Blockchain Using Concept of Microsoft to Assist Firms Trust AI

Blockchain Using Concept of Microsoft to Assist Firms Trust AI

We know that corporate customers are scary about artificial intelligence and enterprises are tensed about putting their faith in a ‘’black box’’ where basically machine learning algorithms are randomly applied to huge amount of data. To bring this trust, Microsoft has thought about adding blockchain. That is why the company released Azure Blockchain Data Manager, blockchain data manager capture, transforms and delivers Azure Blockchain Service transaction data to Azure Event Grid Topics providing reliable and scalable blockchain ledger integration with Azure services. The release gets darken followed by the announcement of a platform for creating enterprise tokens.

AI, which is transforming business in every vertical, can be deployed in the procedures of Blockchain Data Manager. Blockchain technology is brought here because it can ensure that everything from the algorithms to the data going in and out of them is trustworthy. Blockchain has come to light with some amazing innovation and because of that reason some companies are feeling interest in adopting the mean.

Information about data transformation in all steps can be captured by a distributed ledger. The concept is worthy of getting praised. Tracking location of shipments of organic beef can be told as an example. Blockchain is a much better source of data to feed AI models because with blockchain you can get a shared, single version of truth and an immutable audit trail. Microsoft’s data manager can be used with various various types of blockchains.

Test customer

Icertis, a Microsoft consumer and a cloud-based platform for contract management, using Quorum for the data manager builds tried out Blockchain Data manager ‘’in purview’’ before the release at Ignite and built use cases involving ethical supply chain contracts. By feeding data into an AI model, the risk level of end-user can be predicted. The aim is to show the end-user what made the AI reach its conclusion providing that it was not prone to any kind of data-led bias.

Blockchain-based trusted AI of KPMG

KPMG, a multinational professional service network and one of the Big Four accounting organizations, has also a blockchain-based trusted AI release slapted for January. The U.S. Blockchain leader at KPGS said it’s cleaning and collating and integrating information and then you run the algorithm. He also added what we are finding is that you can compress the data engineering, a large part of machine learning is not data science but data engineering, process by adding a trusted layer that is immutable by nature.

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