Coinmarketcap vs Cointrends live: Which is Better?

Coinmarketcap vs. Cointrends live: Which is Better? (15 Facts to Know)

Maybe, some readers will feel like startling seeing this Crypto comparison topic, where we are comparing Coinmarketcap with Cointrends live, seriously! Even it would be appreciable if this topic was to involve Coinmarketcap vs Coingecko. Actually, the topic of Coinmarketcap vs Cointrends live has become such a buzzword that it forced us to write about it. There is no reason for you all to be dejected because we will also cover Coinmarketcap vs Coingecko in this Coinmarketcap-based article. We will terminate this intro leaving an answer in a word, which is Coinmarketcap is a much better option than Cointrends live and even far ahead of Coingecko.

Coinmarketcap VS Cointrends live

ParametersCoinMarketcapCointrends live
Alexa ranking788.95M
Referring Domain73.8K5
Bing Index935K1
Twitter Followers3M42

Why CoinMarketCap is better?

We previously said that Coinmarketcap is a much better choice than Cointrends live to crypto users. But, we will discuss to the point why CMC is more famous than the other below.

  • Long Crypto Coin list: There are some major differences between Coinmarketcap and Cointrends live: and the difference that is playing a major role in lagging Cointrends live from Coinmarketcap to a great extent is the trait of Cointrends live showing limited features. Whereas CMC shows the data of nearly 13K crypto projects, Cointrends live shows the data of only 10 coins, for which this website is not that much useful to crypto users. So, you won’t find the data of your desired project on this website. But the scenario is the opposite in the case of Coinmarketcap.
  • Own Data: The data that Coinmarketcap shows is analyzed and verified by their analytic team. On the other hand, Cointrends live, which is known as a coin tracker website, collects data from Coingecko website and then shows it on their website. So, they don’t deserve any credit for what they are doing.
  • Portfolio-Tracker: For crypto users, the portfolio-tracker option is really a significant feature. Using this precious feature, any crypto user can check the value of his projects that he holds on CMC so easily without any fee. But, such a feature is absent in Cointrends live. So, this feature keeps CMC much ahead of the other one. On different social media sites, there has been a high zing about this Portfolio-Tracker among crypto users. We could collect the opinion of Anthony, a regular user of CMC, over the Portfolio-Tracker feature of CMC. He said, ‘’at my first sight of CMC’s Portfolio-Tracker feature, I couldn’t even guess it would be that much useful. But now, I use this feature four to five times a day on average. As I hold 6-7 crypto projects, it’s really time-consuming to check each one individually. However, that feature had really made things quite easy for me.’’
  • ETH Gas Counter: Your prime concern is the ETH transaction fee if you want to buy any crypto token on Uniswap. You will enjoy a cheap transaction fee when the ETH gas fee is low. Conversely, you have to pay more as a transaction fee providing that the ETH gas fee is high. So, this gas fee is a headache at the time of buying and selling crypto projects. Interestingly, CMC has added the full details of the ETH Gas fee on their website and so users can know the concurrent gas fee amount from CMC at the time of transacting. In fact, CMC adds this data to their website collecting it from Etherscan. On the other hand, such a feature is missing in Cointrends live, which is a big disadvantage for them.
  • Passive Earning for NFT: Who doesn’t love passive earning without investment? Bearing this issue in mind, Coinmarketcap has come up with an opportunity for its registered users to earn free Diamond Rewards. With this diamond, CMC users can buy Coinmarketcap-backed NFT without any investment. For example, the NFT of Diamonds Lucky Draw is worth of only 100 diamonds. The price of Enjin Diamond NFT Gold is only 100 Diamonds. Alongside, 500 diamonds are required for buying Avatar-Elon Musk. Such kind of thousands of opportunities is being offered by CMC to its users. Now, come to the calculation of in what ratio Coinmarketcap is offering free diamonds to its users. Factually, CMC is a maintaining a 7-day consistent ratio scheme. CMC gives its users only 10 diamonds on the first day, 10 diamonds on the second day, 10 diamonds on the third day, 20 diamonds on the fourth day, 20 diamonds on the fifth day, 20 diamonds on the sixth day, and 50 diamonds on the seventh day. So, a user can earn 140 diamonds in total a week from CMC. But, here is one point to note out which is if a user misses a day to collect diamonds then the whole process disrupts and the user needs to restart from the beginning. So, it means that you have to be consistent in claiming diamonds. Now, come to the matter of Cointrends live. Such an option is missing in Cointrends live for its users. Even they don’t allow users to register, let alone the opportunity of passive earning. So, from the viewpoint of the passive earning parameter, CMC is a far better option than Cointrends live.
  • Crypto Calendars: On Coinmarketcap, the crypto calendar is a superb option, particularly for crypto newbie users. As a newbie, it’s really difficult for you to find a valid crypto airdrop. However, CMC has made the sophisticated matter quite easier for its users. On Coinmarketcap, there is a separate free airdrop section in the section of the crypto calendar. In that section, you will receive information about a project with free airdrop, participated number, total airdrop amount, and much more relevant info. So, through using this CMC crypto calendar, users can easily earn free crypto if they want. Conversely, Cointrends live doesn’t provide such an option from where its users can get any info about the free airdrop. Moreover, there is another feature namely ‘’ICO calendar’’ on CMC, which incorporates the list of upcoming ICO projects with relevant details, such as ICO time, its goal or target, etc. But, you cannot enjoy such a facility with Cointrends live. You will also have details about Polkadot-parachains, upcoming AMA of crypto projects, events regarding exchange listing dates on CMC, but not on Cointrends live. Considering all these, CMC is a better choice for crypto users. Do you agree with us?
  • Cryptocurrencies Deep info: Coinmarketcap is the best option for you if you would like to have some deep info about cryptocurrencies. On the right side of Coinmarketcap logo, you can see a feature named cryptocurrencies, which is a long deep feature indeed. This feature includes separate sections ranging from coin ranking to newly added coins on CMC. So, through this option, you can get to know about newly added coins on CMC. Newly added coins on CMC have demand because these coins sometimes are positively pumped. Another new feature on CMC is Price Estimates, which shows an estimated price data of the current and upcoming month based on the submitted estimates of registered users. Legal-tender-countries is another attractive feature of CMC. You must have known that EI Salvador has recently legalized Bitcoin and taken BTC to a financially close position. In this consequence, CMC has launched this feature that any country can announce Bitcoin as legal. In this feature, there is also an estimate of such countries which may legalize BTC in the recent future. Factually, if any CMC user votes on which country is going to legalize BTC down the road through their legal-tender-countries feature, CMC will give him 10 Diamonds. Here the interesting fact is that CMC rewards a user with 50 diamonds for accurate prediction. We also see the existence of another notable feature on CMC named Global Cryptocurrency, which shows the market cap data and capitalization of total cryptocurrency, and the chart of major crypto assets by percentages of total market capitalization, etc.

Now, come to the regard of Cointrends live. Actually, Cointrends live doesn’t provide with such info and it CMC takes a lead in here. Another massive and interesting part of CMC is fiat-currencies, where CMC provides all information including the marketcap of famous currencies of the world. Historical data, another important feature of CMC, provides users with necessary data upon need. Suppose; you would like to know the Bitcoin price on 5th September 2019, then you may know this through this feature. But, you are unable to enjoy such a feature with Cointrends live. So, it goes without saying that considering this related info, Coinmarketcap is a better option than Cointrends live.

Furthermore, on Coinmarketcap, there is another separated section that includes the list of top gainers and top losers in the last 24 hours. Through this feature, you can get to know who has gained more or lost more in the last 24 hours in detail. On the other hand, you will get information of no more than 10 coins with the gain/loss ratio on Cointrends live.

  • Crypto Exchanges: There is no option on Cointrends live that can provide you with any information regarding Crypto exchanges. In that case, Coinmarketcap will serve you with A-Z information upon searching about any crypto exchange. There are separat 4 sections on CMC, which are:
  • Spot: This section adorned with the traffic, liquidity trading volumes, and confidence in the legitimacy of trading volumes of crypto exchanges.
  • Derivatives: According to the trading volumes, CMC ranks the top cryptocurrency derivative exchanges.
  • Dex: Through CMC, you can get to know about the information of top decentralized exchanges, which are ranked based on their trading volumes. You can also know the market share of DeFi markets.
  • Where to Buy: In this section, Coinmarketcap listed all exchanges from where crypto users can feel secure for buying cryptocurrency. For example- Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and similar other exchanges.
  • NFT: The exclusive plan that the crypto industry has regarding NFT is eye-popping. Comprehending this trend, Coinmarketcap has created another separate section for NFT. This section is classified into two sections.
    1) NFT Statistics: Crypto users can see the stats of NFT collections and individual assets sold for the highest prices in descending order. Other info like bidding price, selling price, and holding price of NFTs can be viewed through this website.
    2) Top NFT Collections: This page arranges top NFT Collections according to the sales volumes.
  • Crypto Watchlist: You can see the top 100 coins on the first page after opening any crypto coin tracker website. But, no one actually wants to know the info of all these 100 coins. Crypto users actually feel interested in knowing the info of those coins in which they invest or intend to invest. Now you imagine that you invested in a coin that ranks 501. But, you will not find out that numbered coin on the first page. So, you need to enter the name in the search bar to know the info of the coin. Otherwise, you have to turn over one after another page to reach that number. But, do you know you can navigate to the 5-numbered page with only one click? Yes, Crypto watchlist is the solution. But how? Crypto watchlist is an option where you can add a list according to your own choice. Like if you add coins numbered 5, 200, 340, and 1000 to the crypto watchlist, this watchlist will show you these coins altogether upon only one click when necessary. You will not need to see lists of coins where you don’t feel any interest. Will you have this option on Cointrends live? Not at all. There is no watchlist option available on this site. So, from this parameter tool, Coinmarketcap is much better than Cointrends live.
  • Crypto Products: Coinmarketcap added some exclusive features regarding crypto products. How far-fetching CMC’s thoughts are regarding its crypto users is understood seeing their crypto products. At the beginning of the CMC product list, there is a SWAP option. Coinmarketcap allows swapping on Ethereum, BSC, HECO blockchain at a low cost. This crypto token swap process is really easy. First of all, a crypto user needs to add his metamask or coinbase wallet and the remaining process is like Uniswap. Converter is another feature you are going to have on CMC. Its working process is similar as its name suggests. If you want to know the conversion rate or exchanging rate between your local currency and bitcoin or any other currency and bitcoin, there feature is useful for you. But, is there any similar feature like swap option or conversion feature available on Cointrends live? The answer is a BIG NO. As usual, Cointrends live dejected us again. Now come to the point of the crypto app. Coinmarketcap has its own app using which you can access their all data through mobile. On the other hand, Cointrends live has no such mobile app.

Blockchain Explorer is an important tool for crypto users. The interesting fact is that now you don’t need to search on Google for Blockchain Explorer, just using CMC is enough for this. Yes, CMC has been providing data of Blockchain Exploring for so long. They not only provide data of BTC Blockchain Explorer but also provide the Blockchain Explorer data of ETH, Litecoin, and Binance Coin. On the other hand, Cointrends live with only one page doesn’t provide any Blockchain Explorer data.

Considering all the aforementioned parameters, Coinmarketcap is far ahead of Cointrends live. If we intended, we could mention such kinds of hundreds of parameters for which CMC is better than Cointrends live. But, so far we are assured from the above discussion that Coinmarketcap is a thousand times better than the other one. That’s why we are skipping this comparative discussion here and are moving on to the next point. The next topic to discuss is coingecko vs Coinmarketcap, as we promised earlier in the intro.

Coinmarketcap VS Coingecko

Alexa Ranking78361
Total Backlinks21.5M829K
Referring Domains73.8K6K
Bing Index935K668K
Twitter Followers3M756.2K

To be honest, coinmarketcap and coingecko seem to be of the same standard to general crypto users. The reason is the qualities that need to be in a crypto tracker website for being a popular website are available on these two websites.  But, coinmarketcap is ahead of coingecko in some ways. Alongside, coingecko is also user-friendly in some ways. In which respects Coinmarketcap is better than coingecko we will describe below.

Why is Coinmarketcap better than coingecko?

Coinmarketcap has recently updated its website and added some new exciting features that have made its website a bit more special than Coingecko. In which respects, Coinmarketcap is ahead of Coingecko we will describe below.

  • Free Diamond Reward: If you ask me to tell you only one parameter for which CMC is a better choice than Coingecko, we must name free diamond reward. This free reward allocating idea is really unique and attractive. The reason is- who doesn’t want to earn something valid for free? CMC is offering its users this blessing opportunity to earn diamonds rewards for free. But till now, such a feature is absent in Coingecko. In an experiment, it was shown that CMC saw a 7% user increment after introducing such a free diamond reward feature. 
  • Crypto Swap Option: The crypto swap option on Coinmarketcap is nothing but a bold concern. CMC is allowing swapping opportunities on Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, and HECO networks by connecting metamask with Coinmarketcap. No obstacle plays role in understanding that it’s a significant feature for crypto users. But, Coingecko is yet to take such a bold concern.
  • More Crypto Coins: Coinmarketcap has so far added a total of 12,799 coins and on the other hand, Coingecko has added a total of 9760 coins. So, Coingecko has fewer coins than Coinmarketcap. But we suggest you not think that all the coins available on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko are valid. There are many projects on these two websites that are scam projects. All the criteria for adding a crypto project on Coinmarketcap or coingecko is easy and these two websites boost up projects in exchange for money.
  • Attractive front page: If you ask us to say which of the two websites, Coinmarketcap and coingecko, has an attractive front page? We will answer you Coinmarketcap in the twinkling of an eye. They made their front page even more attractive with the latest update. Such as, now a crypto user no longer needs to click on any separate search box for finding trendy coin list because from now on, they will find that list on the main page of Coinmarketcap. The top 3 trending coins pop up automatically like a slideshow at the upper part of the page. Alongside, you will see the list of top gainers and losers in the last 24 hours on the front page. So, this is how only seeing the dashboard CMC users are getting all the information even unintentionally. However, Coingecko still lacks such a facility. 

Why Coingecko is better than Coinmarketcap?

What we previously said is that Coingecko has some exclusive features that are not available on Coinmarketcap. These matters are really essential for crypto users. So, in this section, we will discuss those factors that are missing in Coinmarketcap.

  • Crypto Reports: Coingecko, a crypto tracker website, publishes an exclusive crypto report quarterly. The report provides an overview of consequences during a quarter. The report’s other discussions involve Bitcoin analysis, DeFi analysis, analysis of crypto exchanges, and many other issues. Alongside, the report publishes a PDF that is made with the highlighted features of any particular quarter. To the newbie users of Coingecko, this crypto report feature is of high avail. The reason is that the report teaches the users many fundamental and technical factors. Now, come to the matter of Coinmarketcap. Even though Coinmarketcap provides many educational tools, such a kind of organized free educational tool is still missing. So, in this respect, Coingecko is ahead of Coinmarketcap.
  • Public Companies Treasury: There is no such option on Coinmarketcap that can let you know which companies are officially holding Bitcoin and ETH. But this benefit you are going to get from Coingecko, which includes a page named Public Companies Treasury. In that page, you will see both Bitcoin Treasury and ETH treasury. So, you might easily know what amount companies are holding in BTC and ETH.
  • Crypto Book: Coinmarketcap will not provide you with a crypto book by reading which you can enlarge your crypto knowledge. But, you are going to enjoy this facility with Coingecko as the website is flourished with all educational tools. If you visit the Coingecko store, you can see a list of crypto books with their price tag. So, this Coingecko store is a perfect solution for you providing that you want to read a crypto-related book.
  • Spread: We are again and again saying that Coingecko and Coinmarketcap provide almost similar data, but Coingecko provides an exclusive feature named ‘’spread’’ which Coinmarketcap is not providing you. Seeing this spread, you can easily understand the trading fee of any exchange. By going through this spread feature of Coingecko, you can understand that the trading fee in decentralized exchanges is relatively high, and the trading fee of centralized exchanges and relatively low even though using centralized exchanges is a bit risky.
  • Coingecko Podcast: There is running a trend of the worldwide podcast and this podcast has gotten an extra layer of significance in the era of YouTube and video streaming. Whereas Coingecko includes a podcast-related feature, Coinmarketcap doesn’t. Coingecko has been exposing this Podcast feature with an exclusive plan with the company of some popular crypto personalities. Newbie users in the crypto industry can have a taste of knowledge by participating in those podcast programs. The more interesting fact is that Coingecko is providing these valuable educational crypto podcasts for free.

From the aforementioned discussion, it’s clear that Coingecko is ahead of Coinmarketcap considering the educational program issue. Coingecko is the best choice for you if you are searching for educational resources for free.


It’s obvious from the above discussion on coinmarketcap vs cointrends live that Coinmarketcap is completely ahead of Cointrends live. The reason is using the advanced features of CMC, crypto users can get tons of data, but the sources of data are limited in Cointrends live. To be frank, there should not be any comparison between Coinmarketcap and Cointrends live. On the other hand, the outcome we get from the comparison of Coinmarketcap and Coingecko is that Coinmarketcap is ahead of the other one in respect of providing exclusive crypto tools. Moreover, Coingecko is ahead of Coinmarketcap in the case of offering educational tools. So, now our question to you is- which website of these three is the most favorite to you?

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