Top 12 Reasons Why Dogecoin Can’t Reach $100 in 2025

The starting of 2021 was some kind of dreamy to Dogecoin as its price went up from just $0.005 to $0.70 by May 2021. Back then, Dogecoin’s bullish pump was smooth as the coin kept gaining 40%-50% every day. At that time, the questions in everyone’s mouth were: Can Dogecoin reach $100 in 2025? And, how high can Dogecoin go? There were so many questions like these; however, Dogecoin showed an opposite scenario by the end of 2021. There has not been any sparkle of light in the price chart of Dogecoin for the last six months. Even when Shiba Inu’s price was increasing massively, Dogecoin’s price had stuck under $0.25. So, we will diagnose today the Top 12 Reasons why Dogecoin Can’t Reach $100 in 2025. Welcome to you all to our today’s Dogecoin price-based article.

Can dogecoin reach $100? (Expectation VS reality)

  • No, considering the size of the marketcap & the full cryptocurrency market, it’s impossible for Dogecoin to reach 100$. But, the fundamental overview minds us that it is sinful to think Dogecoin will reach 100$.
Dogecoin ParametersDerails
Circulating Supply132.28B DOGE
Coinmarketcap Rank10 Number
All Time High Price$0.74+ (8th May 2021)
All Time Low Price$0.00008547 (7th May 2015)
Current Price$0.21

In this DogeCoin price $100 article, we will discuss why DogeCoin cannot reach 100$ fundamentally. Right after that, we will attach another Dogecoin paragraph to show you why Crypto experts are not expecting dogecoin 100 dollars.

If you run a DogeCoin price analysis, you will see that DogeCoin had been some kind of in the state of stability from 2013 to 2017. But, when all other cryptocurrencies moved to a bullish trend in 2017, Dogecoin’s price also ascended up to 1 cent. However, DogeCoin again returned to its previous stable state right after the full crypto market came to a bearish mood. And this is how the days of Dogecoin were going on back then.

But, Elon Musk, an entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, tweeted, mentioning Doge from his official Twitter account on 20th December 2020. The tweet conveyed three words only ‘’One Word: Doge.’’ And this three-word tweet created a high buzz in the Dogecoin community. Dogecoin began coming out of its stable position. At one stage, Dogecoin reached its ATH 0.082 on 8th February 2021. Indeed, 1 cent was a dream price for Dogecoin before the tweet of Elon Musk.

From then on, Dogecoin never needed to look back. eToro, Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage company, and Robinhood, American financial services company, enlisted Dogecoin, which added fuel to the fire of Dogecoin’s growth.

Alongside, several celebrities on Twitter and other social media started dropping positive comments on Dogecoin that had given birth to DOGE-DOGE buzz from all around. Owing to that, the below-1 cent-prized-Dogecoin of 2020 increased to $0.74 on 8th May 2021. Can you believe it?

It’s true that following the growth of Dogecoin, other meme coins started unraveling their fins, and as a consequence, Shiba Inu got into its bullish trend, which is still ongoing. And the growth of Dogecoin heralded Shiba’s ascending to the bullish trend. People started searching for a potential low marketcaped meme coin when they saw a meme coin, Dogecoin, could secure that massive growth. Then eventually, the name of Shiba Inu was discovered. Recently, Shiba Inu has overtaken Dogecoin, considering marketcap. But, we will get to this discussion in the next point as you have lots of things to know about this topic.

Top 12 Reasons Why Dogecoin Can’t Reach $100 in 2025 (Fundamental Facts)

Now, it’s time to rebut why Dogecoin can’t reach $100 fundamentally in 2025

In this part, we will let you know the synopsis that we want to make you understand is that investors in the Crypto market are getting their taste changed day by day, and they are becoming smarter.

  1. Does this talk seem erratic to you? If this is even erratic, there is no problem. By showing you evident proof, we will prove that crypto investors are becoming smarter, and their appetite for investment is developing too. 
  2. As a result, we believe that the easier Dogecoin’s journey from $0.001 to $0.74 had been, the hardest the journey from $1 to $5 will be. The reason is that the money of crypto investors is being invested in only potential projects.
  3. For example, how amazing 2021 is for some specific crypto projects! Who did these specific crypto projects gain so much?
  4. The price recognition of these potential crypto projects was of expected demand for taking the crypto industry a bit ahead.
  5. On the other hand, Dogecoin fell upside down right after reaching its ATH $0.74. Till now, Dogecoin is 74% down from its ATH and staying at $0.21.

    Let’s glance over how crypto investors are becoming potential crypto-project-faced and are avoiding popular meme coins.
  6. We must start with Solona (SOL)-named popular crypto project. The quick-rising story of this smart contract-based crypto platform in a very short time is really eye-popping. Even the outset of 2021 was also so naive. Solona (SOL) started its 2021 with only a $1 price range. But, with the passage of time, the Solona ecosystem kept growing, driving its price to grow, making a record of ATH $260 recently. Can you believe such a price increment from $1 to $260 within a year? But, the interesting fact is that the Solona (SOL) is still in its beta version, but the price is expected to get highly pumped when the Solona is released on its live version.
  7. But Solona got its price increase from mid-2021 to the end of the year. But, at that time, what was the situation of Dogecoin then?
  8. Bearish. Even though Dogecoin’s price moved well in the earlier part of 2021, the coin started crashing later on and is still continuing. So, in that situation, making a question like ‘’ will dogecoin hit 100 dollars?’’ is absurd. The reason is that according to the present chart of dogecoin, you should question like ‘’will dogecoin hit 1 dollar?’’
  9. Another potential project that could gain massive profit in 2021 is Avalanche (AVAX). Indeed, Avalanche (AVAX) is also a smart contract-based crypto platform like Solona. It is also a new one. This project also created a buzz in 2021. Avalanche (AVAX), which started its journey with only $2, has so far made an ATH of $147 by November 2021.
  10. Now, we will discuss the most-hyped-up gaming project of 2021. We hope you have already got a sense of what we are going to discuss. Yes, it is Axie Infinity (AXS), for which 2021 is just an amazing year going. Although Axie Infinity (AXS) started 2021 with only $.50, it started ascending to the uptrend from August. Then, Axie Infinity (AXS) has reached its ATH $167, can you imagine? Only a $.50-prized project obtained a $167 price in the intervals of a few months!
  11. We have enough pieces of evidence of such potential projects, which gained massively at price by the end of 2021. But, what’s the situation of Dogecoin?
  12. Indeed, only Dogecoin holders can say how much pain they are bearing with their Dogecoin holding. The reason is that the juvenile Shiba Inu too exceeded Dogecoin several times in the marketcap. But why is this happening? What’s the reason?

As we said earlier, the taste of crypto investors is getting changed day by day. Many things in the crypto market are still in the wrong place as the market is still in its early phase. Think of the crypto bullish trend in 2017 when there was a buzz of ICO all around. Crypto investors stumble upon any project when a project demonstrates a massive roadmap. But, as crypto investors are much grown-up now, they won’t make the same mistake that they did with ICO.

Upon seeing the top-10-crypto-coin-list of 2017 and that of 2021, you must find a huge difference. As the crypto market is still in its growing phase, you will see many changes like this down the road.

Do you know why we said so in the above? The reason is that the meme typed coins are nothing but fun. Maybe, you all know the birth history of Dogecoin. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin as a joke coin within only 2 hours. The dogecoin has no fundamental Cryptocurrency use-case. 

On the other hand, the 2021-crypto-market is much more mature than that of 2017. There was no niche-based-coin-trend in the crypto industry in 2017. Back then, social media hype used to drive a coin to pump. But, in 2021, the structure of cryptocurrency is much more different. Many projects, including NFT, Gaming, Metaverse, have appeared and changed the scenario of the crypto market.

So, in the future, if the marketcap of the full crypto industry becomes 100% by 2025, among them, 15% will be for Bitcoin, 12% will be for smart contracts-based projects, 10% will be for gaming projects, 8% will be for NFT, 7% will be for Metaverse, and remaining is for other significant crypto niches, which are essential for driving the crypto industry ahead. In so many things, do you think Dogecoin will reach $100?

  • You can think that Dogecoin can reach $100 in the future, but the coin’s no-fundamental-use-case says it’s impossible for Dogecoin to reach that milestone.

We are again saying that the crypto market is still in its early phase. The volatility of the crypto market leads anything to happen at any time. For example- many of you think that ETH will remain in the second position of the ranking, but such a situation can appear in 2025 that another potential new project can replace ETH from the second position. That’s why we think that the crypto meme niche is overpriced, and the meme’s being in the early phase is helping the niche get investor attention.

There are different investor cohorts in the Crypto industry, who only invest in hyped-based projects. Seeing Dogecoin‘s price increment, many invested in this coin, expecting Dogecoin’s price will reach $100. These crypto investors will sell their Dogecoin if they see all potential project’s price swelled up all of a sudden, like Solona reaches from $1 to $250, Avax from $2 to $150. Indeed, Dogecoin doesn’t solve any real-world problem that the coin will hit 100 dollars.

Let’s think of the Shiba Inu coin. Maximum meme-crypto-coin-investors were searching for a good substitute for dogecoin. Then, when Shiba Inu’s price swelled up, those investors invested in the coin. That is how the ecosystem of such quick-profit-making investors has evolved. And if they see any such meme coin becoming profitable in the future, they will hanker after those.

So, we won’t be startled if we see meme coins in the state of extinguishing or about to extinguish. The reason is the crypto industry will be more and more mature and advanced in the future. So, the time has popped up to analyze whether Dogecoin will reach $100 or won’t remain in the cryptocurrency market.

Why technically can’t Dogecoin reach $100?

Till now, we have said that fundamentally Dogecoin can’t hit $100. Let’s judge the fact neutrally rather than technically or fundamentally. 

The cryptocurrency market is prone to mood swings like teenage girls. In 2021, many cryptocurrencies are in discussion, but surely, many of them won’t last in 2025. XRP is a sparkling example of this because XRP was the hub point of discussion of the full crypto industry in 2017-2018.

  • Indeed, XRP is in the deadlock situation in the market, whereas XRP’s price was $3.84 on 4th January 2018. But later on, the coin came down around 1$, losing 70% in its value.

Actually, we have brought the example of XRP because once upon a time, people used to think that XRP would be the payment gateway for the traditional world one day. It was some kind of lucrative project in 2017-2018. Afterward, XRP introduced a centralized solution, which wasn’t well-fitting. Several other issues had also appeared at that time. That’s why XRP is of no value today.

In the same way, if we see Dogecoin and other meme typed coins follow the trend of XRP, we won’t even be surprised because these coins are not solving any real-world problem. In the developed future cryptocurrency market- that Dogecoin’s stay is uncertain is inkling from us. Cryptocurrency veterans are also expecting so.

Dogecoin (DOGE): Historical Price Data

DateDOGE PriceDOGE Marketcap

So, the question under which we are describing all these are-

  • Does dogecoin have the technical potential to hit $100?

The answer is a big NO.  The reason is Dogecoin has a circulating supply of 132.26B DOGE. It means, by the time Dogecoin reaches 1$, its marketcap will be $132.26B. Wait a minute; are you getting confused about why we said about the marketcap?

No need to be confused. Now, we will help you know how you can know about the price range of a cryptocurrency in advance from the marketcap formula.

For so, you should know a formula, which is-

Crypto Market cap= number of token or coin X price per token or coin.

It means- that you see Dogecoin’s marketcap is $28,618,771,746 is the product of Doge’s circulating supply, 132.26B, and its price, $0.21. You can determine any crypto’s marketcap and future price from this formula.

Let’s go deep into the matter of why technically it is impossible for Dogecoin to reach 100 dollar.

As we said earlier, Dogecoin needs a $132B+ marketcap to reach $1. Now, come to check which crypto projects have $132B+ marketcaps.

Sorry, the result only matches Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin has a marketcap of $1T and ETH has a marketcap of $500B+. BNB, which ranks third, has a marketcap of only $100B+.
Do you know why we are deeply discussing marketcap? Just to make you understand that $132B marketcap is not a common option in Cryptocurrency market. Will Dogecoin reach $100 with only $132B? Not indeed. Rather, Dogecoin will reach $1 with a $132B marketcap.

Now, the question is-

How much will be the marketcap of Dogecoin when the coin reaches $100?

The answer is $13T+. Yes, you see right that it’s $13T+ if Dogecoin can ever reach $100. And that amount of marketcap is even larger than Bitcoin and Gold. Another interesting fact is, do you know how much is the total GDP of Chine?
  • It’s 14.72 trillion USD.

Exactly, Dogecoin will be about to touch the GDP of Chine once its price reaches 100 dollar. Is it even possible?

  • No, it’s never. Bitcoin price is another reason behind this. The entire crypto industry’s price depends on Bitcoin. The crypto industry’s price ups and down follow Bitcoin’s price ups and down. Look carefully, the current price of Bitcoin is $60K and the marketcap is $1T.

Being highly over-optimistic, we suppose that Bitcoin’s price will be $600K by 2025, being tenfold. That means Bitcoin will get a marketcap of $10T. If Bitcoin’s marketcap is $10T, what amount do you expect for Dogecoin? $13T for $100 Dogecoin? Really?

Expecting $100 by 2025 is equal to talking about something irrelevant to the cryptocurrency market context. First of all, you have to understand the full scenario of the crypto market, and then you have to understand the market position of Dogecoin. Only then can you feel that how foolish it is to expect Dogecoin’s price of $100.

Why are Crypto Experts not expecting $100 in Dogecoin?

We talked to some crypto experts about whether Dogecoin can reach $100 in the future or not. There was a single point available in everyone’s talking is Dogecoin and other meme coins are seasonal crypto coins. The competition in the crypto market is getting tougher day by day. We are at sea thinking about whether Dogecoin can survive in the future market, let alone Dogecoin’s reaching at $100.

We are mentioning a few opinions of some crypto experts over whether Dogecoin can reach $100.

Guanghua Guo’s Opinion on Dogecoin Price 100 Dollars

Guanghua Guo is the CEO of ChainX, which is working with Bitcoin layer-2 solution. ChainX wants to reduce the transaction time and fees of Bitcoin. When we asked Guanghua Guo about whether Dogecoin can reach $100 by 2025. He chuckled and said:

‘’ We have been working with ChainX project for last two years, but till date, we have no recognition. We have no objection to this. The reason is we know that it’s a fundamental matter at the end of the day. Now, crypto investors have a high tendency to get rich quickly, using meme-typed coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu coin, and many others as a weapon. But, what I think is this hype about meme coins won’t live longer. As crypto investors are getting mature as well as careful day by day, they will understand one day that these coins are of no benefit in the market. And I never predict Dogecoin’s $100 price in the future.’’

Lark Davis’s Opinion on Dogecoin Price $100

On the other hand, Lark Davis, popular crypto YouTuber, thinks-

‘’As the crypto industry is too volatile, it’s really tough to say something in advance. Many things have happened in the crypto industry, which was unpredictable once upon a time. For example- It was beyond expectation in 2017 that Dogecoin would exceed $0.70 by 2021. However, it happened. Maybe, $100 for Dogecoin sounds erratic now will be possible in the future. But, it must be said that Dogecoin’s reaching $100 will be so tough. We have sufficient amount of doubt that whether Dogecoin can reach $100 by 2050, let alone 2025.’’

Dogecoin’s realistic price prediction

So far, we have talked about whether Dogecoin can reach $100 or not. Let’s come to the realistic price prediction of Dogecoin.

How high can Dogecoin go in 2025?

There are three things we have to bear in mind before discussing Dogecoin’s realistic price predictions. First and foremost, we will write three considerations in a row, and then we will provide our review as a combo.

  • Consideration number one: First and foremost, we have to think about Bitcoin price. The reason is that the fate of not only Dogecoin but also the entire crypto industry is determined by Bitcoin. If now, bitcoin’s price tumbles from $60K to $30K, you will see the price of other altcoins will also fall. If Bitcoin’s growth continues that we have been seeing from 2017 to 2021, we will also see Dogecoin’s price increment in 2025.
  • Consideration number two: Besides the price of Bitcoin, it is also important to look at whether meme-typed coins will be in high demand in 2025. Maximum investor groups are now mesmerized with Metaverse, NFT, Gaming, and Oracles cryptocurrency subjects or niches. And if meme-typed coins get lost because of investors’ infatuation with other projects, it won’t be something good for Dogecoin.
  • Consideration number three: The growth of Dogecoin in the next 4 years is our consideration at number three. It will be game-changing for Dogecoin if giant international companies accept the coin as their payment gateway, for example- Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Maybe, that acceptance will pave the way for other corporations to accept Dogecoin. Dogecoin’s price will get highly increased if so happens.

If these three aforementioned considerations go in favor of Dogecoin, the coin’s price will be around $4 by 2025. So, the prediction of our CryptoOOF team, if Dogecoin remains on the right track to a great extent, its marketcap will probably be $500B+.

On the other hand, if one of the following last-two points takes place with Dogecoin, you are expected to see Dogecoin’s price not more than $0.50 by 2025. The reason is till now meme typed coins are not the target of pro-level investors. They prefer Metaverse, NFT, and gaming-typed crypto projects to meme-typed coins.

Can Dogecoin reach $10?

From the above discussion, certainly, you have already understood that we are not highly impulsive about Dogecoin’s future price. We predicted Dogecoin’s coin verifying several technical and fundamental factors. Our opinion over whether Dogecoin will reach $10 or not is-

  • We are expecting a bullish trend in 2025 too like 2017-2021. The opening of 2021 indeed led Dogecoin highly to bullish trend. Even then, we are not expecting Dogecoin’s price will be $10 by 2025.
  • The reason is that Dogecoin needs a marketcap of $1.3T for its price to reach $10. Whereas the total marketcap of the entire crypto industry is $2.6T+ with Bitcoin’s marketcap is $1T+, $1.3T is really a big total for Dogecoin.
  • So, expecting a $10 price for Dogecoin is equal to expecting something larger in position than Bitcoin now. It seems impossible to us.
  • But, if the crypto industry grows much in distant future, Dogecoin will probably reach $10.

But, our recommendation is to you that if any YouTuber says Dogecoin will reach $10 or $100; don’t waste your hard-earned money believing in their words. A profound analysis must be done before investing your money in any project. Though the cryptocurrency market is risky, don’t invest your money without proper consideration and pure analysis.

Final Thought

2025 will be an exciting year for cryptocurrency. It is known to all of us as per the history of 10-12 years. But, it doesn’t mean Dogecoin will reach $100 from $0.21 in one go with a $13T+ marketcap. There is nothing to think of so. With the top 12 fundamental facts above, we tried to prove why Dogecoin can’t reach $100 in 2025. Also, we made a realistic price prediction for Dogecoin that will help you determine whether Dogecoin will be in the bullish or bearish trend in 2025. As the crypto market is developing day by day, you should invest in fundamentally strong cryptocurrency projects so that those projects become long-live at the end of the day. On the other side, fundamentally weak projects get faded away. So, be calculative………………

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