Blockchain app of IBM to Promote ‘Virtuous Cycle’ for Sustainable Coffee

Blockchain app of IBM to Promote ‘Virtuous Cycle’ for Sustainable Coffee

A new app is going to be introduced by IBM any time this year to allow consumers to trace the coffee they purchase along the supply chain. The name of the app is ‘’Thank My Farmer’’ has been built in collaboration with traceability platform Farm Connect, which uses blockchain to create an ecosystem for smallholder farmer commodities that will drive efficiencies in the supply chain. The initiative got unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The app has the backing of 10 leading organizations in the coffee industry.

Coffee suppliers along with sustainable coffee businesses are going to be highly benefited with the app and they will have an environment-genial situation. It is expected that the app, which uses the blockchain of IBM, will harmonize each sustainable coffee drinkers’ relationship with their daily cup. As a result of the discovery, consumers can support coffee farmers in developing nations through the blockchain and consumer app.

From the production of coffee to ending up on retailers’ shelves there is a long processing to be done leaving it a long and complicated supply chain. Though the coffee reaches final consumer passing a number of participants, it gets tough to the final consumer to find out its origination place. The initiative of such app taken is not for the first time last year the Ethiopian government said it was exploring how to use blockchain to track its coffee exports together with IOHK. Starbucks also brought a similar idea to light last May. With the app, consumers can scan the QR codes on the side of the coffee jar to look at the origins of their purchase and can choose to make additional payments to the farmers who grew the beans and the blockchain helps the app to standardize the information.

IBM is actually creating a virtuous cycle. Actually blockchain is helping in building trust in the goods consumers consume. The plan of IRM will not be confined only in North America rather than that they will expand their area.

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