What is the Best Day to Buy Cryptocurrency?

4 Best Profit-Generating Days to buy Cryptocurrency

After getting introduced to the market, newbies get puzzled at the question, ‘’whether we should make an entry now or wait for some more time before taking the entry?’’ Which day should I buy Cryptocurrency to get it at a cheap price? And, what is the best day to buy Cryptocurrency for the newbies? Several other valid questions leap in mind in this regard, but no proper guidelines and answers to those questions are available on the internet. That’s why we got down to the field in order to help newbies so that they can find the best days for buying Cryptocurrencies themselves based on technical and fundamental analysis. So, if you are concerned about finding the best days for buying Cryptocurrencies, this Cryptocurrency analysis-based article is for you then. It’s because we named the four best days to buy cryptocurrency to you through this article- 4 best profit-generating days to buy cryptocurrency. The possibility of profiting from cryptocurrencies takes a several-fold growth if you buy cryptocurrencieson those days.

4 Best Profit-generating Days to Buy Cryptocurrency

  1. Cryptocurrency bear market days.
  2. Lower-low creating days in the Crypto bear market.
  3. ATL price-hitting days in the last six months.
  4. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

1)     Cryptocurrency Bear Market Days

Indeed, best profit-generating days refer to those days when crypto investors can easily make a profit by taking entries. For so, Cryptocurrency best days are the best option.

Let’s exemplify it to make you understand-

  • For example, in the 2018 bear market, the price of Ethereum was nearly $100.
  • And in the 2021 Bull Market, the price of Ethereumgrew to $4,900.

Upon looking at the last 5-6 years Ethereum chart, you can see that the prices of Ethereum in its lowest price-hitting days of 2021 are much higher than the high price-hitting days of Ethereum in 2018.

So, we recommend you select the cryptocurrency bear market days to derive profit from your investment.

2)     Lower-low creating days in the Crypto bear market

Undoubtedly, each day of the cryptocurrency bear market days is the best profit-generating day. Even then, if you want to have more superior days, you can filter out the days. There is a trick below for you-

  • Select those days when cryptocurrencies crash and thus create lower lows in the daily candle because these days are regarded as superior days for generating profit.

So, wait for the lower lows if you already understand you are in the cryptocurrency bear market. You should make no further delay to invest if you have such a golden opportunity. This strategy will help you to generate maximum profit. 

3)     ATL price-hitting days in the last six months

What will you do if you are not in a cryptocurrency bear market?

  • Well, the easiest but the most effective way for this is to check the price of the investment-intent project for the last six months.
  • If you find ATL-hitting days in the last six months, take those days as the best days for buying cryptocurrencies.
  • What if you found no ALT-hitting days? Then, you have to look for lower lows because lower low-creating days will then be regarded as the best days for buying cryptocurrencies.

4) Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

To be technical, cryptocurrencies crash on weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) and so these days can be the best days for you to buy cryptocurrency. We described why the market crashes mostly on weekend days below in detail, so read this part to quench your curiosity.

Now we would like to make you hear an amusing tale consistent with the topic that we are going to write about now.

Once there was a king in a country. He was liberal and an entertaining person. One day, he wished to organize a massive function with all purblind people of his realm. And the prime attraction of that function was- the king would ask those purblind people to touch elephants one by one, and then they were required to provide a review about that elephant to the king.

However, his word came true. At a specific date, all the purblind people of that realm started flocking to the king’s palace to describe an elephant after touching it.

The first blind man came in place, and he was asked to act according to the game plan. Then, he went near the elephant and touched its long-fleshy leg, and shook it for a while. Subsequently, the king said, ‘’Oh dear, how is the elephant?’’ In reply, the man said that the elephant was like a pillar.

Now is the turn of the second person. He touched the enormous ear of the elephant and entitled the elephant to be like cotton. Hearing him, everyone burst into laughter.

The third blind man staged right away after the departure of the previous person. And he was asked to do what his former ones did.  He touched the tusk and said to the king, ‘’o king, the elephant looks like a bamboo.’’

Following this, the king thought, ‘’Indeed, every one of those is right from their respective footings, albeit the reality is substantially different than their experiences.’’

Let’s come to know in detail why we have shared this story with you. It’s so that you can take the lore from the story that ‘’what is the best day to buy Cryptocurrency?’’ In addition to that, you may learn the difference between reality and people’s observations.

However, let’s peep into 2011 when a person named Greg Schoen tweeted about Bitcoin’s price that later came into the spotlight. In that tweet, Greg said, ‘’It would have been better for me if I hadn’t sold my 1700 Bitcoins for only $.30 because the current price of Bitcoin is at $8.’’

Indeed, the synopsis that we are trying to make you feel is hidden in this tweet. Think about Greg, who would have felt pride if he had sold his Bitcoins at $8. How would it feel when you think of buying Bitcoins for $8 in 2011 from the perspective of 2022?

So, we are trying to get you across that the $8 Bitcoin price seemed expensive in 2011, and buying bitcoin for $8 seemed to create no value ultimately. But, after ten years went past, now everyone thinks that 2011 was the best time to buy Bitcoin. It’s because the use cases of Bitcoin are increasing day by day with the currency hastening towards mass adoption. We see very positive vibes in Bitcoin’s price in the interval of every four years due to the increment in Bitcoin use cases. And it is expected that this flow will continue in the future because now cryptocurrency price seems expensive to many, but; after ten years, everyone will feel that 2022 was the best time to buy Bitcoin when the prime time of Cryptocurrency’s mass adoption comes.

Maybe you are getting frustrated seeing the flow of our discussion. You might be thinking, ‘’Alas! What are they saying?’’ Seeing the title ‘’what is the best day to buy cryptocurrency?’’, we thought they would name any specific day, like Saturday, Monday, etc. But, what appears is the CryptoOOF team ends up discussing an overall view without mentioning the name of any exact day.

  • Wait; don’t brood over it so quickly. Our discussion is dichotomous, classified into two parts. The first part shows the analysis of the previous two years’ data on which days Cryptocurrency buying was relatively cheap.
  • The second part highlights the fundamental and overall view about ‘’when cryptocurrency buying is a profitable job for you as a long-term holder’’.

So, why so delay? Let’s have a glimpse over the first point-

What is the best day to buy Cryptocurrency? (Technical Analysis)

‘’Best days refer to those days when Cryptocurrency price crashes. As a result, Cryptocurrency investors get the opportunity of buying cryptocurrencies at discount price.’’

Look, in this ‘’what is the best day to buy Cryptocurrency?’’ analysis part, we will let you know the specific days of buying Cryptocurrency (specifically Bitcoin) by analyzing the data of the last 15 months. Maybe now you are thinking- why 15 months? Why did we take the data of only 15 months under our consideration?

  • According to our analysis, the old Cryptocurrency data is less significant as the Cryptocurrency market pattern is prone to quick changes. That’s why we tried to find only the notable events since 2021, and finally, we became able to find a specific session more interestingly. The discussion of this is in the following.

We analyzed Bitcoin’s price from the beginning of 2021 to the first week of March 2022 just to discover the best day to buy Cryptocurrency technically. Maybe now you are thinking- why did we analyze Bitcoin price for selecting the best day to buy Cryptocurrency?

  • Indeed, till now, the Cryptocurrency market’s ups and downs directly rely on that of Bitcoin. Altcoins follow Bitcoin’s price up-trend. And the same thing happens when the market goes reverse. So, the entire Crypto market’s picture is in boom with the price ups and downs of Bitcoin.
DateDayBitcoin PriceDown Percentage
11 January, 2021Monday$30,5477.8%
28 February, 2021Sunday$43,0618%
1st May, 2021Saturday$30,1115%
21 September, 2021Tuesday$39,80011%
4 December, 2021Saturday$42,0729%
1st February, 2022Tuesday$32,80012%
18th February 2022Friday$40,0007%

Look at the above chart. Bitcoin’s price crashed on January 11, even though 2021 was one of the most popular years for the currency. And it was near about 10% down, and it happened on Monday, January 11, meaning the first day of the week.

Then the next market crash took place on February 28, when the cryptocurrency market came down tremendously. Tumbling down by 7% that day, Bitcoin was wandering around $43,061. Notably, February 28, 2021, was Sunday.

In March and April 2021, the overall Cryptocurrency market situation was good enough. But unfortunately, another crash hit the Cryptocurrency market on May 1, 2021 (Saturday), causing Bitcoin to see a 10% price decline. As a result, Bitcoin’s price tumbled down from $46,000 to $30,000.

The Cryptocurrency market was rambling in a range from May 2021 to July. However, the market started to go uptrend in August. The subsequent crash fell on the Cryptocurrency market on September 21, which was Tuesday. Afterward, the succeeding crash, which took down Bitcoin’s price at $42,072, took place on December 4, 2021 (Saturday).

 The year 2022 also saw two major crashes, which occurred on February 18, Friday, and March 5, Saturday.

Upon noticing the above data analysis, you can see that Cryptocurrency markets usually crash on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, and Monday. It means these three days are technically the best days for buying Cryptocurrencies. Now, the question is- why these days are the best to buy Cryptocurrency? Let’s come to know-

Why are the weekend & Monday Best Days to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Looking around at Cryptocurrency, you can see that maximum buying opportunities remain available on Weekends and Monday. There are some valid points responsible for this, which are being described in the form of some points. 

  • To begin with, the number of participants in the Cryptocurrency market remains low on weekends and Monday. Because of the absence of participants in bulk, you can see relatively low trading volume in those days. If any rumor spreads out in those days, it affects the market at the soonest. The reason is any piece of negative news appears scary to the traders and investors. These types of situations compel them to sell off their cryptocurrencies as early as possible.
  • Indeed, the Cryptocurrency industry is a 24-hour-open market. Many participants like to close their already-open trades before weekends. They can thereby get cryptocurrencies at a discount price. Consequently, according to technical analysis, weekends and Monday can be the best days to buy Cryptocurrency (based on your geographical location). The reason is you may get cryptocurrencies at a cheap price in those days.
  • But, it will be harmful to you if you go for buying cryptocurrencies blindly on weekends, just after reading this discussion. There are also other important parameters to consider, like Cryptocurrency trends, Cryptocurrency sessions, etc. We adorned the next part synthesizing these two parts so that you can get the potential final result after judging the most potential possibility. So, the topic of discussion is-

What is the Best Time to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Look, we found names of some specific days in this part through a Cryptocurrency raw data analysis. But, you have to understand the context before buying in those days. You will get your profit margin down to a large extent if you buy cryptocurrencies in those days without any context.

Now the question is- how can you understand that context?

For so, you have to know two things-

  1. Cryptocurrency Trend
  2. Cryptocurrency Sessions

Cryptocurrency Trend

You have to ascertain- whether the Cryptocurrency market is in the bullish trend or bearish- before finding the best day to buy cryptocurrencies. If the market is bearish, every day is the best day for you to buy Cryptocurrency.

  • For example, the entire Cryptocurrency market was bearish throughout 2019, with an average price of Bitcoin at $6,000. However, Bitcoin’s price was near $3,000 by the time. Suppose- you had bought Bitcoin at that time for the average price, and initially, your mental state wasn’t well, thinking you could have bought the currency for less than the price you had already purchased for.
  • However, let’s come to calculate what happened at the end of the day. Traders, who purchased Bitcoin in its bearish trend, thinking it to be the best time to buy, ended up selling their Bitcoins for $69,000 in 2021. The decision carried a golden opportunity to them.
  • So, we will say that your willingness to purchase Cryptocurrency is okay if Cryptocurrency bearish trend is ongoing. We recommend you analyze the price chart and make an entry for the long term.
  • On the other hand, you have to be more cautious about finding the best day to buy Cryptocurrency if the market is in a bullish trend. Indeed, Cryptocurrency price remains high in a bull market. However, the ATH data of projects will help you in this regard. Actually, this All-Time High data is important because it helps you determine whether the entry you are going to make will be accurate or not. We have recently covered an article about ATH (All-Time High) with an in-depth discussion based on technical and fundamental facts. Reading this article will help you grow your Cryptocurrency technical skill.

Cryptocurrency Sessions

To speak the truth, ascertaining Cryptocurrency sessions can give you an obvious idea about the Cryptocurrency market trend. So, Cryptocurrency sessions are at the root for finding the best day to buy Cryptocurrency. In the beginning, you have to determine what Cryptocurrency session is underway. Indeed, the Cryptocurrency session abides by an important law, ‘’Cryptocurrency 4 year cycle’’.

As a matter of fact, the Cryptocurrency market has been maintaining a sequence based on the subsequent year of Bitcoin halving for the last ten to twelve years. Cryptocurrency has been consistent in maintaining this sequence, and this term has been coined as ‘’Cryptocurrency 4-year cycle.’’

This Cryptocurrency 4-year cycle consists of four sessions, which are-

  1. Bear Marker.
  2. Accumulation.
  3. Re-accumulation.
  4. Bull Market.

Suppose- you are searching for a Cryptocurrency bull market or bear market. To understand this, firstly, you have to find out what cryptocurrency session is now underway. It’s really tough to find it bare-eyed. But, we can indoctrinate you with an idea by which you can instantly figure out the Cryptocurrency session. There are two rules, including-

Rule number one: Bull Run in the Cryptocurrency market is always followed by the Bitcoin Halving year.

Rule number two: The second year of the Bitcoin halving year always follows the Cryptocurrency bear market. For example- 2017 was the Cryptocurrency Bull market, but the subsequent year, 2018, was the bear market.

So, what’s the Next?

  • Look, if you think this Cryptocurrency session worked only in 2017-18, you’re mistaken because we saw the same scenario in 2013-14 too. 2012 was the Bitcoin halving year, so 2013 was supposed to be the bull market, and it did happen. And most importantly, 2014, the year after the bull market year, saw the bear market run.
  • And again, we saw the exact repetition in 2020-21. For example- Bitcoin has recently created a new-record ATH, $69,000, by the end of 2021. Back in 2017, Bitcoin made an ATH at $20,000. So, we believe that we will see another Cryptocurrency bear market in 2022.

However, according to the market custom, it’s clear that we are presently in a bear market. So, what does it mean?

  • It means that now every step is important and a golden opportunity for Cryptocurrency investors to buy Cryptocurrency. And lower-low creating days are especially the best days for buying Cryptocurrency (especially Bitcoin). Because the price you are now able to buy Cryptocurrency for will seem a dream price once the market gets into its Bull Run, according to the rule and what might take place in 2025.
  • The synopsis of the calculation of this Cryptocurrency session is obvious that we might see a Cryptocurrency bear market in 2026.

What seems to be the best option to us is buying cryptocurrencies in lower-low creating days in 2022. Conversely, it will be so challenging to buy Cryptocurrency in the 2025 bull market because the price remains high at that time. But, we are optimistic about buying cryptocurrencies at the discount price again in 2026, like 2022.

What is the best day to buy Cryptocurrency? (Fundamental Analysis)

So far, we have kept letting you know about the best days for buying Cryptocurrencies based on technical analysis. But, we will move on to fundamental analysis-based discussion in this part, and you might have already gotten aware of this seeing the headline. To speak the truth, it’s comparatively easy to find the best days for buying Cryptocurrencies through fundamental analysis because you have to stay connected to social media for so. What? Don’t you understand the head or tail of what we are saying? Don’t worry; we will get you across it.

  • Indeed, when any potential good news of Cryptocurrency spreads out on social media, it leaves a possibility fundamentally for buying Cryptocurrency.
  • In this regard, we can say, for example, that if any giant company accepts Bitcoin as payment or any top-leading country like the USA, Canada, Germany announces to accept Bitcoin. If such a kind of news spreads out, it leaves you a fundamental opportunity to buy Cryptocurrency.
  • You have to keep the popular Cryptocurrency News sites in follow-up so that you can get instantly notified about the news. Twitter, Reddit are effective sites for keeping up-to-date.


After reading this article carefully, you might now understand that we didn’t remain confined to mentioning any specific day in this- what is the best day to buy Cryptocurrency?’’-titled article. Rather than that, we have drawn the whole scenario throughout this article so that you thyself can make your analysis to find the best day for buying Cryptocurrency, and you don’t need to seek others’ help. We believe that you can develop a strong portfolio in this highly volatile crypto market if you buy cryptocurrencies on the directed days that we have let you know through this ‘’4 best profit-generating days to buy cryptocurrency’’ article. Before terminating, we would like to tell you that every day of the Cryptocurrency bear market is significant for buying Cryptocurrency. First and foremost, you should cultivate a long-term vision in you, and then you should descend as an investor. Best wishes to you.

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