Top 7 Reasons why Bloktopia Price will be Exploded

Top 7 Reasons why Bloktopia Price will be Exploded

When we started to write this article on Bloktopia’s price, its price was 95% down from the ATH. Maybe, this price slump has already turned you frustrated about the projects under the Crypto Metaverse niche. Suspicion about the future of the Bloktopia coin might have nested in the mind of many people, but we tried to reveal some facts through research based on which the price of the Bloktopia token is bound to increase. We have adorned today’s article with such seven facts that can give you a conception in advance about Bloktopia’s future price increase possibility and why the current price of the coin is too low. So, this article is for you if you are eager to know about the future price of Bloktopia Metaverse.

Bloktopia Price Chart

Fully Diluted Marketcap$1B+
Volume (24h)$5.5M+
Circulating Supply8.34B BLOK

Top 7 Reasons why Bloktopia Price will be Exploded

  1. Bloktopia develops a BLOK Hub with all Big Crypto Players in the Bloktopia Metaverse Industry.
  2. Bloktopia Token’s Huge Use case will Increase BLOK’s Price.
  3. Bloktopia Token Offers Huge Earning Opportunities to its Holders.
  4. Metaverse Crypto Niche will be Trendy in The 2025 Crypto Bull Market.
  5. Bloktopia’s Price is too Down from its ATH Price.
  6. Bloktopia Team is Much Adept at Turning the Project Successful.
  7. Bloktopia Token has a First-Mover Advantage in The Metaverse Industry.

1)    Bloktopia develops a BLOK Hub with all Big Crypto Players in the Bloktopia Metaverse Industry

Metaverse is such a name of a trend in the Cryptocurrency industry that not only the crypto industry but also the outer world is very much interested in it. And a manifest example of it is that Facebook changed its name to Meta.

It’s a usual norm in the Crypto industry that when any crypto niche becomes trendy, a bunch of projects come forward to avail of the name of that niche, and so happened in the case of Metaverse. And there is no deficit of such mushroom-alike growing Metaverse Cryptocurrency projects in the crypto industry.

But, there are some exceptional projects among them, which come up with far-reaching plans to represent the Metaverse industry smartly through their hard work. And Bloktopia (BLOK) is such a potential project. Indeed, it’s a decentralized project and a magnificent coordinator of the virtual world.

Now the question is-

Why will Bloktopia lead the entire Metaverse industry?

  • Right now, maximum projects in the Cryptocurrency industry relating to the Metaverse are devoid of the engagement part. Most of the Metaverse Crypto projects are selling their Metaverse lands and developing gaming spaces. But why will people take it into their account? Based on what will people involve themselves with those projects?
  • Bloktopia Metaverse project has come up with a solution to all those missing parts or shortcomings. And the core part of Bloktopia coin’s success is its far-reaching game plan. That’s why Bloktopia is allowing top-leading players in the Cryptocurrency industry to develop virtual reality by selling its Metaverse land space.
  • So, it goes without saying that Bloktopia is the biggest shopping mall in the Metaverse industry, where all popular Cryptocurrency projects have shops. We have already seen that projects ranging from Binance, Kucoin, Chainlink, Plygon to AVAX, Chiliz & Algorand joined Bloktopia Metaverse.
  • We have recently come to know that some other first-class Cryptocurrency projects are waiting to join Bloktopia Metaverse, which will bring solvency to the engagement-related deficiency. Because other Metaverse projects are less likely to do this, Bloktopia has an outstanding possibility to lead the Cryptocurrency Metaverse niche with its far-reaching game plan.

Now, let’s come to the topic of Bloktopia Token price. And as said above, Bloktopia is bringing all big potential Crypto projects under its BLOK Metaverse, and thus, it is developing a big Metaverse hub that will push the demand for BLOK token’s price higher. Indeed, the Bloktopia token’s price is bound to increase in the future because of its strong tokenomics.

We can confidently tell you that big projects and upcoming ones will buy BLOK coins in bulk as Bloktopia is gradually bringing all giant-type crypto projects under the shade of its virtual reality. As a result, the Bloktopia token’s price will swell up hugely in the future.

2)      Bloktopia Token’s huge use case will increase BLOK’s price

There are so many tokens in the Crypto industry that have no use case, but the Bloktopia team has taken a smart decision in this case, which will boost up the price of the Bloktopia token based on the use case. Now, the question is-

Why is Bloktopia Coin so valuable in the Metaverse industry?

  • Look, Bloktopia is developing a strong ecosystem in the Metaverse industry. And the fuel of this Metaverse industry is the Bloktopia token. That’s why the Bloktopia token is so valuable.

For example, you have to use this Bloktopia token, provided that you want to purchase any real estate or take a lease in the Bloktopia Metaverse ecosystem. To say in a word, whatever you want to do in the BLOK Metaverse, you have to pay with Bloktopia tokens.

Right now, the total circulating supply of Bloktopia tokens is 8B+, which can seem to be a big amount in bare eyes to you. However, you can understand how valuable the Bloktopia token will be in the future by counting the total token utility of the respective ecosystem in the Metaverse industry in Bloktopia. In this Bloktopia Metaverse industry, the BLOK token is recognized as a fuel as the token is obligatory to be used for every transaction.

On the other hand, routine burning of BLOK tokens by the Bloktopia team is deducting the number of tokens from the circulating supply, which will create an artificial crisis of Bloktopia tokens resulting in demand-increase for the Bloktopia tokens. And this burning process was started from the first Phase REBLOK NFT sale, and this process is deemed to continue.

So, the more Bloktopia becomes popular in the future, the more Cryptocurrency users will fall on Bloktopia Metaverse, leading to the increase in Bloktopia token’s utility and price.

3)    Bloktopia Token offers huge earning opportunities to its holders

The present Crypto market is more grown-up than before, and one of its signs of this maturity is that many Crypto projects in the present Crypto market offer passive earning opportunities to holders. Bloktopia token also offers passive earning opportunities in multiple ways to its holders.

  • Most of the crypto projects offer passive earning opportunities only by staking, but Bloktopia allows BLOK holders to earn passive income in multiple ways in Metaverse. As holders can earn enough passive income in multiple ways, it will reduce the selling pressure of Bloktopia tokens.
  • One of the popular ways among the multiple ways of earning from Bloktopia tokens is those who buy space in Metaverse will get a 10% return yearly on buying price as rent.
  • If you will, you can advertise companies on the space you obtained to earn more profit.
  • On the other hand, the amount that the Bloktopia team will gain from advertising will be partially distributed among Bloktopia holders.
  • Not only that but also the Bloktopia team is bringing more attractive passive-earning opportunities for BLOK token holders.

Indeed, Bloktopia Metaverse is developing a realistic ecosystem, and this ecosystem will grow more powerful over time as it offers passive-earning opportunities in multiple ways. As a result, we believe the Bloktopia token’s price will increase hugely in the future.

4)    Metaverse Crypto niche will be trendy in the 2025 Crypto Bull Market

According to the Bloktopia chart, the BLOK token’s price was at $0.0083 when we were writing this article on the Bloktopia coin. The 2021 Crypto bull market is past, and the chilly wind of the 2022 Crypto bear market has started blowing in the Q2 of 2022.

As per our research, we will see the fourth Cryptocurrency bull market in 2025. And, Metaverse crypto niche is much ahead among the niches expected to be trendy in the 2025 Crypto Bull Market. So now, the question is-

Why will the Metaverse Crypto niche explode in the 2025 Crypto Bull Market?

Crypto meme niche, Crypto Smart Contract niche & Gaming niche are some of the niches that exploded in the 2021 Crypto Bull Market. But, the Metaverse Crypto niche couldn’t explode that much in that time because the niche came into sight by the end of the 2021 Crypto Bull Market.

  • However, the scenario of the 2025 Crypto Bull Market will be completely different because by that time, potential crypto projects like Bloktopia will have built their respective Metaverse ecosystem, and Metaverse will no longer remain just a concept rather it will be a reality.        
  • So, Metaverse will be the most demanding crypto niche in the 2025 Crypto Bull Market.               

Do you know that Bloktopia-like fundamentally strong projects will be highly profitable once the Metaverse Crypto niche becomes trendy? That’s why we believe the possibility of the Metaverse crypto niche’s becoming trendy is a reason for increasing the Bloktopia token’s price in the next bull market.   

5)     Bloktopia’s price is too down from its ATH Price

The current Bloktopia price ($0.0081) according to the Bloktopia chart is more than 95% down from its ATH. Actually, Bloktopia was listed in the Cryptocurrency market in the middle of 2021. Initially, the token’s price was near $0.0042 and later on, the Bloktopia team started sharing exclusive bloktopia news that created an intense hype.

Bloktopia’s price was seen at the ATH price of $0.17 on the Bloktopia chart on October 31, 2021. Later on, Bloktopia’s price started to fall just because the bear market in the Crypto market came into effect.

  • But, keep one thing in mind Crypto projects’ prices increase easily when the Crypto winter is over. And it’s the usual norm of the Crypto market. For example, the current price of the Bloktopia token is too narrow, but it doesn’t mean that the Bloktopia token is not sharing any positive news.  
  • The bloktopia team announced last week that they activated the option of REBLOK NFT Land of Phase 2. But, what we told you earlier is any positive news in the Crypto bear market doesn’t hoist any project’s price up.

As Bloktopia’s price crashed hugely, it’s a big opportunity to buy Bloktopia tokens at a low price. If Bloktopia hits the previous ATH point again in the next bull market, then the Bloktopia token holders will be able to gain a 100X profit.

Actually, the Bloktopia token’s current price is an exclusive reason for increasing its price in the future. And those who will buy this potential project for a low price will be highly profitable in 2025.

6)     Bloktopia team is much adept at turning the project successful

A team is a very crucial part of the Cryptocurrency industry because anyone can come up with raw ideas but can’t execute them properly. But, if the teams behind those projects are not innovative and prompt at decision making, those projects will fall flat after a certain time. However, we see a reverse scenario in the case of the BLOK team.

  • The Bloktopia team proved themselves innovative and prudent several times. They transformed the Metaverse-like imagination into a reality.
  • Another strong reason behind Bloktopia’s success is that the Bloktopia team has been able to develop a strong community within a short time.
  • On the other hand, that Bloktopia became able to bring giant-type crypto projects under the Bloktopia Metaverse is regarded as another milestone.

So, all these activities prove how much adept the Bloktopia team is in operating the Metaverse-type project. We believe the Bloktopia team will form the Bloktopia Metaverse ecosystem hugely based on the innovative power. As a result, the Bloktopia token price will increase hugely.

7)     Bloktopia Token has a first-mover advantage in the Metaverse Industry

Look, when any project comes up with an idea for the first time in the Cryptocurrency industry, a group of projects starts to steal the idea and open their own startups with that stolen idea. All the cryptocurrency niches do the same practice and there is no exception in the case of the Crypto Metaverse industry.

  • For example, many crypto projects are running their own projects by cutting-copying- and pasting the ecosystem-based innovative idea that Bloktopia came up with in the Metaverse industry.

But, do you know one thing that those who come up with an idea in the Cryptocurrency industry for the first time get the first-mover advantage?

  • So, Bloktopia will always get the first-mover advantage in the Metaverse industry regardless of how many projects copy and paste their idea.

Therefore, Bloktopia’s price is more likely to increase in the future just because of getting the first-mover advantage in this lucrative crypto niche.


Seeing the low price of Bloktopia, if you think the future of Bloktopia Metaverse is cloudy, then you are wrong. The reason is that the ecosystem that Bloktopia is developing will make every project relating to the ecosystem beneficial by the 2025 Crypto Bull market. We tried to give you a concept by describing seven reasons for increasing Bloktopia’s price about how much potential the Bloktopia is in the Crypto Metaverse industry. According to our research, Bloktopia is one of the fundamentally strong projects.

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