Top 7 Reasons Why BICO Price Will Go Up

Top 7 Reasons Why (Biconomy) BICO Price Will Go Up

Paying a $30 fee for a $100 transaction in the Ethereum blockchain is as painful as Run-out in Cricket. Indeed, Cryptocurrency users have been facing this problem since earlier. The transactions in the Cryptocurrency industry are complex till now and no one is coming forward to solve this issue. However, finally Biconomy token came forward in the Crypto industry with its team to bring the already-derailed Cryptocurrency transaction industry to the right track by the ear. As the BICO token is fundamentally strong, we believe to see this token on the list of top-10 Cryptocurrency projects in the future. And seven strong reasons are providing baking to our belief. We discussed below the seven reasons why BICO price can increase in the future. Would you like to know these seven reasons? Then, why are you making a delay? So, start reading.

Top 7 Reasons Why BICO Price will Go Up

  1. Biconomy (BICO) solves massive problems on transactions in the Cryptocurrency industry.
  2. BICO has giant crypto backers like coinbase ventures and Binance Labs.
  3. Biconomy’s low price leaves the BICO price-increasing possibility in the future.
  4. Biconomy token’s experienced team will make this Web 3.0 project successful.
  5. Biconomy’s current low marketcap leaves more space for BICO token.
  6. Passive earning opportunity by Biconomy staking will increase its price.
  7. Web 3.0 niche will revolutionize the current internet system.

Biconomy Token Details

Biconomy TokenDetails
Biconomy Token Price$0.70
Fully Diluted Marketcap$706M+
Trading Volume (24 h)$76M+
Circulating Supply$130M+ BICO Token

1)     Biconomy (BICO) solves massive problems on transactions in the Cryptocurrency industry

Look, we kept this point at first position out of many other top reasons because this point itself is self-sufficient for driving Biconomy’s price massively up.

  • Keep one thing in mind when a crypto project solves any massive problem in the cryptocurrency industry, it needs no more assistance for its price to increase. And Biconomy (BICO) is such a type of project.

So, what problem does Biconomy solve in the Crypto Market?

  • Actually, right now we are getting an inkling of the arrival of a new trend in the Cryptocurrency market, which is the Web 3.0 trend. And, Biconomy solves the problems on transactions of Web 3.0 crypto niche.

The transactions you are making in the Cryptocurrency industry are most often complex, expensive, and inconvenient.

  • And the major fact is that Biconomy (BICO) tokens will solve all the three problems of Web 3.0-based dApps in the future.

Why is Biconomy (BICO) Token so valuable?

  • To be honest, the suffering of the entire cryptocurrency industry for Ethereum’s high gas fee knows no bounds. But, Biconomy (BICO) is about to enter the Web 3.0 industry with some exclusive plans to reduce the high gas fee. If Biconomy can execute all these plans as planned, undoubtedly, it will be the number one trendy cryptocurrency project by 2024-25 bull market.
  • At present, if you want to make a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, you have to use the Ethereum coin to pay the gas fee. It’s a rule imposed on you forcefully. But, with Biconomy (BICO) technology, crypto users can now pay not only the Ethereum gas fee but also other transaction fees by using any type of ERC-20 token. So now, Ethereum coin is not the only option for crypto users to pay the gas fee.
  • As the Cryptocurrency industry is still in its early phase, Crypto users need to face a truckload of complexities quite like the user experience of the 90s internet. Still now, users need to confront many immense difficulties at the time of switching from one blockchain to another. But, Biconomy (BICO) has made the process of switchover from one blockchain to another easier, making users face no troubles during switching.

That Biconomy token will flourish in the future we have no doubt about it.

That Biconomy token will flourish in the future we have no doubt about it. And we hope the price of Biconomy (BICO) will cross the $50 milestone by 2024-25. Everyone, who is using DApps in the Web 3.0 niche, will stumble upon adding Biconomy to their DApps to reduce transaction fees and to make the transaction process more user-friendly as Biconomy (BICO) token solves a unique problem on cryptocurrency transactions. As a result, the demand for BICO tokens will skyrocket, leading its price to increase in the future.

2)     Biconomy has giant crypto backers like coinbase ventures and Binance Labs

In the Cryptocurrency industry, there is a trend ongoing that a handful of VCs with acute judgmental eyes invest in potential future-promising projects at their private level. Coinbase ventures and Binance Labs are two popular projects found on the successful Cryptocurrency VCs’ list. And the interesting fact is that both Coinbase ventures and Binance Labs invested in the BICO token at its private level. Now, the question is-

Why did coinbase ventures & Binance Labs invest in the Biconomy token?

  • The exact answer is that Biconomy (BICO) has the capability of providing a unique solution. Nowadays, crypto transactions that are being made are complex, and no successful crypto project is still in existence in this regard. However, Biconomy has gotten on board in full force to make cryptocurrency transactions easier. As a result, Biconomy could easily grab the eyeballs of successful VCs like Coinbase ventures and Binance Labs.
  • Biconomy (BICO) token became able to raise $9M in total at its seed & private level. Among the VCs, some more notables are Coinfund, True Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, NFX, Proof Group, and Ledgerprime. 

With that raised fund, Biconomy (BICO) token started developing its technology in full swing. And you can understand it by seeing the Biconomy App and social media.

3)     Biconomy’s low price leaves the BICO price-increasing possibility in the future

Through the first two points of this Biconomy price research-based article, we presented you with a perspicuous picture of why Biconomy Crypto Coin is significant for the whole cryptocurrency industry. Now, we are going to reveal the third reason, which is technically important for Biconomy’s future price increase.

  • Look, the price of Biconomy’s ICO was only $0.3. Interestingly, when we were writing this article on why Biconomy (BICO) token’s price will increase, its price was near 40 cents, which is a little higher than the price of ICO. So, you may realize that such a potential project is now available at a very low price to buy.  

But, the question is-

Why is Biconomy (BICO) token’s price so cheap?

  • Right now, the entire Cryptocurrency market is down. Bitcoin’s price has plummeted down by 20% in the last seven days. The price of ETH also fell by 25% in the same course of time. And, all the Crypto coins’ down-facing trends heavily affected the Biconomy project. That’s why Biconomy token’s price has fallen by 53% in the last seven days.
  • Presently, we are in the Cryptocurrency bear market. And Biconomy (BICO) token’s price is low as the Biconomy project  is still in the Web 3.0-based technology building phase. Because most of the time, when Cryptocurrency projects pass through their development phase amid the Crypto bear market, their price remains low during that boring season.
  • Biconomy (BICO) token is mainly working on the Web 3.0 crypto niche. Even though DeFi, Gaming & NFT-based crypto niches are trendy till now, the Web 3.0 crypto niche is yet to be trendy. As a result, Biconomy (BICO)’s price is still under $1.

From the above discussion, it is obvious that the Biconomy token’s current price is too lower compared to its potential. Verily, the entire Cryptocurrency industry is badly in need of a Biconomy-alike potential project to simplify complex transactions that can drive Biconomy’s price higher in the future.

4)     Biconomy token’s Experienced team will make this Web 3.0 Project Successful

We found a common symptom among the projects that become successful in the Cryptocurrency industry, which is the innovative team. The Cryptocurrency industry is such a place of which only 2% has been formed and the remaining 98% is still to take a shape. So, projects that have innovative teams will lead the industry.

  • The top brass of the Biconomy team are not new faces in the Crypto industry. Even some of them have long-term experience working with Binance Exchange. On the other hand, Biconomy’s Co-Founder Sachin Tomar was a seed-level investor of Polygon (Matic Network).
  • So, you may now understand that there is an intimate relationship between Biconomy team members and other leading crypto projects. Biconomy appeared in the industry just a couple of months back, and in the meantime, it has made some great partnerships with popular Cryptocurrency projects.
  • Right now, Biconomy has 12 Devs but the number of its team members is long. And still now, Biconomy (BICO) is hiring potential team members. Because a long-listed team is needed to make an innovative solution like what Biconomy is doing in the Cryptocurrency industry.

Indeed, what problem Biconomy (BICO) is solving in the Cryptocurrency industry is really huge. And for so, Biconomy badly needed the experienced team that the project has now. We believe BICO token’s team will work as an influencer behind pushing its price up in the future.

5)     Biconomy’s current low marketcap leaves more space for BICO token

When we were writing this Biconomy future price-based article, its total marketcap was only $61M, and Biconomy ranks 365 in Coinmarketcap. Indeed, Biconomy’s marketcap is too low compared to its potential. Let’s come to know what can be the possible price of Biconomy once the project touches the marketcaps of popular projects-

  • Biconomy’s future price is expected to be at $24 if the project’s marketcap becomes equivalent to Ethereum classic’s marketcap, $2B+.
  • Contrarily, the price is destined to be at $41, provided that Biconomy’s marketcap becomes as equal to Polygon’s one.
  • This way, Biconomy can get its price at $98.5 if the project’s marketcap becomes tantamount to that of popular meme coin DOGECOIN, the marketcap of which is $12B+.

Actually, the aforementioned examples make you understand that Biconomy’s current marketcap is too low, which leaves a big space for the price increase of the Biconomy coin. Dogecoin-like meme coin occupied a huge marketcap of $12B+, so how many billion dollars do you expect Biconomy’s marketcap to cross?

6)     Passive Earning Opportunity by Biconomy Staking will Increase its Price

The term ‘’passive earning’’ is very common nowadays in the Cryptocurrency industry. What was said earlier is Biconomy team is very smart. That’s why Biconomy added attractive APY on BICO Token Staking to its economy to inspire long-term believers.

  • Right now, Biconomy holders can earn near about 25% passive income by Biconomy staking.
  • As a result, the Biconomy ecosystem will gain an advantage, which is long-term believers of Biconomy will never dump the coins they gain from BICO token staking.
  • More than 20% staking reward is really an attractive percentage. And such a massive APY offering from such a Biconomy-like potential project will be able to grab the eyeballs of Cryptocurrency users.

Definitely, Cryptocurrency users will flock to buying Biconomy coins for staking when Biconomy spreads the news of attractive staking opportunities in the Crypto industry. As a result, the BICO price is more likely to increase in the future because of this alluring staking facility.

7)     Web 3.0 Niche will Revolutionize the current Internet System

WEB 1.0= Download Version (Download MP3 Song)

WEB 2.0= Login Version (like Facebook, Twitter)

WEB 3.0= Connect Your Wallet (Like Uniswap, Pancakeswap etc)

The current WEB 2.0 that is already in existence is a centralized world like social media in which we are spending hours after hours, but we don’t actually have any authority over those media. Rather, users are the product of those social media.

  • But, decentralized ecosystem-based internet is being developed by the WEB 3.0 with the help of the Blockchain industry. And this Web 3.0 will redesign the internet system at the soonest.
  • And by that time, the price of Web 3.0-based crypto projects will have increased. As said earlier, Biconomy is a WEB 3.0-based project that solves a massive problem in the Cryptocurrency industry.
  • We believe that Biconomy will lead considering the profit-generating ratio when WEB 3.0 niche gets recognized as a trendy niche. It is expected that WEB 3.0 will become a popular niche in the next 2025 Cryptocurrency bull market, driving Biconomy’s price higher. Do you have any doubt about it?


Actually, crypto projects that are fundamentally strong and have strong use cases are more likely to have their price increased in the future. But, if giant-type names like Binance and Coinbase remain on the list of strong backers of a potential crypto project, a 1000X price increase of that project won’t make us wonder. Through the above seven reasons, we tried to make you understand why BICO price is more likely to increase massively in the future. But, BICO isn’t so popular till now because the project has been in the marketplace for less than one year and is still in the building phase. However, BICO’s price will be $25+ when its marketcap crosses $2B+. That time, it will create hype about Biconomy in the Cryptocurrency industry. And we strongly believe that the 2025 Cryptocurrency bull run will be a great year for Biconomy to have its price increased.

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