What does ATH mean in Crypto Industry

Top 3 Ways of Money-Marking by ATH Crypto (Best Exit Point)

There are some abbreviations in the Cryptocurrency industry that seem confusing to newcomers. ‘’ATH’’ is such an abbreviation in the industry. Indeed, the broad form of ATH is All-Time-High. ATH refers to the peak price a crypto project reached since its arrival. To be honest, ATH is not a useless piece of data. You will startle to know that you must need to know the ATH of a particular project on which you are going to run a profound analysis. Don’t worry; throughout this article, we will indoctrinate you with some tricks by which you can analyze a project using its ATH. So, this article is not only confined to answering- ‘’what does ATH mean in crypto?’’- but also it will teach you how you can be benefited from ATH in different ways. Even, we shared with you the top-3 ways of money-making by ATH Crypto through which you can reap maximum gain from the Crypto industry.

Indeed, the Cryptocurrency industry is highly different than the traditional industry. And so, when a newbie enters the industry, a hesitation works in his mind thinking- ‘’Alas! I would know the basics of the industry.’’ But, we say ‘’don’t worry’’ to the new crypto investors. It’s not a big deal, and those who are successful now were in your position when they started. Just hold your thirst for earning knowledge.

However, the CryptoOOF team has descended down to an expedition to cover all basic topics in detail for the sake of new cryptocurrency users. For example- recently, we published an analysis-based article in regard to what AMA means in the Cryptocurrency industry.  And this contribution for beginners will be running.

Top 3 Ways of Money-Making by ATH Crypto (Best Exit Point in Crypto)

  1. Sell when a project hits ATH.
  2. Sell for a high profit when a project creates ATH breaking the previous one.
  3. Convert your Crypto into stable coins.

1)     Sell when a project hits ATH

There is a saying that easy talks are hard to tell. The basic rule in the Cryptocurrency industry is to sell out a project when the price is high. Contrarily, buy when the price becomes low or crashes.

But unfortunately, most retail crypto investors fail to do so rather they do the reverse.

However, you are required to follow the basic rule if you want to become a successful Crypto investor.

  • Look, we are telling you to sell out your crypto at the peak point at ATH price. But, it doesn’t mean you have to sell it immediately after it creates an ATH price.
  • For so, you should have a good understanding of theCryptocurrency bull market momentum.
  • Don’t sell out your crypto project if you see the Cryptocurrency bull market of your already-held project is at its initial or intermediate stage. As the rest of the Crypto bull market is still due, there lies the possibility that the project’s price can increase.
  • But, we recommend you sell out your crypto project for profit if you see the Cryptocurrency project creating an ATH when the Crypto bull market is at its eleventh hour.

2)     Sell for a High Project when a project creates ATH breaking the previous one

When a Crypto project creates an ATH newly through a sharp bull move, it naturally creates a selling pressure because traders try to sell out their already-held projects at this ATH. As a result, the price goes down for a while.

Then, the Crypto project starts another bull run in its second phase and thus the project breaks its already-created ATH price. And if you sell at the ATH in the second phase, you will be more profitable.

Indeed, we described three ways of making money in this ‘’top-3 ways of money-making by ATH crypto’’ part. Among these three ways, the second way is considered the best.

3)     Convert your Crypto into Stable coins

Maximum retail investors don’t have sufficient capital to invest in the Crypto market. The ATH & ATL prices are important for them. In this regard, there is an important strategy for retail Crypto investors.

  • The strategy is they should sell out their already-retained Crypto(s) at their ATH. And then, convert this already-sold Crypto(s) into stable coins. But, don’t spend these stable coins.
  • They should take an entry into the Crypto market at a cheap price using these converted stable coins in the next Crypto bear market.
  • You can reap much gain if you can implement this strategy properly.

Histories of Cryptocurrency ATH Price Data

Crypto Project’s Name2019’s ATH Price2020’s ATH Price2021’s ATH Price
Bitcoin (BTC)$13,300$28,840$69,044
Ethereum (ETH)$310$731$4,878
Solana (SOL)$4.80$260
XRP (XRP)$0.49$0.71$1.83
Chainlink (Link)$3.70$18.80$52.70
Binance Coin (BNB)$36.73$38$686.31

Why do you need to know ATH before investing in any Cryptocurrency Project?

The mistake that maximum beginners make in the Cryptocurrency industry is they invest in any crypto project without analyzing them, just by watching videos of so-called YouTubers. But, making an analysis on your own is considered to be the right way, and it is also a rule of the industry. In another word, this rule is known as DYWR-Do Your Own Research. After knowing the contribution of a project in the Cryptocurrency industry, you have to analyze the project’s price so you can understand the exact scenario of supply and demand of that particular project. This is where the ATH crypto term helps.

Let’s teach you how to empower your Cryptocurrency analysis by using the data of ATH-

  • First and foremost, you have to know the ATH and current price of that project where you will invest.
  • If you see a project’s current price is close to its ATH, it means that the project’s marketcap is huge. It indicates that you take some time or wait before buying the project because the crypto industry is still new, which means everything hasn’t finished. So, if you wait, you will get a good entry.
  • Why we prohibit you to buy a Cryptocurrency close to its ATH price will be discussed in the ‘’would ATH crypto be a good entry point?’’ section.
  • But for now, we will say that you will find a common term while analyzing the trading chart of any asset in the whole world. Do you know what it is?
  • The term is ‘’sell at high price & buy at low price.’’ So, the term strongly means that as the ATH is the peak price of a coin, it’s never a good entry point. For making an entry, you ought to find a strong support point.

The objective of this ‘’what does ATH mean in crypto?’’ article is to let you know that the meaning of ATH isn’t only the peak price but also there are other important messages hidden in it. In this context, our next topic is – when does Crypto ATH occur? It’s really significant to know. Billions of dollars are transacted in the Cryptocurrency industry every day. So, it’s no use thinking ATH in the Cryptocurrency industry occurs without any reason. Let’s come to know why ATH price occurs in the Cryptocurrency industry.

When Does Crypto ATH Occur?

If you see any cryptocurrency project’s price reaches its ATH all of a sudden, you must think that there is a valid logic behind this. Buy pressure might appear without any notable reason. But, reaching ATH is never possible without any logic. In the below, we are discussing it with examples:

  • Take today’s example- Platypus Finance, a popular DeFi project of Avalanche Ecosystem, has reached its ATH today, 14th January 2022. As of now, the price of Platypus Finance is $5.35. Before so, its ATH price was at $2.88. So, what is the reason that led Platypus to reach its ATH breaking the previous ATH Price range?
  • The reason is that today, Platypus launched the beta version of their app for the first time, which is offering unbelievable APY on stable coins; for example: 64% for USDT, 55% for USDC, 48% for DAI & 75% for MIM.
  • Once it was beyond imagination earning that much exclusive APY from stable coins before Platypus came up with this revolution. For offering this exclusive reward, Platypus has reached its ATH.
  • Similarly, if you check the history of Bitcoin ATH, you will find that Bitcoin created an ATH every time after the halving year, which is known as Bitcoin-4-years-Cycle. Behind leading to this ATH, reduction in reward ratios to Miners and in supply is responsible.

Indeed, the ATH of lesser potential projects lasts long; on the other hand, the ATH of fundamentally strong projects survives short. So, always try to focus on fundamentally strong projects.

Would Crypto ATH Price be a Good Entry Point?

  • The answer is NO. By checking the history of the Cryptocurrency industry, you may see that the selling pressure takes a growth at the ATH price. But, there are some exceptional cases too. Let’s know the details of these exceptional cases.

Let’s share a bitter truth about the Cryptocurrency industry with you. The high movement of the Cryptocurrency industry seems to influence the emotion of users so highly that they start to think the market will never dip. On the other hand, frustration is seen among them when the market happens to follow a downtrend. But, you have to get over such thoughts and think realistically.

The synopsis of the analysis operated by our team on the nature of the ATH price and the reaction of the market is-

  • In the Cryptocurrency industry, the ATH price levels are never a good entry point for you because they come with high-risk ratios as entry points.
  • Upon noticing carefully at the Cryptocurrency history, you can see that a cryptocurrency price follows downtrend after creating an ATH.
  • There are some Cryptocurrency holders in the Cryptocurrency industry who are known as long-term holders. They avoid short-term trading and day-trading rather they hold their cryptocurrencies for a long time in order to get a handsome amount of profit.  
  • And when the particular cryptocurrency that they have been holding hits an ATH price, they sell it off.
  • On the other hand, newbie investors search on social media like Google, YouTube for such trending Crypto coins that will give them profit shortly.
  • Seeing the high buzz about recently ATH-touched coins on social media, they buy these (trendy) coins with the prospect of making a profit.
  • But, we have already told you what happens ultimately. We see huge crashes after a coin newly reaches its ATH. The reason is that those big players sell off their coins after the particular coin hits its ATH. Such a situation causes new or retail investors to take a loss from their buying of coins.
  • Look at the recent Ethereum ATH price. On November 16, 2021, Ethereum reached its ATH at $4900, and the market was bullish at that time. By the time, people had been saying that now, Ethereum would reach $10,000 in just one go. But, how did it end?
  • The result is that Ethereum started to crash after creating ATH. When we are writing this ‘’what does ATH actually mean in crypto?’’ article, the price of Ethereum is at $3300, which is 33% down from its ATH.

We can show you hundreds of similar examples if you want. You will find the same scenario visible if you turn your eyes on the Ethereum crash. So, our recommendation is for you to sell some portion of your retained cryptocurrency at its ATH price. According to our research, the ATH price range is never a good entry point for buying any cryptocurrency project.

What will you do when a crypto reaches its ATH Price?

What to do when a crypto reaches its ATH depends on whether you hold the coin or not. If you have made up your mind for taking an entry, in that case, the plan is different for already retained coins and after-ATH buying. Does it seem confusing? Don’t worry; let us teach you with an example.

  • Suppose you are holding Bitcoin and the coin has created a new ATH breaking the previous one. Now, if you look at the previous Bitcoin cycles, you can see that Bitcoin created a new ATH every time after the halving year. Then again, the market went deep, which is known as a bear market. So, if you find another ATH in 2022, you should sell off your retained coin at a good price.
  • Look, everyone knows that Bitcoin has a future. So, you should not sell off your FULL retained Bitcoin however much its price increases. The reason is- who knows if Bitcoin creates another ATH the next month.
  • This suggestion is not only for Bitcoin but also for other potential cryptocurrencies too. Don’t leave off your full amount if you even make a good amount of profit from a potential project. Hold at least a few amounts for the future. According to the value of the Dollar, those potential projects will give you a large sum of profit in exchange for that small amount.
  • Now, come to the topic of those projects that you don’t hold but are monitoring to take an entry, and in the meantime, you saw that the project created its ATH; what will you do in that case?
  • Our recommendation, in that case, is clear: stay safe. It means that you should not take any entry. You may already have been clear why we are prohibiting you to take entry if you have already understood the previous topic. Every time a project’s price gets crashed after it creates an ATH. But, if you want, you can take an entry at any strong support level after the price crashes.
  • But, it’s good to wait and find a strong entry point.
  • However, come to the last scenario. If you see any project is creating ATH one after another consistently, what to do in that case?
  • Our opinion is that you have to study the project. Indeed, in the cryptocurrency industry, only potential projects create ATH one after another. So, budget your time for researching these projects and analyze their prices to know whether they are active and potential or not.

How will You Analyze the Crypto Market Utilizing the ATH Price Research Data?

Look, the thing is not like that an ATH of any crypto project will only mark its good entry but won’t do anything else. Adding ATH to your crypto research will help you understand the state of the project. In this ‘’the real benefit of ATH crypto price research’’ part, we will teach you some techniques that will make you an adept investor.  

  • Being aloof from ATH doesn’t mean that the project isn’t qualified as an entry point for you. ‘’XRP’’ is a burning example of so. Still, XRP is in the top-10 in the Cryptocurrency industry, but if you check the price history of the coin, you can see its price is below $0.80 with a 36B marketcap. In 2018, XRP’s ATH price was $3.88.
  • So, you already got understood that XRP is down from its ATH price by 80%. Now, if you analyze based on this ATH price blindly, it will seem to you that XRP is now offering you a good entry point for you. But, the thing is not like this.
  • Look, the XRP project dates from 2013. You have to understand that the cryptocurrency market of 2013-14 is not as same as the market of today. Back then, there were only a handful of potential projects, and maximum cryptocurrency projects used to dream about developing their business models akin to Bitcoin. XRP was then in the queue of getting the first-mover advantage, but in the meantime, several issues, including centralization, appeared as an obstacle. Consequently, XRP is in a shaky state today.
  • That’s why we brought the example of XRP at the outset of writing this ‘’benefit of ATH Crypto price research’’ article. We want to comprehend you not to believe in any piece of data blindly without any analysis. You have to verify everything technically.
  • With the example of XRP, we just warned you. There are many types of crypto projects that have been in the crypto market for a long time with no improvements. Indeed, these projects are hazardous for crypto investors. You should certainly stay aloof from these projects and remain stick to this decision even though they remain beneath their ATH price.
  • You may be familiar with the Polkadot project. This project improved well development-wise. But, still, the Dot coin is down from its ATH by 51%. Isn’t DOT a good entry point then?
  • Definitely, it’s good. The reason is that DOT has been working for development since its dawn. At the launching time, DOT’s price was at $3, but right now, its price is $30. Till now, DOT has increased by 10X. If you analyze the DOT ecosystem, you can understand how potential it is. So, 10X is nothing significant.
  • On the other hand, DOT is down from its ATH by more than 50%. That’s why it’s a great entry point for Crypto investors.

So, if you analyze any crypto project merging its ATH price with the technical aspects, you will certainly be lucrative then.

Where will you get authentic ATH Cryptocurrency Data?

Once upon a time, it was difficult to find a place for buying cryptocurrency safely but now, the crypto industry is growing well. Then appeared decentralized exchanges in the market, including Uniswap, PancakeSwap, JOE and many more. Back in the day, there was no space for storing Crypto securely but now, cryptocurrency cold wallet is available. The same scenario was available in the case of cryptocurrency price and authentic crypto data, but this is not a hurdle now.

For knowing cryptocurrency ATH price and other related live data, there are two sites available now. They are Coinmarketcap and CoinGecKo. But, there has been little conflict about which one of these two Cryptocurrency price tracker websites is the best. We have recently uploaded a article regarding the comparison of all popular Cryptocurrency price tracker websites. You can read this article if you want.

However, let’s know the detail of ‘’where will you get authentic ATH cryptocurrency data?’’

  • According to our experience, Coinmarketcap is the best source for knowing the ATH data of any crypto project. You are required to write the name of the project you want to know about on the search box of CMC. Then the dashboard of the project will pop up. Then, you will see a section named ‘’Price Statistics’’ on the right side and beneath which you will have the data of ‘’All-Time High’’ and ‘’All Time Low’’.
  • Moreover, you will get the data of weekly ATH and Weekly ATL available on CMC.
  • Let’s come to know the name of another website for getting authentic data about Cryptocurrency ATH. The name of this site is CoinGecKo. This website is also similar to Coinmarketcap. You have to search the same way on the CoinGecKo website for knowing about any cryptocurrency project.
  • On the right side of the dashboard on CoinGecKo, you will find the section of ‘’Price and Market Stats.’’ Beneath this section, you will find the data of ‘’All-Time High’’ and ‘’All Time Low.’’


In this ‘’ATH crypto meaning’’ article, what we are trying to understand you is the name of ATH is not only All-Time High. If you understand cryptocurrency projects carefully, you will find much important info in this data. Upon noticing with great care, you will see a major percentage of successful crypto analysts are on social media. If you look at their analysis attentively, you can see they adorned their analysis, giving proper importance to this data. So, by reading this ‘’what does ATH mean in crypto?’’ article, you can understand that the answer to ATH is not only confined to the ‘’All-Time High’’ word. Even, we believe that our already-described top-3 money-making ways by ATH data will help you understand the best exit points in the Cryptocurrency industry. So, we wish you develop as a dedicated soul in this crypto industry. May your cryptocurrency journey be prosperous.

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