Decentralized Identity Tool Launched by Microsoft on Bitcoin Blockchain

Decentralized Identity Tool Launched by Microsoft on Bitcoin Blockchain

It is the first Decentralized infrastructure is going to be introduced by a major tech company built on bitcoin blockchain and the open source project is known as Ion. Here decentralized identifiers are controlled by Ion. There is an assumption that Microsoft departure could impact the entire tech industry. Microsoft products are used by many enterprise infrastructures. They will have the right to access to DID only if they fuse this into any of the infrastructure products. The team of Microsoft has been working for a year on validation software which depends on public networks like bitcoin and ethereum can handle far greater thoughput. People in Microsoft have systems that give you permissions in an enterprise context. They think of a product called Active Directory need to be able to recognize these DIDs as well.

These Azure related products are among the most popular offerings of Microsoft. It is also expected that a departure from bitcin’s testnet to bitcoin mainnet of Microsoft will be happened soon. The distinction between a DID in the veil versus current foundation, addresses the core of clients owning their very own substance and access. Mentionable fact is that Facebook has been invited to join in Microsoft’s DID project and community efforts and thus the social media company started to follow its historic approach to user data.

Dispute of Corporate

Facebook has taken a new initiative and it is about to build a new stablecoin-based payments platform which will be helpful to all social network. Christopher Allen known as the co-founder of W3C saw no effort from Facebook to support DID standards or community standards. Microsoft is attempting to make the platform as their core pillar. It is expected because Facebook is absent from community decisions across the tech industry about DIDs. The business model of Facebook is that they can monetize data about you and is the complete contrariety of consumer privacy. The question from U.S. Senate Banking Committee to Facebook was that in which manner the social media company would handle financial data with its crypto project. Facebook just concretized parts of protocols that enables data sharing in a proprietary way that just facilitated Facebook.

Ethical Capitalism

In case of business model there is a distinction between Facebook and Microsoft and ConsenSys. Facebook is taking a different direction whereas Microsoft and ConsenSys are opting to create openm source initiatives core pillar of their business model. Certain standards can help them build up faster. Engaging with the open source ecosystem is the objective of Microsoft. Behind the designing of Microsofts Software their main spell is the philosophy of consumer ownership and consumer centricity. Allen thinks public responsibility will be viewed as a competitive advantage. Microsoft Azure is hosting a cloud service which is secure because everything here is encrypted with your keys. 

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