Cryptocurrency in Syria- The True Story

Cryptocurrency in Syria- The True Story

Kurdish area (in Syria) accomplished its de-facto autonomy rebelling against the Syrian regime in 2012. The name of it’s political model was democratic confederalism and it’s temperament were stateless and decentralization which emerged a compassion to blockchain technology. Censuring Syria as a region of eternal war in December Donald Trump entitles it as of ‘’sand and death.’’ According to the conviction of many people Turkey sharing a border with Northern Syria would assault. The above mentioned political model would be vandalized to the aggregate power of nation states if Turkey grabs control.   If the area lacks the basic security and resources offered by the West, people of the region can think about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In this political model the formation of capitalism and its hierarchies are being mimicked in native economies.

Erselan Serdem(leader at Rojava’s technological development program) likes to generate structure that allow ecological, egalitarian to thrive which is called ‘’ democratic modernity.’’ This dream can be concretized by the blend of philosophy and tech. They are thinking to build a new institution with a high level of technology in order to accomplish their aim.

Battle Vets and Rational Technologists

The academies Serdem is building to train people about hacking as well as to accelerate technical skill toward Rojava and also to train wounded war veterans. There participants will start analyzing over governance, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and also how to scatter or distribute natural resources to the people. Serdem also enlisting hackers aimed at reshaping technology. Problems emerging in civil society hoped to be cured by the technological academies. Hozan Mamo(software developer and academy member) told decentralized governance tools could help formalize decision making and keep power in check. Cryptocurrency can be useful to the state as yet there is no access to electronic transactions in Rojava.

The Theory of Crypto

In Rojava, innovation has for the most part demonstrated its face through online networking like Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp. The over the top utilization of smart phones has driven a specific doubt of innovation to create which likewise has negative effect. Serdem noted, he expects to utilize the foundation to rethink innovation. Bitcoin and other decentralized innovation, for example qualify as this ‘’resistence tech’’-tools developed by mistreated individuals to reclaim control since forever. Inside the academies, Serdem might want to see a portion of this tech, these options, manufactured. Serdem said that we can utilize a portion of that sort of innovation which is made by the resistence movement. Mamo trusts that by concentrating on ease of use and security, selection could happen rapidly, particularly by more youthful ages.

Preceding the transformation, he stated, the Syrian regime purposely kept down the improvement of innovation in the locale, disallowing its instructing in colleges and capturing individuals that endeavored to build up their abilities. Receptiveness to innovation isn’t the main thing Serdem and others are attempting to push. His academies likewise have a solid spotlight on theory, explicitly the works of Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned political rationalist whose compositions propelled the Rojava Upheaval. It’s a rationality that resounds unequivocally with the belief system that numerous crypto advocates hold and even market to their greatest advantage and utilization of the open-source movement. Serdem said we are making a collective of the innovation, to take care of specialized issues and in the meantime to make the social architect or the political individual in the ethical society.

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