Buying of Bitcoin to Reclaim Power as a Citizen

Buying of Bitcoin to Reclaim Power as a Citizen

We are in such a world where the balance between a poor and rich is not equal indeed. It is because our financial system is confined to a minority people who just think of their own interest. This devalues your wish and willingness like Donald Trump is constantly utilizing the U.S. dollar as a tool of oppression, imperiling millions of people around the globe. In that case, Bitcoin can work as a weapon. But I am to give you explanation why Bitcoin is your right to vote for a better world in the future.

You are losing your own with current monetary system

Reportedly on the basis of a statistics, the U.S. dollar has experienced an average inflation of 2.96% per year over the past 40 years so it can be said that in western countries the wealth is such that many people do not realize that the economic and monetary policies decided by their rulers are every moment marking down what they own.

The U.S. dollar of 2020 lets you buy fewer things than the U.S. dollar of 1980. So negligence of majority works as a weapon to minority who has financial power. Monetary organizations along with your country’s government don’t have the will to teach you about money. But there is a possibility for a revolution that would begin on the off chance the majority of people was to unearth the reality.

This successive financial crises is originated from the same people and to resolve this crises, the same policies are tirelessly employed. As a result of this, the real offenders continue to benefit from a system that they are constantly abusing.

Can Bitcoin be an opportunity?

As a decentralized currency Bitcoin, which offers full access to a transparent system, protects what you own better than the U.S. dollar. The maximum number of Bitcoins set at 21 million will remain the same no matter what happens in the future.

Government won’t pay heed to the will of people

Question is that in a democratic country, will politicians respect the will of the people? The most financially developed countries are not spared. Far from it. Rather than respecting common people’s decision, they choose to increase the money supply in circulation in order to have more and more money available. But the problem is yet there is that the average citizen pays the bill at full price. With this monetary system, you make the often wrong choice to let them continue to do as they please. But you will choose to vote for another system by discovering Bitcoin and choosing to buy it.

Traders are mostly unknown of the complexity of the current monetary system. Bitcoin is simple and allows people to regain control and so the power. Everything is transparent with Bitcoin having the massive advantage of being based on mathematics.

Will people have their freedom back?

By buying Bitcoins, you are choosing to support a fairer system for future.  Bitcoin can be a credible alternative to the current flawed monetary system. People who stay in the Bitcoin world on a long-term basis usually choose to enlarge their knowledge. Because they feel the necessity of Bitcoin in promoting a fairer world for all in the future.

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