Can decentralized databases to get rid of centralized control?

Can decentralized databases to get rid of centralized control?

Contract tracing despite being illicit as it breaches user privacy has become vital during the COVID-19 in a bid to prevent the drastic spread of the pandemic. China and South Korea became the successful implementers of this technology. But the attempt of executing contract tracing technology across Europe kept continuing, however they were not completely successful.

What approach to be executed?

Unlikely to China and South Korea, privacy advocates in Europe had been pushing for an app that doesn’t store data centrally but on the individual’s device. Such idea with an app has been implemented in France. Over the citizen’s protection issue the government in U.K has engaged a controversial artificial intelligence firm to help with track-and-trace-efforts.

Risky Strategy

Governments of these countries are considering the issue of launching such app thinking both a security and privacy perspective. Data are at stake of being attacked when it is held on centralized government or corporate servers.

Over the recent times, data breaching has become a very common affair and a sturdy showed that about 80% of companies experienced a cloud data breach in the last 18 months alone along with hacking issue. So governments are trying to eradicate the risk by not collecting far-reaching data on a national level.

Crypto and its immunity

As blockchain makes sure decentralized control, censorship resistance and privacy through anonymity, it has become a center of attraction to many people.  Crypto space is far away from centralized control. But over the recent time, crypto exchanges have become every bit as enticing for hackers. Canadian exchange Coinsquare has named itself to be the very recent victim from which database attackers obtained 5,000 email addresses.

Another issue is that most blockchain DApps are using centralized cloud providers to manage their data storage. So when the decentralized security of blockchain applies to digitals assets, the data of any given DApp user is no more private. There isn’t that much threat but still vulnerabilities exist.

How decentralized database can help?

Swarm computing is a system involves harnessing the power of a distributed network securing the data. Data can be shared, stored and replicated across the network. It assures users of their privacy. Paying scale is lesser than centralized providers here as developers believe. Decentralized data storage helps remove dependency on centralized companies like AWS. To prevent the spread of virus, here citizens can rely overcoming the issue of governments harvesting data.

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