Bitcoin’s lightning for Private Messaging

Bitcoin’s lightning for Private Messaging

Actually people have been recognizing bitcoin’s lightning, which is a peer-to-peer network in which any one can participate, as a medium of scalable payments. But the new version of lightning is known as Whatsat, which is censorship-resistant, through which a person can run private messaging indeed. One feature of the version is that it has no central entity to stop users from employing the network. Whatsat is just a project and an app for private messaging but not directly connected with Bitcoin indeed.

But there is problem regarding the messaging system and that is as messages are not encrypted so bad actors can intercept into the message indeed. Where privacy is a big deal to every individual, there is no privacy so just imagine how the matter appears indeed. Still some people can’t accept it as digitalization in the world is taking us to the next stage of technology.

The compatibility of lightning software is visible because of its feature of adding extra data to lightning payments and working of built-in messaging system indeed. Through adopting other technologies one can operate private messaging but still there is a big gap between built-in messaging system and using of other apps.

The advantage of using lightning is that running any sort of centralized as well as decentralized service costs money with lightning it is easy to pay for that on a per-message basis. Maybe twinning payments and messaging help lightning.

But an argument goes that the project will be challenging if congestion of a huge number of people occurs. So using popular existing apps like whatsapp or Signal might be auspicious. For a failed payment, no charge will be deducted by Whatsat. Lightning payments currently cost a median of .0001 satoshis. So it assumes that if average users send 30 messages on daily basis that actually comes down to about 1 satoshi per message with the current bitcoin exchange rate.

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