Asobi Market- Games Items, e-Book, Software and More

Asobi Market- Games Items, e-Book, Software and More

Hi, my audience Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, today I want to familiarize you with ASOBI coin, ASOBIMO is a Japanese company that has created web-based entertainment experiences. About 600 representatives of the world. ASOBIMO has won various real honors, including the Google Play Developer of the Year Award, the Grand Prix of the New App Store.

Asobimo publishes a DApps platform for publisher and users who will create a digital content with valuable resources for all parties in the secondary market and provide maximum security with minimal costs and friction reduction. The Decentralization Benefit Agency of Security provides the irrefutable proof of the ownership of the agency.

They use a block chain technology to make decentralization of security systems and create a platform that distributes P2P styles to secondary content platforms. Using this, you will be able to buy and sell digital content such as comics, games, music that you want to share with others.

Asobi is another commitment that uses the Blockchain to disseminate an optional substitute platform. With this platform, you can purchase and offer computational materials, such as funnies, in-pramod things, and music that will be inserted for others. The institution will use innovation to provide a platform for a protected substance called “Blockchain Security System” (Benefit Agency).

Promotion of the establishment? Asobi is a work of ASOBIMO that is affiliated with web-based diversions with 600 employees around the world. Online, Toram Online, Iruna Online, have taken numerous mainstream recreational holidays for Avabel. The ASOBIMO hit was created in a plethora of 50,000,000 and $ 200 million.

Why Asobi Blockchain to Unify Other Platforms? Asobi utilizes blockchain inventions, ASOBIMO DApps, which will create computing content in the optional market, which is an important benefit for all gatherings and will be provided with a secure and non-cost. For the frictionless experience and use of Blockchain to guarantee undue convincing.

ASOBIMO will allow DApps, amusement, comic books, ebooks, to enjoy music, combine advanced cash.

Asobi Market and Asobi Wallet come with Asobi’s ecosystems. Asobi Bazar will have the ability to provide client licenses, which will empower them to secure their computing content, which is done through benefit agencies. Asobi permit co-ordinates for computers, such as jokes, funnies, ebooks, music, Asobi currency, will be exchanged normally on your Asobi wallet. Computability that will be traded on the ASOBI market will be run by savvy assentation on blockchain and this will reinstate the legitimate proprietor facility.

ASOBI will be used as currency for ASOBI Marketplace and Asobimo games and also in other establishments such as trading money. When you purchase Asobimo ASOBI currency, then 1 ASOBI will be equal to 2 JPY (about $ 2 USD). The ASOBI currency will be used up and in the “A2”, “Avabel Online” Iruna Online HD “,” Iruna Online 3 “and ¥ 15,000,000,000 from subsidizing numerous diversions.

ASOBI is an ICO for providing additional subsidizing for innovative work on this ASOBI platform. The topics of interest to the Token Agreement program are as follows:

Token name: ASOBI COIN

Notation: ABX

Token Type: ERC20

Total supply: 16,500,000,000

Soft Cap (Achieved): 550,000,000 JPY (Approx. $ 5,000,000)

Hard Cap: 5,500,000,000 JPY (Approx. $ 50,000,000)

Pre-sale (Outside of Japan) begins August 10th and ends August 20 with 25% off promotion and no token lock.

Conversion rate: 1ETH = 43,000ABX or 1BTC = 750,000ABX

Pre-sale amount: 400,000,000ABX

The ABX Token allocation is as follows:

50% are sold during the ICO period to ensure liquidity

20% allocated to the team and advisory board, this token is locked for 180 days.

10% for Bounty program, Token is not locked.

10% for Airdrop, Token is not locked.

10% will be reserved, the token is locked for 360 days.

Conclusion of Asobi words:

Gaming business, commonly called, is one of the most cut-offs, and they have discussed this issue right now. However, this company in Tokyo says it will be associated with a ten year involvement in the creation of a multi-purpose. Another method for block chain innovation with MMORPG will be to create.

In the information structure of ASOBI Group. ASOBI has claimed that a group has been formed for a long time with extensive involvement in the area involved in the field of inventory, business, and online business, and mark and block chain innovation. Here’s some information about ASOBI’s initiative. For the complete subtle content of the ASOBI team, if you see ASOBI’s landing page it will be ideal.

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