Top 15 Reasons Why Dexalot Price will Go Up (100X Coming)

Top 15 Reasons Why Dexalot Price will Go Up (100X Coming)

When we were writing about one of the most innovative Decentralized Exchange Dexalot (ALOT), the price of this DEX was below $1. Right now, the Cryptocurrency market is entering the bear market, so almost all Crypto coins are down. And Dexalot’s price is no exception. In this situation, Dexalot investors are rising a question- will Dexalot price go up in the next Crypto Bull market? Hence, this ‘’top-15 reasons why Dexalot price will go up’’-titled article is dedicated to them. We believe Dexalot will lead the DEX crypto niche in the next crypto Bull Run. However, we won’t wonder if we see Dexalot’s price is 100X+ in the next Bull Run. So, let’s come to know the top 15 reasons one by one depending on which Dexalot price will be 100X+.

Top 15 Reasons Why Dexalot Price will Go Up

  1. Dexalot is an innovative Decentralized Exchange.
  2. The Price of Dexalot (ALOT) is too low.
  3. Dexalot’s market cap is below $5M.
  4. Experienced & Professional Dexalot Token Team.
  5. Dexalot’s Strong Tokenomics, another reason for ALOT Token’s Success.
  6.  Dexalot has Strong Backers.
  7. Dexalot’s Total Supply is Limited.
  8. Dexalot Token will be in huge demand in the future.
  9. Dexalot offers passive earning opportunities.
  10. Dexalot will soon be merged into the AVAX subnet.
  11. AVAX’s founder is fond of Dexalot.
  12. Colony’s 300K investment in Dexalot.
  13. Non-availability of Dexalot tokens in other exchanges leaves no possibility for dumping.
  14. Dexalot has no major technical errors like other DEXs
  15. The value of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) will grow.

1)    Dexalot is an Innovative Decentralized Exchange

Look, more than 200 decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are already enlisted in Coinmarketcap. But to be honest, a majority of these DEX(s) are Uniswap’s copy-paste versions. Of them, there are some innovative DEX(s) too, for example, Dexalot (ALOT).

So, what is Dexalot?

  • Dexalot (ALOT) is an innovative environment made up of all the updated versions of centralized exchanges in decentralized exchange.

In fact, Dexalot is a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) type decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Basically, Cryptocurrency centralized exchanges use this CLOB Swap Mechanism. That’s why you see the ‘’Limit Order’’ feature available in many popular centralized exchanges.

  • Suppose- you have got the intent to buy Avalanche (AVAX) Coin, and you see the price of AVAX is more than $100 right now. The price appears to be highly expensive to you as you can hardly afford the amount because your buying capability is $80 at the most.
  • Contrarily, you don’t want centralized exchanges because you believe that ‘’Not your private keys not your coins.’’
  • Then, Dexalot (ALOT) is the best option for you.

In Dexalot, you can easily set any limit order at any price you want. And it is quite akin to Forex’s pending order setting. Everyone ranging from Cryptocurrency traders to investors can now set a limit order at any fair price according to their analysis in this decentralized exchange due to this feature. Indeed, it’s a useful feature for the entire cryptocurrency users.

That’s why we think of Dexalot to be one of the most innovative decentralized exchanges. That DEX has shown the efficiency of innovation can be a big reason for its price increase in the future. For that reason, we kept this point at the first position in this ‘’ Top 15 Reasons Why Dexalot Price will go up’’ article.

2) The price of Dexalot (ALOT) is too low

In the first point, we explained why Dexalot is very important not only for Avalanche but also for the full Cryptocurrency industry. Despite being innovative, DEX’s price is still below $2. Actually, the Crypto bear market started to board when Dexalot stepped into their live version at the end of their testnet run. Indeed, the whole Cryptocurrency market is in a down mood, including Dexalot.

Let us give you some hints for now-

  • If Dexalot reaches the level of Uniswap, then per Dexalot (ALOT) token price will be $37+.
  • Contrarily, Dexalot’s price will be $24 if it goes up the same altitude as PancakeSwap. And it’s a 17 times increase than the current price.
  • Similarly, the price will be $681 if Dexalot can reach the position of Binance.
  • And, Dexalot’s per A LOT price will be $55+ if it is on an equal footing with the FTT exchange.

3) Dexalot’s Marketcap is below $5M

Right now, Dexalot’s market cap is below $5M, whereas Uniswap’s market cap is $5B+. So, you may now understand how much-undervalued Dexalot is. Indeed, the DEX’s market cap is too low than contemporary others. That means Dexalot has a lot of possibilities to grow in the future, and you may be unknown of this as a newbie. We are mentioning the Cryptocurrency market cap calculation rule below for your convenience-

Cryptocurrency market cap= Current price x Circulating Supply

We have already let you know how much a Crypto project grows depending on its market-cap size. The market cap of Uniswap, the most popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, is $5B, and its current price is $8.

So, if Uniswap wants to double its price from $8 to $16, it needs a market cap of $10B. Since, Uniswap needs a more $5B market cap to double its price.

Popular DEX(s) vs Dexalot: Comparison Chart

Exchange NameMarketCapPrice
Uniswap (UNI)$5,156,071,494$7.47
PancakeSwap (CAKE)$2,205,212,384$7.46
dYdX (DYDX)$222,588,861$3.39
Astroport (ASTRO)$295,708,062$2.68
Dexalot (ALOT)$3,734,461$1.13

On the other hand, Dexalot’s (ALOT) market cap is $5M, with its current price being $1.5. So, Dexalot needs a $10M market cap to double its price (from $1.5 to $3). That’s why low market cap-affluent potential Cryptocurrencies are more likely to give multiple times profit to their holders. So, we believe that Dexalot will give 100X profit in the near future.

4) Experienced & Professional Dexalot Token Team

Dexalot’s experienced and professional team is one of the core reasons for which its price may increase in the Future.

Not only for Dexalot but also every project needs a skilled and veteran team to reach the horizon of the final destination through innovating new ideas. It’s because no team can reach the threshold of success without innovative idea generation.

Dexalot (ALOT) has a long list of team members, including Nihat Gurmen & Cengiz Dincoglu, Co-Founders of Dexalot, who are the driving force of the whole team. Other members are Tim Shan, COO of Dexalot, Jonathan Ackerman, CTO, and they all are popular faces in the Cryptocurrency industry. Like Dexalot, every Cryptocurrency project needs a skilled team to become successful in the long run.

Dexalot left a spot everywhere from dexalot testnet to IDO and AVAX summit and thus the exchange proved their team to be professional. This is how Dexalot identified its caste. The team is highly capable of smoothly implementing its innovative ideas. As a result, we believe that the Dexalot project is in the hand of the expert team and it can pave the way for success for the project, driving its price higher.

5)Dexalot’s Strong Tokenomics, another strong reason for A LOT token’s success

In the Cryptocurrency industry, strong tokenmomics works as a tonic for increasing the demand of any project. Upon looking carefully, we would be able to see that the tokenomics of the Dexalot ALOT token has been mechanized wisely. As a result, it is expected to increase the use case and demand for ALOT tokens several folds.

  • For example, The TGE of Dexalot token ALOT was on February 26, 2022, when Dexalot was permitted to sell 15% of its ALOT tokens to private investors. 
  • And the remaining 85% is in the hand of private investors, for which the cliff period is three months.
  • Most importantly, the vesting schedule for this 85% ALOT tokens is liner vesting for the next 21 months, which will start from June 2022 and will last until March 2024.
  • On the other hand, we saw most of the Avalanche (AVAX) projects got listed in Trader JOE or PNG exchange after the launch, but things were exceptional in the case of Dexalot. Dexalot’s ALOT token was listed by its own decentralized exchange rather than launching anywhere else.

We believe that the Dexalot token’s price will increase from 2024 in the AVAX ecosystem. So, you will be benefited from the Dexalot token if you buy the token at a low price before the arrival of 2024. It’s because the tokenomics of Dexalot is structured this way. That’s why we kept this valuable point at number 5 out of the 15 reasons.

6) Dexalot has strong backers

Let’s share with you a hidden trick if you are searching for a potential cryptocurrency project as a retail cryptocurrency investor-

  • Try to find out such a project in which popular Cryptocurrency VCs invest at its private level. Indeed, popular VCs invest in projects after analyzing them scrutinizingly. So, VCs’ investing in popular Cryptocurrency projects works as a yardstick by which you can determine whether a project is likely to be successful in the future or not.

Now, let’s come to know about Dexalot backers and private level investors.

Actually, Dexalot became able to derive a $7M fund in total at its private level from 12 backers. Some notables among them are-

  • BENQI Finance.
  • Colony (CLY).
  • Aventures Capital.
  • Blizzard Fund.
  • Avascan.
  • Maven Capital.
  • & Avalaunch.

Each of these names is famous and well-famed, and this long list of potential VCs proves that institutional investors have faith in Dexalot. Cryptocurrency projects reveal many hidden facts to VCs to gain trust. However, knowing these hidden facts is really impossible for a retail investor.

Indeed, Dexalot’s private round is responsible for its future price increase. Having a long list of VCs proves that investors have faith in Dexalot.

7) Dexalot’s Total Supply is Limited

Dexalot has a maximum token supply of only 100M ALOT. Even though this amount appears to be massive to you, you have to understand two things.

  1. The first thing is the potentiality of decentralized crypto exchange. The use case of any crypto project gets the highest level of importance in the Crypto industry. Because; if a high use case-affluent project has a large amount of coin supply, it doesn’t mean that the project’s price will sink just because of its circulating supply. Considering the use cases of Crypto exchanges, you can see that the use cases of Exchange type coins are high in the industry.
  2. And the second thing is comparing Dexalot’s circulating supply with that of other decentralized exchanges. Uniswap and PancakeSwap are two reputed decentralized exchanges we can take into our consideration.  Uniswap has a total supply of one billion UNI tokens, and contrarily, PancakeSwap doesn’t have any maximum supply amount. It means PancakeSwap can enhance its supply amount as much as it wants in the future based on its mechanism.

By comparing Dexalot’s 100M ALOT token supply with that of UNI & CAKE, you can understand how low Dexalot’s token supply is.

And, we believe that Dexalot’s low token supply will be like adding fuel to the fire when Dexalot’s use cases start to increase in full swing. So, we consider Dexalot’s 100M coin supply a reason for increasing the token’s price in the future. 

8) Dexalot Token will be in huge demand in the future

You might know Dexalot’s roadmap if you have already read its whitepaper. As Dexalot has a long list of use cases, Dexalot tokens will be in huge demand in the future. And this demand will increase only if Dexalot’s team may implement its plans properly. That’s why the demand for ALOT tokens is a valid reason for its price increase in the future.

9) Dexalot offers passive earning opportunities

The Avalanche ecosystem is one of the popular ecosystems in the Crypto industry for generating passive income. And, AVAX offers more percentage of passive income compared to other crypto projects. We have recently written an article on Avalanche Ecosystem farming that you can read to learn how to earn more APYs from the Avalanche Ecosystem.

Now come to the topic of generating passive income from Dexalot. Right now, staking is a popular way of generating passive income from Cryptocurrency. And, ALOT token is a bit ahead in this regard. Because, by staking Dexalot token, a staker can earn so much profit that is impossible to derive by staking other decentralized coins. For example, Dexalot has two staking options.

1St Option of Dexalot Staking: This option throws a greater possibility to a staker of becoming a validator. And most importantly, the APR percentage of this option is 42.46%, and this option will terminate on August 17, 2022.

2nd Option of Dexalot Staking: In this option, the possibility of becoming a validator is also available, but the chance is narrower than in the previous option. Compared to the previous one, this option offers a higher APR percentage.

To be more specific, you can earn exactly 63.69% of APR through the second staking option. Indeed, this 60%+ amount is really attractive.

When a Crypto project offers a passive earning-generating opportunity, the project is more likely to have its price increased in the future, and so is the thing in the case of Dexalot. And we believe that Dexalot’s high APR-providing option will be highly utilized by long-term crypto investors. These attractive staking features of Dexalot will work as a strong pillar in the background of the token’s price increase down the road.

10) Dexalot will soon be merged into the AVAX subnet

Indeed, if you ask us-

Why is Avalanche (AVAX) much ahead of other layer-1 blockchains?

  • The answer must be the availability of the Subnet feature on the AVAX ecosystem.

Now maybe, a question is peeping into your mind:

What is Avalanche Subnet?

  • Actually, it’s a prolonged discussion; however, we will describe it in a nutshell.
  • When you go to any shop to buy a dress and like a dress. Then, the first thing you do is seeing whether the suitable size is available or not.
  • Nowadays, dresses are available in a number of sizes in brand shops because of the different variety of sizes of customers. But, think of a world where there is no tailor, and only one size is available. As a result, you don’t have any tailor to shorten or extend the size. 
  • In such a world, you have no other option but to wear an ill-fitting dress.
  • The above example resembles the state of maximum popular Cryptocurrency layer one blockchains.
  • Because; when projects get merged under the Layer-1, they all need to wear that only ill-sized dress.
Then, what is subnet actually? And, what rule will it play in the space of the ill-sized dress industry?
  • Here, the subnet plays the role of a tailor.  It implies that if the dress you have purchased from Avalanche layer-1 blockchain is not well-fitted, then Subnet will re-size the dress so that the dress becomes fitted.

Let’s explain it realistically, leaving behind all imagined examples-

  • If AVAX ecosystem-borne crypto projects start a subnet in the Avalanche blockchain, they have the flexibility to set and arrange gas pricing, competitiveness, and compliance according to their preference. Thus, these projects can make them valuable by themselves.
  • As a result, Dexalot will see its gas fee highly reduced when they launch a new subnet.
  • And, after the launch of the Dexalot subnet, ALOT token will be being used as gas fees. Consequently, the total supply of Dexalot tokens will get burnt gradually, which will help the token’s price increase.

Actually, the subnet feature in the Avalanche ecosystem has just been started. And the addition of this feature initially proves how serious the Dexalot team is. Dexalot’s price is supposed to increase when the subnet becomes operational. That’s why we kept this ‘’Avalanche Subnet’’ point at number 10 as a probable reason behind Dexalot’s price increase.

11) AVAX’s Founder is Fond of Dexalot Exchange

Emin Gun Sirer is the founder of AVAX blockchain, and he is one of the top knowledgeable personalities in the Cryptocurrency industry. Emin was asked which projects seem potential to him for the future in some recently-held interviews.

  • In reply to the question, Emin mentioned the name Dexalot very specially. He also appreciated the hard-working tendency and the innovative nature of the Dexalot team.

Emin’s direct appreciation for the Dexalot proves that the founder has no skepticism about the future potential of the project. Such a positive comment from Emin is expected to create a vibe among cryptocurrency investors. As a result, Dexalot’s price will increase when the bull market comes in the future.

12) Colony’s 300K Investment in Dexalot

Colony, which is a community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator, often invests in potential new projects in the AVAX ecosystem at their seed and private level.

Later, they distribute it to the Colony (CLY) stakers.

  • Colony generally invests from $50k to $100k in new projects.
  • But, Dexalot is the only project in which Colony invested $300K. It is to let you know that Colony has $10.5M capital in total to invest in the early stage. And investing $300K in one project means spending 0.27% of the total capital, which is really massive.
  • However, we see that the Colony team is very professional and smart. Their investment of $300K in Dexalot hints at the flourishing future of the project.

And we believe that Colony’s investment in Dexalot will inspire crypto retail investors to choose Dexalot as a suitable project to invest in.

13) Non-availability of ALOT tokens in other exchanges leaves no possibility for dumping

We are considering the top 15 core reasons responsible for driving Dexalot’s price up, and the non-availability of Dexalot tokens in other exchanges except Dexalot exchange is one of those reasons. Due to this reason, Dexalot will enjoy the advantage that when its price increases in the future, there will only a handful number of investors be available to dump ALOT tokens.  

It is a usual scenario that most of the tokens of the AVAX ecosystem start their journey by being enlisted in Trader Joe, a decentralized exchange. Dexalot is an exception in this regard as they didn’t get their ALOT token enlisted by Trader Joe or PNG (the two most popular decentralized exchanges in the AVAX ecosystem).

Moreover, buyers have the opportunity to set pre-buy orders at their preferred price on the Dexalot exchange. So, we believe there will be a very least number of dumpers available compared to other decentralized exchanges when the Dexalot token’s price increases.

14) Dexalot has no major technical errors like other DEXs

Maximum DEXs in the cryptocurrency industry are jam-packed with a number of technical errors, like slippage, hidden fees, etc which create problems while taking orders during volatility.

But the interesting fact is that such a technical error is yet to be noticed in the Dexalot exchange. The absence of hidden fee in the exchange will cause liquidity providers not to face any loss at the time of withdrawing their liquidity from the Dexalot exchange.

So, it goes without saying that cryptocurrency investors are going to have the best experience with the Dexalot exchange in the next Crypto bull market. So, we hope that the Dexalot (ALOT) exchange will be marked as the most performing DEX in the next Crypto bull market.

15) The Value of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) will grow

In the current Cryptocurrency exchange, Centralized exchanges are ruling the roost over the decentralized exchanges. For example, the 24-hour trading volume of Binance, a centralized exchange, is $22,686,714,036, whereas the 24-hour trading volume of DEX Uniswap is only $1,931,584,197. Centralized exchanges are also ahead of DEXs, considering the revenue-earning proportion.

So, why are centralized exchanges ahead of decentralized ones?

  • The core reason behind this is the facilities provided by decentralized exchanges are more limited than that of centralized exchanges. That’s why investors prefer centralized exchanges to DEXs, even after knowing that centralized exchanges are risky.
  • Contrarily, centralized exchanges offer more money-making opportunities than that of DEXs. As a result, investors in the centralized exchanges are getting increased day by day.

But, what is the future of DEX in the Cryptocurrency industry?

  • Indeed, the future of decentralized exchanges in the Cryptocurrency industry is bright because of having Dexalot type DEX exchange. It’s because new innovative DEXs like Dexalot are being added to the crypto industry day by day, allowing crypto users with numerous money-making opportunities.
  • Therefore, when DEXs serve crypto users in all the latest ways and provide money-making opportunities with 100% security, users will embrace DEXs more and more, and the demand for DEXs will go up that time. Thus, DEXs will beat centralized exchanges.

So, our prospect is in favor of DEX. We believe DEX will be more popular down the road, and Dexalot (ALOT) will lead the DEX crypto niche.


This Dexalot Price-related article didn’t only cover the relevance of the ALOT token rather we tried to shed light on not only the Dexalot exchange but also the future price-increase possibility and arrival of innovative features of other innovative DEX exchanges. So, not Uniswap but Dexalot will lead the DEX niche in the Next Crypto Bull Run. However, we believe this analysis-based article’s 15 points will make you excited about starting a self-analysis on Dexalot exchange. We wish you the best of luck.

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