What Cryptocurrency will explode in 2022?

Top 5 Crypto(s) that will Explode in 2022 for 100X Profit

2022 is a mysterious year for the Cryptocurrency industry. The full Cryptocurrency market had been moving according to the Bitcoin-four-year-cycle theory till mid-2021, but the market came off the track by the second half of 2021. Maximum Cryptocurrency investors are yet not out the woods about Cryptocurrency’s 2022 destination. It is being heard the bull-run that we saw in 2021 will blast in 2022. Another class of crypto enthusiasts thinks that 2022 will be an igniting example of a Cryptocurrency bearish market. Meanwhile, many investors are seeking the answer of ‘’what Cryptocurrency will explode in 2022?’’ Their searching for the answer is not unreasonable because the Crypto market has changed and become idiosyncratic; meaning other cryptocurrencies’ movement now doesn’t follow Bitcoin.  As there are several important events of popular Cryptocurrency projects in 2022, the year is really significant. This is the reason those 5 projects can explode in 2022. So, if you are an answer-seeker of ’what Cryptocurrency will explode in 2022?’’, this article is a tip-top one for you. The reason is that this article covers writings about all Crypto projects that may explode in 2022.

Coin NameCrypto in 2019Crypto in 2020Crypto in 2021
Bitcoin (BTC)$8,000$15,000$63,000
Ethereum (ETH)$208$260$4,000
Chainlink (LINK)$1.67$19$52
Cardano (ADA)$0.05$0.10$2.96
Dogecoin (DOGE)$0.0031$0.0027$0.73

Cryptocurrency in 2022

Let’s take a glimpse over the scenario of the full Cryptocurrency market before jumping on the discussion of which Cryptocurrency projects will explode in 2022. A cause for this is the 2022 scenario is akin to the dispersing positions of participants during a race. So, let’s move on to understand the race of the current bull market.

Indeed, we expect the finishing touch of the bull run that started back in 2020. And what we formerly said too is that this current bull-run hasn’t distributed an equal profit ratio among investors rather the profit ratio varied. If you check the top 10 cryptocurrency coin list, you can see the arrival of some new coins in the list due to their massive bull run. In that list, you will also find some such coins that were seen in a stable position in offering profit. So till now, 2020-22 Cryptocurrency bull-run is a kind of mixed experience to the Cryptocurrency investors.

Let’s back to the topic of 2022 Cryptocurrency market. You can consider the 2022 Cryptocurrency market as a torn-up sailing boat. The reason is- now, no direction of the Cryptocurrency market is known to the investors. So, the market can take any side, bull or bearish. Whatever trend the market follows, we must see positive movements of some Cryptocurrency projects. In this ‘’what Cryptocurrency will explode in 2022?’’-titled article, we will talk about those Cryptocurrency projects that are supposed to move positively.

But before so, let’s know the logic behind the bullish and bearish trend of the Cryptocurrency market.

Logics behind Cryptocurrency Market’s bullish trend in 2022

To be honest, the team nurturing the belief of 2022’s Cryptocurrency bullish market is weightier than the one which nurtures the belief of bearish. The last 10-12 years’ crypto market history is the cause for this. Upon seeing that history, you can be assured that the Cryptocurrency market has been changing its mode session by session. By the end of each session, the market showed a visible move.

But, did we notice such a Cryptocurrency bullish market move in 2020-21?

  • No, we are yet to see the finishing touch of the current Cryptocurrency market. There is another valid reason too behind this 2022 Cryptocurrency bullish market.
  • We have recently written an article where we mentioned all the possible aspects for which we can see a Cryptocurrency megabullrun in 2022. It is recommended for you to read this article if you are an enthusiast of this part.
  • Let’s back to the discussion. It will be a big mistake for you if you compare the 2022 Cryptocurrency market with the 2018 market. The reason is both the cryptocurrency market and its investors are mature now.
  • Being dependent on Bitcoin’s price was a common behavior of the full Cryptocurrency market. As a result, we used to see the price fall of altcoins when Bitcoin moved bearish.
  • But, today’s Cryptocurrency market scenario is fully different. 2022 altcoin market is full of important upgrades of maximum altcoins. That’s why we expect 2022 will bring a massive price gain for altcoins. Consequently, all these incidents can lead to a 2022 Cryptocurrency bullish market.

Logics behind Cryptocurrency Market’s bearish trend in 2022

Let’s see the opposite side of the coin. This is not startling if we see a bearish market in 2022. Let’s sink into the points of why many investors believe that the Cryptocurrency market will follow bearish trends.

  • The analysis of the 2021 Cryptocurrency market makes us see that some altcoins gained massively at their price, including Dogecoin, Solana, Shiba Inu, Axie Infinity, Avalanche, and Polygon are notable.
  • These projects gave their holders hundreds of times profits. So, if 2021 had not been the pick time of the 2021 Cryptocurrency bullish market, these projects would not have followed the bullish move.
  • It’s true that Bitcoin didn’t move bullish so much in 2021. So, upon noticing carefully, you can see many projects that took root in 2021 became rich out of nothing. And it’s possible only when the Cryptocurrency market is bullish.
  • So, several Cryptocurrency veterans believe that the pick time of the Cryptocurrency bull-run was in 2021, and now in 2022, we will see the Cryptocurrency market in its bullish trend.

Now, let’s move on to the cardinal point of our discussion. Which crypto projects are expected to

Top 5 Crypto(s) that will Explode in 2022 for 100X Profit

  1. Polkadot
  2. Avalanche
  3. Parsiq
  4. Chainlink
  5. Trader JOE

1) Polkadot

If we are asked to say which crypto project will give the most potential growth in 2022 considering the price, our answer must be in favor of Polkadot (DOT). Indeed, Polkadot was in the discussion even before its launching event due to the name of its CEO, Gavin Wood. This name is just enough for taking Polkadot into the discussion.

Since after Polkadot went live in 2020, a group of young blockchain builders continued building the Polkadot ecosystem.

But, 2021 wasn’t an auspicious year for Polkadot, considering its price. Even though Polkadot started with $10, it ended with less than $30. However, you don’t need to worry if you are a Polkadot holder. The reason is that Polkadot is now in its building phase, and the market doesn’t move big in this phase.

Launching parachains successfully was the notable achievement of Polkadot in 2021. If you study the DOT ecosystem, you can understand how significant aspect parachain DOT is. All the features of the DOT ecosystem will start to work in 2022. So, you can undoubtedly assume that Polkadot will ascend from its beta version to the live version in 2022.

The daily transaction of DOT will increase hundreds of times once the Polkadot ecosystem is in force, which is the place our excitement works. As a result, we will see more active movements centering on the DOT coin. These all will leave a positive price movement to the Polkadot price. By the time we were writing this article recommending Polkadot, the price of DOT was at $24.55, which is down from its ATH by 55.38%.

Our presumption is that Polkadot will outnumber the $100 milestone in 2022 for the first time, causing the DOT ecosystem to grow ultimately in the Cryptocurrency world.

2) Parsiq

Even though there are many examples of so in the Cryptocurrency tech world, Chainlink is a big example of that. The Chainlink price was stuck on the ground floor from 2017 to mid-2020. All the updates the Chainlink team pushed during that time brought no benefit to its price. But, the scenario started to change from the later part of 2020. Right now, in the whole Cryptocurrency industry, Chainlink is the most successful and demanded Cryptocurrency project.

You may have been surprised seeing the aforementioned writing that the point is about Parsiq, but we are discussing Chainlink. Why?

  • Indeed, there are valid reasons. The same reason accountable for not increasing Chainlink’s price is also responsible in the respect of Parsiq.

For example- if you have a glimpse over the hard work and achievements of the Parsiq team in 2021, you can realize how busy they were. But, it’s a matter of sorrow that the Parsiq price showed an opposite scenario.  There is a notorious proverb in the Cryptocurrency space; do you know what it is?

  ‘’When everyone sells a particular coin, you just buy that coin and remain seated holding it silently.’’

Exactly, this proverb goes well with the situation of Parsiq because you can now recognize Parsiq as a mainstream blockchain solution-based project. You can understand what we are trying to comprehend you if you follow their Twitter page. Whereas Parsiq’s Twitter followers were only 10K some months ago, it is now nearly 50K.

Now, it’s time to discuss why we think 2022 is a melodious time for Parsiq & Parsiq (PRQ) holders. To help you get the fact, we have to add all the 2021 Parsiq achievements here. We believe that the hard work the Parsiq team did will pay them off in 2022.

In the first quarter of 2021, the Parsiq team was absorbed in partnership-building and integrations. In that time, Parsiq integrated them with giant blockchain projects Aave and Solana.

And Parsiq launched its IQ Protocol successfully in the second quarter of 2020. You won’t be wrong if you entitle this quarter as the Parsiq Partnership quarter because Parsiq partnered many Crypto projects up during that period. Among them, Polkadot, Mysterium, and Shyft are some.

Later on, in the third quarter of 2020, Parsiq turned their focus on team and community buildup. Due to this, popular personalities like Rong Kai Wong, who served for Binance with a great reputation, joined Parsiq.

On the other hand, we also saw that Parsiq had organized a Parsiq swarm to give official recognition to its creative community members.

Parsiq must be memorable for introducing TRACKR feature, a security solution against cryptocurrency hacking attempts, in the last quarter of 2020.

Moreover, the Parsiq team is running some more works under the hood. That’s why we hope the Parsiq community will see the reflection of all the recently pushed upgrades in 2022.

If you try to call up, you can remember that Parsiq’s price went to its ATH on 12th April 2021. At that time, Parsiq’s price reached $2.71. But right now, when we are writing about Parsiq, its price is $0.38.

But, we believe that Parsiq will outnumber $10 in 2022, moving behind its ATH. Parsiq’s unique technology really deserves it.

3) Trader Joe

Yes, Trader Joe, which is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche ecosystem, is our next suspect. But to us, this exchange seems exceptional than others. We rigorously believe that Trader Joe is more potential than Uniswap & PancakeSwap.

At the very outset, Trader Joe released their future goal to the public, which is they are not only a decentralized exchange like others but also they will offer staking, farming, and leverage trading option in the future.

On the other hand, upon noticing at the Uniswap & PancakeSwap, you can see that they are only a decentralized exchange and nothing else. Indeed, Uniswap cannot make a business plan like Trader Joe because Uniswap is an ETH blockchain-based decentralized exchange. Owing to the skyrocketing gas fee of Ethereum, Uniswap is unable to offer exclusive farming and staking features to holders.

Do you know that you can earn a 55% yearly return by staking and staking Trader Joe after buying?

  • That’s really huge. Earning 55% from such a big exchange is really something massive.

However, Trader Joe is now working on their tokenomics. They are working in order to expand the use cases of Trader Joe that may its holders become forced to hold Trader Joe for their sake.

Moreover, Trader Joe is the main decentralized exchange of the AVAX Ecosystem. So, it goes without saying that the TJ ecosystem will grow along with the AVAX Ecosystem. We believe that Trader Joe will outnumber $15+ in 2022, and even if it is $20 will not surprise us. Trader Joe is mammoth.

4) Avalanche (AVAX)

You may have seen that the prices of several cryptocurrencies increased in 2021. But you have to admit that Avalanche (AVAX) is special among all of them because not only did Avalanche get its price increased but also it developed a full ecosystem-based community, which is priceless. Price ups and downs are a common affair in the Crypto industry, but dedicated community members are the most important factor that must be there.

Honestly, many cryptocurrency projects fail to do what Avalanche (AVAX) did in the last 15-16 months. We can name some of those projects like Cosmos (ATOM), Litecoin (LTC), etc. Many crypto projects even fail to catch the demand of their community members. From this case, Avalanche (AVAX) is more effective and different.

Now, we are about to talk about Avalanche (AVAX) products. The blockchain product of Avalanche (AVAX) is the basement behind the hype of Avalanche (AVAX). The speed and transaction cost in Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain are superior to Ethereum. Indeed, this comparison comes into discussion naturally. Cryptocurrency users have become aggrieved of the slowness and high transaction fee of ETH in the last 4-5 years. That’s why people have been seeking a solution like Avalanche (AVAX).

We can say that 2021 was the recognition zone of Avalanche (AVAX). And we expect a massive push from Avalanche (AVAX) in 2022. If you see the 2022 Avalanche (AVAX) roadmap, you can just feel that it is a truckload of ammunition. The Subnet feature is solely capable of making Avalanche (AVAX) a lucrative and mature Cryptocurrency project. A comment from Colony CEO, ELIE LE REST, is enough to understand you how advanced and unique Subnet is. He paid a comment saying, ‘’The AVAX Subnet era is coming in 2022! No one is ready for this!’’

The entire Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem will be changed once the Subnet feature is available. But now, there is an inflationary problem all around the Cryptocurrency industry. However, the arrival of the Avalanche (AVAX) subnet will change the inflation scenario.

That time the tokens will shift from under Avalanche (AVAX) to under their own subnet like Colony will have its own Subnet, and all the transaction fees of Colony (CLY) will be paid to Colony instead of AVAX. As a result, Colony coins will get burnt with each transaction, which will gradually reduce the supply of Colony coins. This way, it will happen with those who have the subnet of their Cryptocurrency project.  Avalanche (AVAX) will itself lead this pervasive systematic change.

We believe that Avalanche (AVAX) will soon reach the marketcap of SOLANA. What we believe is Avalanche (AVAX) coin may survive in the Crypto industry for a long time, and it is expected to outnumber $400 by 2022.

5) Chainlink

In the Cryptocurrency industry, Chainlink itself established the oracle niche. Chainlink is getting very little value for the solution it offers than what it deserves. In another word, they are undervalued even after being valuable. Everyone ranging from giant projects to newborns needs this oracle feature.

So, the thing is that if you believe in the future of the Cryptocurrency industry, you have to admit the future of Chainlink. Let’s come to the regard of Chainlink’s recent activities. Indeed, you can recognize the Chainlink team as a worker bee, which works in its own flow without expecting any reward. 2021 was a hard year for Chainlink. Now, we are mentioning all the achievements of Chainlink in 2021 in a descending manner.

  • Earning a value of $75B.
  • Accumulation of 1000+ projects.
  • Servicing 2.5M+ requests for secure off-chain Computation.
  • Global acceptance as a gateway to the Blockchain Economy.
  • Cross-Chain interoperability paves the way for increasing value.

Indeed, the Chainlink team did many things notable in 2021.  But, seeing the price of Chainlink, you can observe that Chainlink holders went through a mixed experience in that year. Even though Chainlink started 2021 with $10, the Q1 and Q2 were superb for Chainlink holders because Chainlink led the bull market at that time. In the interval of five months after starting with $10 in 2021, Chainlink reached its ATH, $53. That sudden increment shook the expectation of holders and took their expectations to $100 by the year. But later on, Chainlink started to decline in price. By July 2021, Chainlink’s price tumbled from $50+ to $13.

By thinking fundamentally and technically, we find that it’s quite certain 2022 will carry a bullish trend for Chainlink. The reward of Chainlink’s recent technological growth is still due. We believe that Chainlink will receive that reward in 2022 and outnumber the $100 milestone.

Top 3 Types of Cryptocurrency that will Explode in 2022

Whatever the Crypto market is bullish or bearish in 2022; there are certain types of coins that don’t care about bullish and bearish trends. These projects must explode in 2022.

So now, our topic is regarding those niches that will carry more profit for Cryptocurrency holders.

  1. Passive income generating Cryptocurrencies: It will be a big mistake for you if you compare the 2017 crypto market with the market of 2022. Right now, there are tons of mature investors in the crypto market who well-know the end game. That’s why the verdicts and expectations go in favor of the passive income generating coins. Presently, Cryptocurrency holders can earn passive income when the market is bearish; so they are not supposed to sell their coins even if the market goes bearish. For example- Wonderland, Avalaunch, Joe, etc.
  2. Fundamentally Strong Projects: We said earlier too that fundamental factors matter. Could you remember when Chainlink’s first move happened? It was in 2019 when the whole Cryptocurrency market was red because of its bearish trend. Chainlink was then the only project that moved bullish consistently outside the concurrent trend. But why? It’s due to fundamental aspects. It marks that if such a scenario becomes visible again in 2022, you will see some fundamentally strong projects that will give a massive amount of profits to their holders . And it is supposed to happen. The reason is that there are some smart investors who know where to invest money even when the market is in a bearish trend.
  3. Potential NFT & WEB3.0-based Crypto projects: That potential NFT & WEB3.0-based Crypto projects will do well in 2022 is our firm belief. The reason is that they are highly undervalued. But of late, these projects have found their base level, and it’s time for them to ascend to the moon. So, we believe that the Crypto market’s bullish or bearish trend won’t be an issue for these projects’ growth. So, if you hold any NFT & WEB3.0-based Crypto projects, don’t sell them in the fear of the Cryptocurrency bear market.


Many Cryptocurrency projects may explode in 2022 but we picked up some such projects that are both technically and fundamentally strong in the Cryptocurrency industry. So, if we see a bullish mood in the crypto industry in 2022, you won’t then ask, ‘’what cryptocurrency will explode in 2022?’’ Maybe, at that time you will say which those cryptocurrencies are that didn’t explode. The real scenario is seen when the market is in a bear mood, so don’t brood over the Cryptocurrency market’s bear mood. Indeed, a bearish market makes the opportunity of buying good projects available at a low price. We have a piece of advice for you that always buy such a project which is fundamentally and technically strong. One day, you will see your held-crypto project will explode either in a bullish or in a bearish trend.

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