Cryptonity- The Crypto Community Exchange

Cryptonity- The Crypto Community Exchange

Cryptonity is the combination of crypto and community. The purpose of achieving the cryptonity is that the cryptocurrency community can do what they would exchange. Exchange of a cryptocurrency in the house is not really easy. The exchange of the house literally means that the facilities and work of different types of equipment are provided. This is called a challenging ambition for us.

For Cryptonity, the company has to be always aware of managing this project with self-investment, high pass and hard work. The customer needs to be treated as a king or queen because the customer uses the tools, they help keep money safe and build good reputation, truth and credibility.

Current exchange problems and solutions

There is a problem in present exchange of each company. The company has two different departments, especially at the cryptocurrency exchange name and pen, the big players on one side and on the other side the opponents the opponents are not concerned about Don Users or customers, and are not concerned about the credibility.

Adhering to the main issue, you pay a fee. The first is that the company does not interact with the customer and develops such as UI upgrades. It just focuses on big stars. The second thing is not transparent. So it is very difficult to understand how any user can trust this money in exchange for money.

For such a big player, there are many questions to answer that are the real companies? Do they plan to support Fiat? Etc are involved in security and transparency, and hackers and thieves of big players can be the main target. Thus, cryptonity has solved all these problems because this company aims to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform in the market. So the cryptonity will develop based on their game.

The Token of Cryptonity, it is called cryptonity token, because of it there are XNY. Token charges – 50% Cryptonity guarantees to the owner. A case of allocation of Cryptonity Token will be filed in various matters as government tokens, parties, favors, insurance advisers. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Binance currency will be made to sell this token multiple cryptocurrencies. This token sale will be open for up to 2 months.

Cryptonity Exchange Policy

  1. Device coverage will ensure customers have the most convenient trading experience on any device. Cryptonity will develop web-based trading clients, Android etc.
  2. Multilingual support provide users with the most comfortable experience.
  3. The trading pair will assist in the trading pair of cryptonity such as BTC, Ethereum,  and Interruption.
  4. Financial schemes, such as exchange fees, IS fees, etc. are applicable.
  5. According to the Currency and List Policy, the company will charge the fee set to be listed on the platform. The company will select liquidity, community support, user base, usage case and credibility based currency. These include low market cap coins.
  6. Cryptonity block chain, it will start working whenever ICO ends and the company plans to launch and launch block chain.
  7. In exchange for decentralization, planning is to build up the exchange of decentralization in the future.
  8. The hero’s program, the organization will aim to spread the word of cryptonity through social networks or other tools.
  9. Insurance and customer service will be the first crypto exchange of insurance to the company.

Based on the cryptonity exchange policy, there are security tools, matching engines, cryptonity exchange features, in support of market orders, orders and stop orders. Other features include Fiat Deposit and IS, Analysis and Strategy Tools, Fox and Airdrops, Proof-Off-Wallet, Staking and masternode.

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