Top 7 Reasons Why Colony (CLY) Token Price will be $50+

Top 7 Reasons Why Colony (CLY) Token Price will be $50+

The Cryptocurrency industry is now so grown-up than ever before. But unfortunately, most of the projects are following the Cut-Copy-Paste formula in this volatile industry. However, in the meantime, some Crypto projects that have come up against the current are trying to do something stunning with their hard work and innovative idea. Colony (CLY) is such a project. It is one of 2021’s most innovative crypto projects and a highly undervalued one. And, through today’s Colony price analysis-based article, we tried to let you know that Colony’s price is more likely to cross $50+ in the future.

Actually, Colony (CLY) is a Community-driven Avalanche Ecosystem Accelerator. In this article, we shed light on why Colony’s future price can be more than $50+, however, this article didn’t cover basic topics like what Colony is and how to stake Colony, etc. But, if you want to know the basics, you can read our recently-written article on CLY, where we discussed all the basics in detail including how Colony generates the best passive income on the full Avalanche ecosystem.

Colony (CLY) Price Chart

Colony Details Info
Trading Volume (24h)$150K+
Total Supply150M CLY
CLY Stakers15k+

Let’s come to know the seven reasons why Colony’s price will be $50 in the next crypto bull market.

Top 7 Reasons Why Colony Token Price will be $50+

  1. Colony provides retail crypto investors with the opportunity to become professional VCs.
  2. Colony (CLY) generates passive income in multiple ways.
  3. Colony (CLY) provides Avalanche coin as passive income.
  4. CLY team is very professional, which will play a vital role in generating huge profits.
  5. Big projects in the Avalanche ecosystem evaluate Colony much.
  6. Colony (CLY)’s current price and marketcap are too low, leaving future price-increasing possibilities.
  7. Colony (CLY) has $21 to derive maximum profits from the current bear market.

1)     Colony provides retail crypto investors with the opportunity to become professional VCs

Suppose you are an average guy. But, you want to board the most expensive cruise ship. Even though it’s something surreal, Colony (CLY) team in the Cryptocurrency industry has made it possible.

The Colony team is allowing retail investors in the Cryptocurrency industry to make successful crypto portfolios like professional venture capital farms, using their average capital. But, do you know?

Why are Crypto VCs making more money than an average Crypto investor?

  • Take the Avalanche coin for instance. The ICO price of Avalanche was $0.5. When Avax got listed in Cryptocurrency exchanges, its price was below $1. However, by the time Avalanche was started getting added to Cryptocurrency exchanges, investors who participated in the ICO of the coin were in less than 2X profit.
  • Amid such a situation, Crypto VCs invested in AVAX at its seed and private level, which gave investors a 3X profit in the early stage. Doesn’t the matter interesting?
  • Verily to say, Crypto VCs invest in cryptocurrency projects by participating in their seed and private level so they can buy those projects at a cheap price than ICO and IDO pricing. As a result, Crypto VCs can earn 3X to 4X profits from a crypto project considering its price when the project gets listed on any Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • So, you have to be a Cryptocurrency VC if you want to reap much gain from the cryptocurrency industry. However, you can feel that it’s impossible to be for an average Cryptocurrency investor. It is also impossible to gain early access to crypto projects even if you have bundles of money. It’s because security is a major factor here.

Amid all these complications, the mind-blowing solution brought forth by Colony (CLY) makes all stakers feel like Cryptocurrency VCs.

Now give it a thought that Avalanche is one of the most significant Cryptocurrency ecosystems in the whole crypto world. So, you can invest in all the upcoming potential new projects in the Avalanche ecosystem at their seed and private level through Colony.

This matter lies as a hidden gem till now, and that’s why Colony’s price is still under $1. Hence, we believe when the Next Crypto Bull Run comes in 2024-25, the entire Colony ecosystem will take its full form. As a result, we anticipate Colony’s price to reach $100 from $50. Because Colony is providing such a unique opportunity that average investors will flock toward the Colony Staking. However, this unique feature will work as an influencer behind Colony’s price increase in the future.

2)     Colony (CLY) generates passive income in multiple ways

Another reason behind Colony’s price touching the $50 milestone is that the Colonylab token provides the unique opportunity of deriving passive income by colony token staking in multiple ways.

There is a class of crypto-investors who always seek for best APY-providing crypto projects. Right now, there are some crypto projects in the crypto market that provide the best APYs.  But, if you analyze the tokenomics and use-cases of those best APY-providing projects, you will see that they have faulty tokenomics and no use-cases.

However, the Colony project is completely different in this regard because the Colony token is full of use-cases with strong and sustainable tokenomics.

Moreover, a Colony staker can earn passive income in four ways by staking Colony tokens. These four ways are-

i) Airdrop.

ii) LP Program.

iii) Avalanche (AVAX) Validator Program.

iv) & Index.

i)                   Airdrop

Airdrop is the best way to generate passive income by Colony token staking. Indeed, the Colony team kept 50% of its total capital saved for investing in the newly-added potential projects at their seed and private level.

  • Afterward, after the launch of those projects in which the Colony invested, Colony will distribute its invested projects’ tokens among the stakers in fair proportion according to the weight and duration.
  • Actually, a retail investor hardly affords to analyze all potential crypto projects. But, by Colony staking, a retail crypto user can be the holder of all potential projects.

ii)                LP  Program

Right now, Liquidity Providing Program is also one of the best passive income-generating ways. And, The Colony team saved 30% of its total capital for this Liquidity Providing Program. The core objective of the Colony team is to provide sufficient returns to Colony stakers through LP Program.

  • We have recently noticed that the Colony team started using the Liquidity Providing Program of Yeti Finance in terms of a massive amount of change to earn Yeti Finance tokens.
  • Then, they will distribute 80% of the total earned Yeti Finance tokens among Colony stakers. So, you don’t need to buy Yeti tokens if you are a Colony staker because you will get them for free through Colony staking.

iii)               Avalanche (AVAX) Validator Program

As Avalanche (AVAX) Validator Program requires an Avalanche (AVAX) token holder to hold a large sum of tokens, anyone can’t participate in the program upon will.

  • But, the Colony team budgeted to use only 10% of the total capital for the Avalanche (AVAX) Validator Program.
  • The price of Avalanche (AVAX) was nearly $120 when Colony was launched. At that time, some Colony community members pressurized the Colony team to buy Avalanche (AVAX) and to start the Avalanche (AVAX) Validator Program. But, the team tried to make the members understand that it hadn’t been the right time to buy Avalanche (AVAX). And the team wanted to buy the maximum amount of Avalanche (AVAX) with 10% of their capital.
  • Actually, the idea of the Colony team was right because Avalanche (AVAX)’s price was only $30 when we were writing this article. And we believe that this Cryptocurrency bear market is working as a blessing in disguise for Colony.
  • So, when Colony buys Avalanche (AVAX) and launches AVAX Validator Program, they will receive Avalanche coins which they will distribute among the stakers.
  • It means Colony stakers can earn Avalanche coins for free by Colony staking. Isn’t the matter amazing?  

iv)               Index

You can understand how innovative the Colony team is by reading their index part only. In the Cryptocurrency industry, Colony hasn’t come with any cut-copy-paste formula; instead, the Colony team is full of innovation.

For example, think of S&P 500, a popular index where a trading pair was created with 500 different companies. Right now, index trading is one of the most tradable assets in the world.

  • The Colony team is bringing the index facility to the Avalanche ecosystem for the first time. Indeed, they will create an index pair with the top-10 projects of the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • And, that Crypto index trading asset will be listed in the popular Avalanche DEX like Trader Joe & PNG.
  • On the other hand, the fee that the Colony will get after the starting of trading of the index trading asset will be distributed among Colony stakers.  

Except for the four ways described above, there are also some other exclusive ways by which Colony provides the passive earning opportunity to Colony stakers. So, it’s not a mockery to expect a project’s price to reach $50-$100 when the project offers passive earning opportunities in 4-5 ways.

3)     Colony (CLY) provides Avalanche coin as passive income

That Colony gives its stakers Avalanche coins as a reward through Avalanche (AVAX) Validator Program acts as an influencer behind the project’s future price increase. But, getting Avalanche coins as a reward as of now may seem ordinary to you as Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem is currently in its building phase.

  • And we believe that Avalanche (AVAX) is the true Ethereum killer, and it will outnumber the marketcap of Ethereum in the future.
  • So, we anticipate Avalanche’s price to reach $2000 and $3000 down the road.
  • Most interestingly, the Colony team is getting the opportunity of buying Avalanche at a very cheap price. So, when Avalanche grows sharply in the future, people will stumble upon Colony staking because they will get Avalanche coins for free as a reward that leaves no buying necessity.
  • Just imagine, how many people would have stumbled upon staking if the project had given them Ethereum, which was priced at $2000+, for free as a reward for staking the project? And we don’t doubt that the same scenario we will see in the case of Colony token.

4)     CLY team is very professional, which will play a vital role in generating huge profits

The Colony team has proved numerous times how innovative and professional they are. And we believe that these qualities will drive the Colony team towards development.

  • Elie LE REST, the CEO & Founder of Colony, is known as the heart of the Colony team. As an experienced player, Elie knows well where to hit in the Cryptocurrency industry to derive much profit. So, Elie’s experience is helping the full Colony team.
  • Also, Aurelien Ynden & Wessal Era are two familiar figures. Right now, Colony’s team members are more than 20, most of whom like to work actively behind the curtain.

In the first point of this ‘’Colony Token Price’’- article, we told that Colony stakers can invest in new projects in the AVAX ecosystem at their seed & private level by Colony staking from now on.

  • Colony hadn’t such a wide plan initially. However, the Colony team made it possible by utilizing their innovation power.

Indeed, Colony’s making impossible things possible proves how innovative and skillful they are. Such an innovative team was badly essential for Colony to use its vast capital. That’s why we believe that Colony’s price will swell up massively in the future and thus impersonate Colony’s dreams into reality.

5)     Big projects in the Avalanche ecosystem evaluate Colony much

This point is really significant because the proper allotment of $21M by the Colony team would have been disrupted if leading projects hadn’t cherished the genial mental state about Colony.

  • We saw that leading projects in the Avalanche ecosystem evaluate Colony differently. It is also seen that Ava Lab always suggests new potential projects to contact Colony if they need to invest.
  •  This event indicates how trustworthy Colony is to Ava Labs.
  • On the other hand, Colony’s founder Elie LE REST said that he had a conversation with Emin Gun Sirer, Avalanche’s founder, at the Avalanche summit about how Colony can play a vital role in the entire Avalanche ecosystem. He also said that Emin Gun Sirer is very fond of the ideas that were brought forth by the Colony project so far.
  • And you can feel the fact by observing the official activities of Avalanche. Avalanche was seen twitting mentioning Colony from their official Twitter account.

So, we believe that Colony is not an isolated project in the Avalanche ecosystem; instead, Colony is an innovative idea that will always stay ahead in the AVAX ecosystem from other Layer-1 Crypto projects. And direct support from the Avalanche team will help the Colony reign in the Avalanche ecosystem.

6)     Colony (CLY)’s current price and marketcap are too low, leaving future price-increasing possibilities

A statistic is enough to make you understand how undervalued the Colony is.

What’s it actually?
  • Look, Colony raised $21M through IDO & Fund rising, but even then, their marketcap is only $5M+.
  • It means CLY’s market cap is less than Colony’s fund-raising by one-quarter.
  • Per Colony token price will stand at $24, which is a 136X increase from the current price if Colony’s market cap outnumbers $500M.
  • Contrarily, if the market cap of the Colony token becomes equal to that of Shiba Inu, a popular meme coin, then per CLY token price will be $205.

Indeed, the Colony token is highly undervalued considering its price. But what we believe by heart is Colony’s price will skyrocket by the 2025 Crypto bull market. And we won’t wonder if Colony’s marketcap will have reached $1B+ by the time. And it should be actually.

7)     Colony (CLY) has $21 to derive maximum profits from the current bear market

Considering the investment capital, $1 in Crypto Bear Market is equal to $10 (or more than that) in the Crypto Bull Market.

We told you earlier that Colony has $21M to invest in the AVAX ecosystem. They invested some of the capital, but the remaining maximum is still in their hand.

  • The large amount of capital that is still in the hand of the Colony team will be utilized perfectly in the current bear market. As a result, Colony will make all the cryptocurrency communities of the Colony ecosystem stunned in the next cryptocurrency bull market.
  • This current bear market worked as an exclusive opportunity for Colony though maximum Cryptocurrency projects suffered much during that time.

So, we believe that Colony will get its price increased by the next Crypto bull market by investing great effort in this ongoing bear market. That’s why we included this point in the top-7 reasons why Colony price will go up.


The real magic will start once Colony begins to offer rewards to stakers from all around. Colony is pioneering such an idea that was an imagination before Colony came up with it. That’s why our aim was to let you know the top seven reasons that can take Colony’s price to $50 by the Next Crypto Bull Market, and we are optimistic about it. Do you expect the same?

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