bulk.
  • And after joining the page, wait for the AMA program to start. When the program commences, just get yourself joined and raise questions.

How can you make money in cryptocurrency AMA?

Yes, you see right that you can really earn money from cryptocurrency AMA in a valid way. We have adorned the following points in such a manner that you can easily grasp the ways of earning money from cryptocurrency AMA. The points are:

  • Only community-friendly projects in the crypto industry arrange AMA programs so that community members can raise their valuable questions. Cryptocurrency projects distribute money among them as a reward to inspire those members.
  • So, earning money by raising questions via AMA programs is a great opportunity for crypto community members.
  • Now, the fact is, what types of questions lead you to earn money from here?
  • You must ask such valuable questions that other community members are also eager to know the answers to those questions but not asking specifically. So, those exclusive questions, which are also in the minds of many members, will bring you money as a reward.
  • Besides that sometimes crypto projects give different types of tasks, like following their Twitter account, retweeting any specific tweet, etc, which also bring money for the doers.

How to find out the upcoming Crypto Ask Me Anything?

Asking the admin panel of the social media, which is going to organize the upcoming AMA, about the particular AMA is the most effective and valid way for finding out cryptocurrency AMA. There are also some other ways through which you can find out crypto projects AMA.

  • Recently, Coinmarketcap has added a new feature called Events to their website. In this section, they provide all the details of any upcoming cryptocurrency events. You can know about all upcoming events of cryptocurrency from this section of CMC. Through this feature, CMC not only provides the upcoming news of cryptocurrency AMA but also provides the news of all kinds of important events.
  • We see massive activities of cryptocurrency on Twitter. So, if you want to participate in any project’s cryptocurrency AMA, you can search on Twitter writing #AMA.
  • You can see a massive number of results if you search on Twitter this way.
  • You can also know A to Z about any project’s cryptocurrency AMA by searching on channels in telegram. Certainly, this way of searching will provide you with a ton of information.


Today’s what is AMA in cryptocurrency-titled article is for newbies in the industry. But, we can confidently say that we have added so advanced topics in this article that it will also help industry-veterans. Cryptocurrency AMA is really a useful program for crypto community members. So, the projects each community member is holding should participate in respective cryptocurrency AMA programs to analyze their movements. Bear in mind that knowledge is power. And there is no alternative to cryptocurrency AMA programs for enlarging knowledge.

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