Why is Bitboy Crypto Youtube so popular?

Top 6 Reasons Why Bitboy Crypto Youtube is so popular

In 2021, Bitcoin’s price reached almost $70K from $30K, and the popularity of Bitboy crypto youtube increased too, along with bitcoin’s price increment. Bitboy Crypto was a less famous name to many even in 2020. Why is Bitboy Crypto Youtube so popular today? Who is Bitboy Crypto and what is his history? In this article, we cover almost everything regarding this popular Youtuber from his cryptocurrency portfolio to net worth. We have also covered The top 6 reasons why Bitboy Crypto YouTube is so poplar nowadays. The line you should significantly focus on is- we have picked up the dark side too of the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. So, if you are eager to know about this popular crypto influencer Bitboy Crypto, today’s Crypto analyst review article is for you. So, sit with us with a cup of Coffee……………..

Bitboy Crypto YouTube Analytics Chart

Global Rank21,892
USA Rank6,441
Subscribers Growth (Last 30 Days)74.3K+
Avg Views Per Video91.3K
Total Subscribers1.4M+
Twitter Followers675K+
Telegram Members79.5K+
Facebook Followers90K+

Who is Bitboy Crypto?

The person whose video in Bitboy Crypto-named Youtube channel pleases you is known as BEN ARMSTRONG authentically. To mention the multitude identity of BEN ARMSTRONG in brief, we have to say he is a Cryptocurrency content creator and enthusiast.

To elaborately introduce Bitboy Crypto, BEN ARMSTRONG is a Cryptocurrency YouTuber, podcaster, Bitcoin-Ethereum enthusiast, and the creator of BitBoyCrypto(dot)com.

The Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel saw skyrocketing popularity right after publishing videos of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, PolkaDOT, and other Crypto Hidden Gems and the popularity helped him grow a strong crypto community.

The contribution of Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel in the Crypto Youtube community is evident and undeniable. Even then he is not free from controversy like other Crypto YouTubers.

There are tons of examples of paid-up-suggestion-providing by Bitboy Crypto that made his community members victims of losses. So, our suggestion to the community members is not to be highly dependable on Cryptocurrency content creators and never take their suggestions as universal truth.

However, let’s back to the introductory section of Bitboy Crypto. Bitboy Crypto is a very familiar figure in the Crypto community. Many Crypto companies are eagerly waiting to get their new crypto projects covered in Bitboy’s channel in exchange for thousands of dollars. Right now, Bitboy Crypto has its own YouTube Channel, and crypto academy, which is known as Bit Lab Academy where cryptocurrency-related training is provided to newbies by Cryptocurrency experts. Moreover, BB Crypto is also involved with many other crypto projects.

The rising story of Bitboy Crypto YouTube has not happened overnight rather the channel saw ups and downs many times meanwhile. Let’s come to know about the journey of Bitboy Crypto.

History of Bitboy Crypto

Indeed, Bitboy Crypto stepped into its crypto journey in 2012 by buying enough Bitcoins. Comprehending the potentiality of Bitcoin, BEN ARMSTRONG devoted himself as a full-time Crypto professional in 2018. But, he was hard-hit when a hacking took place with the Mt. Gox exchange that led him to lose all his Bitcoins. But, he didn’t lose his courage and kept earning knowledge over Cryptocurrency more and more. And he stopped holding Bitcoin in any Cryptocurrency exchange rather he began using hardware wallets.

Now, come to the discussion of the life-turning point of Bitboy Crypto. In fact, Bitboy opened his YouTube channel on 8 February 2018. And eventually, this youtube channel is his cryptocurrency career turning point.

  • After two days of opening Bitboy’s YouTube channel, he published his first video on BitConnect, which was basically a funny interview-based crypto video. The video has so far been seen 11K+ times.
  • A propensity of uploading funny videos was observed on the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel in the earlier time.
  • 2018, the starting year, was really a struggling year for Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. In that time, his video used to procure less than 350 views. But, Bitboy Crypto started coming into the limelight after publishing videos of Coinmarketcap, Satoshi Nakamoto, and other similar videos.
  • On the other hand, 2018 was really a forgettable year indeed. The reason is maximum cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin were in a bearish trend that year. And that scenario was nicely captured in YouTube videos of Bitboy Crypto.
  • In the meantime, Bitboy Crypto started working on its website on 24th July 2018. Through this website, BEN ARMSTRONG strongly expressed his passion and desire for working with crypto.
  • Bitboy’s YouTube channel began seeing popularity in the later part of 2019. And the reason behind this is that Bitboy Crypto started uploading many educative videos that taught many crypto users how to get rid of losses.
  • From the very outset, Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel published videos on all potential Altcoins like ETH, VET, ChainLink, Tezos, Maker, and many other valid crypto projects.
  • That’s why the crypto community began accepting the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel.
  • From the beginning of 2020, Bitboy Crypto put pressure on uploading videos of like top 5 Altcoins of the month, top 10 coins in 2020, top 8 coins on Defi, and many more videos alike. And more interestingly, new crypto members were stumbling on those videos that helped his community build up rapidly.
  • By the later part of 2020, Bitboy Crypto had lifted his crypto community up a step by starting Bit Lab Academy. Basically, it is a paid crypto course where crypto users can take lessons from cryptocurrency experts by paying $29.99 monthly.
  • The content creation format of Top Altcoin typed crypto videos has taken Bitboy Crypto to a different height. 
  • On the other hand, a video titling Top 3 Coins to $3 Million has been seen the highest number of times on his Youtube channel. Bitboy Crypto published this video on 20th March 2021, and the video has procured 800K+ views till now.
  • The Crypto Portfolio-titled video on Bitboy Crypto-named Youtube channel is the second most popular video. This video was published on 25th March 2021 that has procured 750K views so far.

While analyzing the history of Bitboy Crypto, we found that Bitboy Crypto is the story of transformation from BEN ARMSTRONG to Bitboy Crypto. This channel has been established with the propensity of spreading knowledge across the whole world. Definitely, Bitboy Crypto is not above errors, and some of his contents also made his viewers sufferer. But the postscript is that Bitboy Crypto aka BEN ARMSTRONG is a successful cryptocurrency content creator and enthusiast. Any doubt?

Top 6 Reasons Why Bitboy Crypto YouTube is so Popular

  1. Top Altcoin Based Video Making Strategy.
  2. Prioritizing Bitcoin and Ethereum type Big Coins.
  3. Consistency on Cryptocurrency Video Uploading
  4. Ability to Instantly react in terms of Cryptocurrency Market Reaction.
  5. XRP, Vechain, Polkadot, ADA, Link Based Community.
  6. Bitboy Crypto Giveway.

Making YouTube videos is not that much tough for Bitboy Crypto, as he makes videos on some specific topics and that is the reason his popularity is growing. In this Bitboy Crypto review, we ran an expedition into BEN ARMSTRONG’s YouTube channel to find out a synopsis. It goes without saying that we reviewed Bitboy Crypto’s Youtube videos neutrally. Our review cuts both sides of the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. Let’s come to the Crypto analysis of BB without wasting time:

  1. Top Altcoin Based video Making Strategy: Making videos on a specific topic helped Bitboy Crypto YouTube to a great extent in getting that much popularity. The reason is that maximum investors want to see videos titling like top 5 Altcoin list, top crypto hidden gem; and Bitboy Crypto made the best use of this opportunity. Maximum videos of this crypto influencer are on top Altcoins, for example- top 5 Altcoins of this month, top 10 Altcoins in Crypto Bear market, top 2 Altcoins of this week, and many more like these. This popular crypto video maker became able to attract a large number of Crypto traffic by making such types of videos.
  2. Prioritizing Bitcoin & Ethereum: In one way, Bitboy Crypto satisfies new crypto investors by making top Altcoins-typed videos; in another way, this crypto admirer also prioritizes Bitcoin and Ethereum.  He always makes videos on Bitcoin and Ethereum, giving them an extra level of priority. So, these videos on Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly appreciated by pro-level investors. And thus, this popular crypto figure retains both new and pro-level investors.
  3. Consistency on Cryptocurrency video uploading: From the outset of YouTube career, BEN is very much serious about uploading videos consistently. Bitboy Crypto has so far uploaded 2,384 videos in total. Even after being so popular, Bitboy Crypto is still proactive in uploading videos on his channel consistently. As a result, his viewers are getting increased day by day. 
  4. Ability to instantly react in terms of Cryptocurrency market reaction: The activeness in video publishing and making videos of any sudden incident instantly right after it takes place have brought high popularity to Bitboy Crypto Youtube videos. He is rapid in publishing videos on his channel and makes all types of videos. For example- Bitcoin’s price sinks today by 3%; he publishes it quickly with the title ‘’Why is Bitcoin price 3% down, you need to know.’’ In the same way, suppose- Ethereum gains 10% in its price, he will instantly publish a video titling ‘’Ethereum to the moon, why I’m holding ETH?’’ To keep his followers posted always, Bitboy Crypto is active in publishing all updated videos. This Cryptocurrency Enthusiast is always active in his YouTube channel, and a large number of crypto Youtube community members are his viewers.
  5. XRP, VeChain, PolkaDOT, ADA, LINK based community: Video making on top-ranked Altcoins has brought a high level of popularity to this Bitboy Crypto Youtuber. And, we know that community members of these coins are spreading across the globe. These community members pay a different level of attention to Youtuber when he uploads quality videos on XRP, VeChain, PolkaDOT, ADA, LINK coins. As a result, his popularity is getting increased by several folds among all community members.
  6. Bitboy Crypto Giveaway: Bitboy Crypto Giveaway is another attractive strategy for the increasing popularity of BB Crypto. Bitboy Crypto frequently comes with Bitcoin and Ethereum Giveaway for his YouTube community. As a result, the number of members’ engagement with his videos keeps increasing, which leads to his Youtube popularity.

So far, we have told you why Bitboy Crypto YouTube is so popular; now, let’s come to another side of the coin. Maybe, followers of this Crypto YouTuber won’t like this part, and it’s essential to know the truth.

Bitboy Crypto published a video on cryptocurrency Altcoin in the title ’1000x Top Crypto Coins (Invest $1000, Make a Million!). How eye-catching the title is can be felt at first glance. But, the reality is different, and so the next topic is…………….

Is Bitboy Crypto Scam?

You can no way call Bitboy Crypto a scammer directly. But, there are records that Bitboy took a bribe and spread misinformation of scammed crypto projects for their promotion. We will show you an analysis of how Bitboy Crypto promotes scammed crypto projects in exchange for money through his Youtube channel and thus entraps viewers.

  • As we told you earlier that Bitboy Crypto uploaded a scammed crypto video on 26th August 2020. In that video, he used a mesmerizing title that could easily entrap viewers. The video was on a scam crypto project named Libera (LIB), where he told that it had been a very potential crypto project and could earn a 100 million marketcap in the future.
  • Truly to say, Libera (LIB) is a phony project, which aims at seizing investors’ money by using a website and some cheap YouTubers as marketers. And Bitboy Crypto directly helped them execute their plan.
  • Even Bitboy crypto propagates misinformation about Libera (LIB) on his Youtube channel. BB crypto said, ‘’ Libera (LIB) is already integrated with IDEX, Binance DEX & BitShares.’’ This information is 100% phony. But, Libera (LIB) is yet to be integrated with these exchanges. Many of his subscribers started invested in this project after seeing his video thinking Libera (LIB) to be a legit project.
  • Later, Libera (LIB) shut down their website and escaped with the money of investors.
  • We can show you hundreds of such scam review videos made by Bitboy Crypto in his channel.

    So, our recommendation to you all is to be careful about when Bitboy Crypto uploads a video on a new crypto project in his channel. Don’t invest in a project without your own analysis just depending on Youtubers’ review. Do you understand?

Bitboy Crypto Portfolio

The cryptocurrency community intends to know the portfolio of Bitboy Crypto-typed popular Crypto figures. Considering so, Bitboy Crypto deserves big thanks from the community members because Bitboy Crypto published a video regarding his crypto portfolio right after understanding his community’s thirst for knowing his portfolio. In that video, he shows how much of each coin he holds. Let’s see the details of Bitboy Crypto’s portfolio.

Crypto CoinHolding AmountPortfolio %
Ethereum (ETH)1379.97 ETH44.7%
Bitcoin (BTC)58.1928 BTC26.5%
Cardano (ADA)1,022,423 ADA14.7%
Polkadot (DOT)15,468.02 DOT5%
Chainlink (LINK)10,000.09 LINK2.3%
AAVE (AAVE)1000.65 AAVE2.2%
USD306,227.52 USD2.1%
The Graph (GRT)200880.22 GRT1.5%
Synthetix (SNX)8419.29 SNX0.6%
Ethernity Chain (ERN)3455.18 ERN0.4%
  • Bitboy Crypto published the video on his YouTube channel in the title My $10 Million Crypto Portfolio REVEALED on 25March 2021. But he doesn’t hold any mesmerizing coins in his portfolio indeed. A major portion of his portfolio is grabbed by Bitcoin.
  • Bitboy Crypto holds a total of 58.19 BTC, which is presently worth $3,747,577($64.6K per Bitcoin price).
  • Quite likely to the cryptocurrency ranking, ETH ranks second in the portfolio of Bitboy Crypto. He holds a total of 1369.97 ETH, which is presently worth $6,314,512 ($4627K per ETH price).
  • Cardano & PolkaDOT ranks consequently the third and fourth position of Bitboy Crypto’s portfolio. He holds these coins respectively in the amount of 1,022,423 ADA &15,468 DOT.
  • In the portfolio of Bitboy Crypto, AAVE coin is in the fifteenth position, which he holds in the amount of 1,000.65 in total. The present value of this amount in USD is $316,669 ($316 per AAVE).
  • In the sixth position of Bitboy Crypto’s portfolio, there is the Graph, and he holds this coin 200, 880, 22 in amount. And the total USD value of these all GRP coins is $218,300 ($1.09 per GRT).
  • USD is in the 7th number position of Bitbiy’s portfolio. It means that he holds that USD for buying Altcoins later. Notably, Bitboy Crypto holds a total of $300, 000 USD.
  • In the 8th position of his portfolio, there is the top Oracle project Chainlink. Bitboy Crypto holds a total of 10,000.09 Chainlink coins, which is presently worth $337,747 ($33.82 per Chainlink).
  • ERN and SNX are respectively in the 9th and 10th positions. And he holds enough amounts of these coins.

How adept Bitboy Crypto is in cryptocurrency is felt seeing his portfolio analysis. Because in his portfolio, he holds all top promising crypto projects and there is no controversial crypto project. Another positive side of Bitboy Crypto is he doesn’t only believe in Bitcoin rather than that he also faith in Altcoins. And that’s why Bitboy Crypto has 9 Altcoins in his portfolio. It can be undoubtedly said that if Bitboy Crypto holds his 10 coins for a long time, it will bring him billions or trillions of dollars in the future.

Bitboy Crypto Net Worth

Bitboy’s followers have a high eagerness to know about the net worth of Bitboy Crypto. We have a piece of good news and also a piece of bad news together for you. First, let us tell you the bad news which is it’s impossible to figure out a fixed income amount of Bitboy Crypto. The reason is most of his money is invested in the crypto market. So, the volatility factor leads us not to determine a fixed amount of his earning. For example- The net worth of Bitboy Crypto in the crypto market has gotten increased by +1.7% in last 24 hours and along with that his total crypto asset’s amount has increased to $250K. So, hope you understand how hard it is to mention the exact earning amount of Bitboy Crypto.

Another lively example in this regard is- as we said earlier that Bitboy Crypto shared a video on his YouTube channel about his crypto portfolio on 25th March 2021. By the time he published his video, the value of his total crypto asset was 10M USD. As we write this article on November 15, 2021, the value of the same retained cryptocurrency has risen to 15M USD.   It means that Bitboy Crypto gained a 50% price increment in its portfolio in the last 7-8 months.

However, the good news is that we ran a hard-expedition to know the Net worth of Bitbiy Crypto. The synopsis we found is below:

  • The interesting point is- Bitboy Crypto has 45% in Ethereum in the net worth of his total crypto asset. The amount he holds in ETH is 1369.97, which has a value of $6,484,190 in USD.
  • On the other hand, with a 26.5% amount in Bitcoin, Bitcoin grabs the second position in Bitboy Crypto’s crypto-asset portfolio. Cardano occupies 14.7% space in his portfolio, and thus both these coins have a value of $4M+ in USD.
  • 5% of Bitboy Crypto’s portfolio covers PolkaDot. And the number of 5% DOT coins is 15468.02 in total.
  • Bitboy Crypto’s love for Chainlink can be observed seeing his videos. It also can be observed by seeing his crypto asset list. Chainlink covers 2.3% of Bitboy Crypto’s portfolio, and this percentage amounts to $340, 664 in USD value.
  • Moreover, other crypto assets in Bitboy crypto’s portfolio are 2.2% AAVE, 2.1% USD, 1.5% GRT, 0.6% SNX and 0.4% ERN.
  • So far, we have talked all about the account of Bitboy Crypto’s crypto assets. Bitboy Crypto has other sources of income too. When Bitboy Crypto publishes any Crypto Sponsorship videos, he earns from here. But it is difficult to determine the number of his earnings from this sector. But, our analytic team predicts that Bitboy Crypto earns $500K+ on average monthly for crypto video sponsorship service.
  • Bitboy Crypto also earns $300K+ on average from his Bit Lab Academy.
  • By participating in many other crypto-relevant programs and seminar, he also earns $400K on average.

Indeed, Bitboy Crypto is one of the most successful cryptocurrency influencers. And so, the amount of his net worth is growing up day by day and will continue undoubtedly.

Bit Lab Academy

Bit Lab Academy is the self-established cryptocurrency academy of Bitboy Crypto. Bitboy himself and his senior team members introduced this Bit Lab Academy. We will know all about Bit Lab Academy in this part of the article.

  • There are 4 courses in total in Bit Lab Academy and you have to pay $29.99 monthly for each course.
  • The beginners’ course in Bit Lab Academy is for crypto newbies indeed. The course consists of 3 videos where cryptocurrency basic is taught with standard video and graphics.
  • After learning this beginners’ course, you can join the private community of Bitboy Crypto.
  • Advance course, which consists of 3 videos and a Quiz section, comes right after the beginners’ course.
  • DeFi overview is the third course offered by Bit Lab Academy. This course includes 4 DeFi lessons, 13 DeFi topics, and 1 deFi quiz. And this course will help you in learning all about DeFi.
  • The name of the 4th course in Bit Lab Academy is NFT Overview, which covers 4 NFT lessons, 12 NFT topics, and 1 NFT quiz. The course can help you obtain sufficient knowledge about NFT.

Bitboy Crypto said that this Bit Lab Academy would be more informative in the future, and existing courses will also be modified to make them advanced. New courses on cryptocurrencies will be added too in Bit Lab Academy.

How to know about Bitboy Crypto Live video?

You must be active on the BB Crypto YouTube channel if you want to watch Live cryptocurrency videos. The reason is there is no specific time of BEN ARMSTRONG’s coming live, and when he comes live completely depends on his free time and the latest updates of cryptocurrency.

But, BEN ARMSTRONG has been coming live on his channel almost daily in recent times. So, if you are eager about BEN ARMSTRONG’s live crypto videos, it is the best time for you to remain connected with Bitboy through his live video.

On the other hand, you may know the table of Bitboy Crypto’s coming live through his Twitter and Telegram channels.


From the above information, it is obvious that Bitboy Crypto’s popularity is because of his YouTube channel. Demand-based video making is his weapon of getting so much popularity. On the other hand, Bitboy Crypto is also liable for uploading videos on scammed projects. So, be careful if you are a blind fan of the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel.

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