Why would Cryptocurrency Mega-BULLRUN Happen in 2022?

7 Reasons Why Crypto Mega-BULLRUN will Happen in 2022

Hello Cryptocurrency fans, we know that you all are not in a good state of mind, as Bitcoin’s price has been under 50K USD for some days and the prices of Altcoins crashed massively by the end of November 2021. However, according to the 10-12 year history of Bitcoin, its market was supposed to be in the bullish trend in 2021, ultimately leading the entire Crypto industry to follow the bullish trend. But, till now (23th December), the Bitcoin price has been under MA200. Owing to this state, even long-term holders are saying out of their grudge, ‘’when will the cryptocurrency price be back to its bullish trend? When do we see the highly expected Cryptocurrency Mega-Bullrun?’’ Such kinds of thousands of questions are strolling in social media. Don’t be so impatient about this because our crypto analytic team has run a profound analysis over the market and found some astonishing pieces of information about the 2022-Bitcoin-Mega-Bullrun. Once you know these pieces of information, you will get stunned. To say in a nutshell, we do have to say that the cryptocurrency market is changing bit by bit. That’s why we can see a probable Bullrun in 2022. In this Cryptocurrency-analytic-based article, we will expound on every single logic behind why we expect to see a Mega-BULLRUN in 2022.  So, you are most welcome if you would like to prepare yourselves in advance for the 2022 Cryptocurrency market trend.

7 Reasons Why Crypto Mega-Bull-run will Happen in 2022

  1. Possibility of the arrival of Bitcoin ETF in the USA in 2022.
  2. Cryptocurrency Cycles are getting longer.
  3. Ethereum 2.0 coming in 2022.
  4. Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA) are coming online in 2022.
  5. Cryptocurrency NFT Niche will be Huge in 2022.
  6. Gaming & Metaverse narrative will be huge in 2022.
  7. DeFi Solves the crypto as short-term investment problem.

1)     Possibility of the arrival of Bitcoin ETF in the USA in 2022

Before talking about Bitcoin ETF and Bitcoin Mega-Bullrun, we think it’s essential to let you know of some issues. By the time we were writing this Cryptocurrency-Bullrun-based analysis article, the Bitcoin dominance level in the cryptocurrency market was 41%. It means Bitcoin grabs 41% space out of 100, which is the percentage of the overall cryptocurrency market.

Although the Bitcoin dominance rate is only 41%, the reality is that Bitcoin controls the movement of the whole cryptocurrency market both directly and indirectly. So, if you truly expect a bullrun in the cryptocurrency market in 2022, Bitcoin cannot but be in the bullish momentum in 2022. It’s quite unlikely that Bitcoin is in the bearish trend, but the rest of the market is in the bullish trend. It’s because the whole cryptocurrency’s price increases when Bitcoin’s price grows. On the other hand- when Bitcoin’s price is down, the entire cryptocurrency market remains down.

But why does it happen? Why do Altcoin prices follow the movement of Bitcoin?

  • Indeed, there are several reasons responsible for this. But, the exceptional reason is the entire crypto market is full of fear and greed. Bitcoin is the only coin on which all cryptocurrency investors depend, and there is a reason for their dependence. Bitcoin is a proven asset in the crypto industry, and that’s why its price-down comes with fear for the investors that many investors could leave the market now. It is also seen that many of them convert their Altcoins into stable coins (USDT, USDC), thinking those Altcoins may lose in price. This converting technique works as a shield for those investors.
  • On the other hand, cryptocurrency investors become covetous when Bitcoin’s price increases. At that time, it encourage people to invest in Bitcoin further. And many of them start buying Altcoins again with their stable coins. Thus, Bitcoin’s price growth leads to the price growth of others. 

Let’s back to the discussion of why 2022 is a good year for Bitcoin price. A number of Bitcoin events are going to take place in 2022, and among those events, the notable one is Bitcoin ETF 2022. Not only for the USA but also for the entire cryptocurrency industry, the Bitcoin ETF is a vital event. You can entitle Bitcoin ETF as a global recognition, which provides Bitcoin with an official status. Alongside, Bitcoin ETF stimulates bitcoin investors highly to invest in Bitcoin and the proof of so has already been noticed.

For example- ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) and the Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BTF) launched their first U.S. Bitcoin ETF on Oct. 20, 2021. Before that, there was so much whispering about the Bitcoin ETF in the market in 2021. However, the Bitcoin ETF is no longer illusory but a reality.

What we saw on Oct. 20, 2021, is- being inspired by the news of Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin investors started buying Bitcoin massively. And the price of Bitcoin was at $66k on 20th October 2020. But, Bitcoin price plunged to $40k by September 2021. So, we hope you have already comprehended how much Bitcoin ETF events stimulate cryptocurrency investors. Let’s talk about the possibility and reality of Bitcoin ETF 2022.

In an interview, Anna Paglia, head of ETFs and index strategies, said she hoped that 2022 was going to be the year for Pure-play bitcoin ETF. She also added that 2022 was going to be an introductory year for solid physical Bitcoin ETF.

Indeed, it’s not only about the Bitcoin ETF; we may see many other popular cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum ETF in 2022.

Another report from Natixis Investment Managers says the number of assets in actively run ETFs may take a two-fold growth than the present amount.  More companies are also working on launching ETFs for their respective fields.

So, it goes without saying that 2022 is going to be a bitcoin year. So, there is a high possibility that we may see a Mega-Bullrun of Bitcoin in 2022. Maybe, the approval of the Bitcoin ETF will take place between mid-2022 and the end of the year. The Bitcoin Bull run probably takes a start with Bitcoin ETF.

2)     Cryptocurrency Cycles are getting longer

Before understanding the point ‘Cryptocurrency cycles are getting longer’, you need to understand what cycle is in the Cryptocurrency market. So, come to understand the Cryptocurrency Cycle at first.

Indeed, the Cryptocurrency cycle refers to the periodical sequence that the cryptocurrency market has been following consistently for the last 10-12 years. That’s why the term ‘Cryptocurrency cycle’ is so popular in the industry.

If you look carefully at the 10-12 years history of Bitcoin, you can see that every Cryptocurrency cycle consists of 4 parts respectively-

  • Bear Market
  • Price Accumulation
  • Re-accumulation
  • And finally the bull market

According to the Cryptocurrency cycle, the cryptocurrency market was in the Bull Run in 2011. Cryptocurrency projects prices were comparatively higher in 2011 than in 2010 and 2009 respectively. Bitcoin’s price was in the range of $0.16 to $31 in 2011, whereas Bitcoin’s price was at $0.1 in 2010.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price History Chart

YearCryptocurrency Market TypeBitcoin (BTC) Price
2011Bull Market$0.17 to $31.5
2012Accumulation$2.01 to $7.11
2013Bull Market$12.22 to $1178
2014Bear Market$1178 to $163.65
2015Accumulation$163.65 to $250
2016Re-accumulation$250 to $650
2017Bull-Market$657.61 to $20,000
2018Bear Market$19,800 to $3,180
2019Accumulation$3,180 to $12,156
2020Re-Accumulation$6,191 to $29,000
2021Range-Market (Cryptocurrency 4 Year Cycles almost Dead)$30,000 to $60,000

Afterward, the price accumulation session appeared in 2012 in the Crypto industry. Although the outset of 2012 saw a decline in the Cryptocurrency market, Cryptocurrency projects prices started gaining from mid-2012. For that reason, Crypto veterans think of this year as a price accumulation year. In 2012, the average price range of Bitcoin was between $2 and $7.

Indeed, 2013 was a dulcet year for cryptocurrency holders. Cryptocurrency holders saw Mega-Bullrun for the first time that year. In fact, 2012 was a halving year, and the subsequent year 2013 was memorable. Almost all cryptocurrencies moved to the bullish massively in 2013. In 2013, Bitcoin’s price reached its ATH $1178 from $12.

At that time, people started assuming that Bitcoin’s price might reach $10,000 in just one go. But, the cryptocurrency holders saw an opposite scenario in 2014, in which year the whole cryptocurrency market was bearish. Almost all cryptocurrencies crashed that year. Bitcoin’s price plummeted down to $163 in 2014. And thus, 2014 brought backlash for Bitcoin owing to its price-down. Many of the holders left their Bitcoins too. However, Bitcoin regained its position with time.

However, 2015 was the year of Cryptocurrency Price accumulation. In one stage of 2015, maximum popular cryptocurrencies began gaining at their prices. In 2015, Bitcoin messaged to go up by breaking the $200 resistance level.

2016 was a price re-accumulation year. The cryptocurrency bull-run that started in 2015 also continued across 2016, and that bull-run gave Bitcoin a $600+ price. We had started getting an inkling of seeing Cryptocurrency ICO before 2017 appeared. In a word, 2016 was an average year for Cryptocurrency holders.

2017 was such a year that Cryptocurrency investors want to get back again and again. The reason is that the price of Bitcoin was at $1K but that price augmented to $20K by the end of 2017. Can you believe it? The profit from Bitcoin is just 20-fold in a year.

As a result, a very positive movement was noticed among other remaining Altcoins. So, it goes without saying that 2017 was a notable Golden-Bullrun-flourished year.

Suchwise we saw a bearish market consequently in 2018 and 2019, and price accumulation year in 2020. To explain differently, we have to say the bullish run that we are seeing now is inherited from the 2020-bullish run. Indeed, we saw a bullish run in other projects too in 2020.

Indeed, we are yet to see the Bull Run in 2021. In 2021, Bitcoin is being seen wandering between $30K to $60K price ranges. 

  • So, till now, we have been waiting to see the Bitcoin Mega-Bullrun in 2021 that has been due and expected since 2018.

Now, we want you to lend your ear to us before starting what we would like to say. This info is really important for you, and the information is- according to the last 10-12 year history of Bitcoin, the stay of Cryptocurrency Mega-Bullrun is only between 12 to 18 months. But, structure and duration-wise, the present Bitcoin Bullrun is completely different from others. Ergo, according to Cryptocurrency veterans, we may see a Mega-Bullrun in the Cryptocurrency market in 2022, which has been due since 2021.

So, why do Cryptocurrency veterans expect Golden-Bullrun in 2022?

The answer is hidden in the description of ‘Cryptocurrency cycles are getting longer’. We have recently seen an upsurge of a question in you- has the Bitcoin 2021 golden-Bullrun been over? Will we see the bitcoin-bull run in 2022? 

  • Let’s say one thing to you- when the sun is visible in the sky, do we need to point the sun out to you with a finger to make you understand that the sun is visible? Or, does everyone themselves see the sun?
  • Certainly, the sun becomes naturally visible to everyone’s eyes.
  • Likewise, Bitcoin’s golden-bull run moves so massively that it leaves no admit of ignoring the move.
  • Let’s indoctrinate you with a simple structure by which you can easily identify the Cryptocurrency Mega- Bull Run. The Cryptocurrency Golden-Bull run always draws its line with a long-leg in its trading chart. Have you noticed anything like this happen in the Bitcoin trading chart recently?
  • No, nothing like this happened in the current chart. Right now, the Bitcoin price is wandering in a specific range that we previously said ($30K-$60K).
  • That’s why we are expecting a Cryptocurrency Mega-Bull run in 2022 through seeing a much-talked Long-Leg pattern in the Bitcoin chart.
  • Let’s come to the discussion of why Cryptocurrency veterans are expecting Mega-Bull in 2022. Maximum Cryptocurrency veterans are unifying the last-4-years-trading-chart with the last-10-12-years-trading-chart to reach a synopsis. This current Bitcoin-Bull run is yet to give some more to Bitcoin holders. A major percentage of Crypto veterans expect that this Cryptocurrency Bull Run will continue across 2022 and even 2023.

For example- Benjamin Cowen, a popular Bitcoin veteran, thinks Bitcoin’s current trend is still woundless, and it can afford to give much more within 12 to 18 months.

On the other hand, Lark Davis, a popular YouTuber, thinks Bitcoins cycles are getting longer than previous cycles. This 4-year-cycle-theory is likely dead and so we can see the finishing point of this current Bull Run in any stage of 2022.

Indeed, 2021 has gone past as a kind of mixed year for Cryptocurrency holders as the last-finishing is missing. Not only is this reason but also some other valid reasons are responsible for the 2022-Cryptocurrency-Bullrun. We will explain these valid reasons one by one.

3)    Ethereum 2.0 coming in 2022

If you ask us, which coin is the most impactful after Bitcoin? Undoubtedly, we will answer you Ethereum. ETH’s history, technology, and community are the backing for the upsurge of the whole cryptocurrency market. By the time we are writing this article, the dominance percentage of Ethereum in the whole crypto space is 20%. Back in 2017, that percentage was 25%. At that time, Ethereum was one-fourth of the whole market, and right now, it is one-fifth.

ETH 1.0ETH 2.0
BlockCross Links, Collations
Block TimeSlot & Cycle

There is another reason for prioritizing Ethereum that much, and the reason is- Ethereum is known as the mother of Altcoin.

A positive impact is noticed in Altcoins by the time Ethereum’s price gains massively. So, when any update is pushed to Ethereum, a tendency of gaining at price is seen among other Altcoins in the full crypto industry. Even, Ethereum will be on the list of top-gainer-Cryptocurrency-projects of 2017-18 Cryptocurrency Mega-Bullrun.

Let’s share with you a technical factor- Dogecoin led the 2021 Cryptocurrency Bullrun. When it was felt that Dogecoin was about to touch the milestone of $1, many started asking- will Dogecoin reach $100 soon? Is there any chance of being so? Then, Shiba Inu continued the flow of that trend. But, what we believe is- had Ethereum led the 2021-Bullrun instead of Dogecoin, we would have seen strong bullish momentum in the whole Cryptocurrency market.

The arrival of Ethereum 2.0 in the Ethereum ecosystem has become a vital necessity due to the upsurge of potential Cryptocurrency projects like Solana and Avalanche.

So, is there any good news for Ethereum in 2022?

  • Definitely it is. In 2022, we are going to see the most-awaited Ethereum 2.0. Along with this update, we are going to see a colossal revolution in the Ethereum proof of stake. Other than that we are also going to see some exclusive features like triple halving and limited sharding roll out which could be 3 or 4 x TPS on ETH. So, it goes without saying that it will create massive hype in the full cryptocurrency market.
  • These all incidents may lead to Bullrun in Ethereum price in 2022. Consequently, we are expecting a bull run in the Altcoin session in 2022. These incidents are arousing hope in our mind that we can see the Cryptocurrency Golden-Bullrun in 2022. We won’t be startled if we see Ethereum 2.0 leads the Golden-Bullrun.
  • Launching Ethereum 2.0 will come with a blessing for Cryptocurrency holders, and the blessing is that it will reduce the Ethereum gas fee tremendously. In fact, DeFi, Gaming projects BSC, AVAX are launching on Blockchain, owing to Ethereum 1.0’s higher gas fee. For example- of late, Parsiq launched their IQ Protocol on BSC instead of Ethereum, because the PRQ team thought that the IQ Protocol service could be unusable due to the higher gas fee of ETH. So, once Ethereum resolves its higher gas fee problem, those projects that avoided Ethereum will give high priority to Ethereum.

4)    PolkaDot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA) are coming online in 2022

Coin NamePolkadot (DOT)Cardano (ADA)
Volume (24h)$1,306,852,478$1,930,219,664
Circulating Supply987,579,314,96 DOT33.46 ADA

Since PolkaDot is solving the most badly-needed problem of the Cryptocurrency industry, it is a massive asset in the entire Cryptocurrency industry. So, what’s the feature that PolkaDot is solving?

  • Interoperability problem.

To simply make you understand, we have to give an example- Suppose you are living in such a world where you don’t need any visa passport for traveling abroad. Everyone in this world is free to move from one corner to another without facing any restrictions. Indeed, DOT coin is trying to come up with such a system, and till now, PolkaDot is in its beta version. Even though PolkaDot started its journey in 2020, it got launched on parachains in 2021, and according to the coin’s game plan, it will go live in 2022. By that time, it will be easy for the Cryptocurrency industry to use different blockchains altogether through PolkaDot. 

If PolkaDot goes live, Cryptocurrency users will start getting benefits to a high extent. Not only will PolkaDot but also the whole PolkaDot ecosystem be affected by the price increment of PolkaDot. The reason is- behind the success of PolkaDot, the role of the DOT ecosystem is undeniable.

Since the DOT ecosystem is not little, when the entire Cryptocurrency ecosystem ascends to the bullish trend, a major percentage of crypto investors will get inspired to invest in the sector. Along with PolkaDot, Cardano will also come with an exciting plan in 2022. To take the scalability to next level, ADA has sketched out a plan to implement a second layer, which is named Ouroboros Hydra. And they will place this layer on the Cardano blockchain, which supports 250 TPS.

Moreover, some more interesting features of Cardano will go live in 2022, which can lead to the price increment of giant Altcoins in the Cryptocurrency industry by the coming year. Consequently, it can be said that Cardano may carry an Altcoin mega-bull run in 2022.

On the other hand, Avalanche, Polygon, ETH L2, and Solana will also continue to grow. To draw a summary, we have to say that there is no lack of popular and valid niches in the Crypto industry. There had been many popular and valid Cryptocurrency niches but no one of them was in its Golden-bull run in 2018-19. That situation led the whole Cryptocurrency market to a bearish trend. But now, it seems that the Crypto market is so grown-up. And the interesting fact is that massive updates of maximum valid Cryptocurrency ecosystems are coming in 2022. So, we think that this four-sided positive attack will lead to Altcoin Mega-Bullrun in 2022. Do you have any skepticism?

5)    Cryptocurrency NFT Niche will be huge in 2022

An NFT can never be duplicated or faked. The blockchain technology enables you to see if an NFT you are looking at is authentic, as well as making sure that an item you buy is not a scam.

Indeed, in the Cryptocurrency niches that were in the spotlight in 2021, NFT topped. The mind-blowing idea of NFT grew from miniature to mammoth in the same year. There are tons of NFT projects available right now in the Cryptocurrency market. What we think is the necessity of NFT is immense in the WEB3.0 version. And both people in the Cryptocurrency industry and the traditional world can observe the positivity and productivity of NFT. That NFT’s mass adoption has been started is proved seeing the excitement about NFT in FIFA and other popular Football clubs.

However, it goes without saying that NFT’s flow in 2021 will even continue in 2022 too. Proof of ownership is an important part of WEB3.0 and you are massively in the wrong if you think that NFT means only Avator picture. NFT is something massive which badly essential in the real world.

6)    Gaming and metaverse narrative will be huge in 2022

You will be screwed if you see the last 5-6 year’s development curve of the global gaming industry. The industry is growing according to its size, shape, trends, share, and opportunities. For example- in 2020, the total value of the global gaming industry was $167.9B, it is assumed now that that amount can climb to $287.1B by 2026. Undoubtedly, this global gaming industry is going to achieve this milestone depending on blockchain technology. The facilities of NFT and DeFi, which were badly essential for modernizing the gaming industry, have already been introduced to the global gaming industry in 2021. And now, 2022 is the right time to take the industry a step further.

Let us tell you a fun fact- the gaming industry is a different world wherein millions of unique users are. These unique users are getting involved with the cryptocurrency industry when they see that the blockchain industry took the gaming industry to the next level. As a result, they enter the realm of the Cryptocurrency world with their positive mentality, which is badly essential for mass adoption.

On the other hand, the Metaverse industry is still a hotcake in the Cryptocurrency world. Indeed, the industry is expected to be a multi-trillion industry in the future. Consequently, a new investor community centering Metaverse is on its way to being made, which will lead to the Cryptocurrency Mega-bull run in 2022.

Honestly, Metaverse, NFT, WEB3.0 are kinds of puzzle games that all are happing in a body in the Cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, we expect to see the final version of this puzzle in 2022. So, don’t sit dejectedly prospecting to see a bear market in 2022. Rather than that, tie your seatbelt to enjoy the nice journey of the 2022 Cryptocurrency golden-bull run.

7)     DeFi Solves the Crypto as Short-term investment Problem

No one expected to see such a strong bear market in 2018-19 after seeing a Bitcoin Mega-bull run in 2017. But honestly, such a fate was inevitable. Do you know why?

  • Because of fear. Suppose- you bought Ethereum at $50 and now its price is at $1500. At this moment, it’s quite natural to have a tendency in mind like- it’s enough, we should come out now. Alongside, if you wouldn’t benefit from holding Ethereum, so until 2017, there had been a trend, ‘’make entry to the Cryptocurrency market, gain a profit and get out of the market’’.
  • But, the present scenario is completely different because of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This is how Decentralized Finance changed the way of thinking of investors within a moment.
  • The reason is- through Decentralized Finance, Cryptocurrency holders can earn passive income by holding their cryptocurrencies. For generating passive income, there are some other ways too including liquidity provider rewards, index reward, and other valid ways. That’s why we believe that the worst year like 2018 won’t return again.
  • In 2018, such a passive earning opportunity wasn’t available, but now, it is available because of Decentralized Finance.

So, what we believe is Defi transformed short-term investors into long-term investors. So, we will see the true use cases of Defi and Defi 2.0 in 2022, which we previously said too. Massive updates of maximum mother cryptocurrencies will be pushed in 2022. So, hold your Cryptocurrency and enjoy the 2022 Bitcoin Mega-bull run.


In the end, we would like to share with you a tip, which is- check the current price of Bitcoin, and you will see Bitcoin’s price has been in a bearish mood for the last two weeks. But, you won’t understand seeing AVAX and Polygon that the Cryptocurrency market is fighting. Why is this happening? We answered that question over and over. Yes, the structure of the whole cryptocurrency market is changing day by day. But, you are surely in the wrong if you think that Cryptocurrency’s market will go bearish next year. The reason is that the 4 years cycle theory is almost dead. In 2022, we are going to be the witness of a massive altcoin session. So, our firm belief is that we will see Cryptocurrency Mega-Bull run in 2022. Do you accede to our opinion or do you have a different thought?

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