Bitcoin Mesh Network is on Process by Venezuelan Team

Bitcoin Mesh Network is on Process by Venezuelan Team

Venezuela has been a victim to frequent electricity and internet outages which makes problem in transaction process. With an eye to solving the issue of transaction, a Venezuelan team is working to develop decentralized mesh network called Locha through which transaction can be done in absence of internet. Randy Brito is leading the open source project. Two devices are being developed by them and these two are known as Turpial, a simpler version of the radio transmitter working over distances of one to two kilometers, and Harpia, a limited radio module to use with small computers. These devices run on battery power and are potable. The software is accessible to all.

A substitute to the Internet

Actually these devices are being made with the intention that if ban on internet is enforced by any country’s government then this network will work as a substitute. That’s strongly refers Locha Mesh devices provides alternative data transfer method to the internet. So this network will help people at the time of instability in any country that leads to no access to internet. Locha wants to make it possible for tech-savvy enthusiasts to recreate a mesh-compatible transmitter.


But the function of Locha Mesh network is yet questionable but reportedly the network still requires internal access. It is yet unclear that the whole functions of the network can be done in the absence of internet or partial functions can be done. On the basis of receipt information, the network wouldn’t necessarily depend on nodes connected to the internet via landline. Users with satellite dishes would also be able to act as gateways and retransmit the data within the Locha mesh.

Randy Brito, a member of the Bitcoin Venezuela organization, said they are trying to make Turpial device affordable. According to him, it will be possible buy them from any country. May be, the production of the device will take time and expected to be completed by Q2 2020.

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