DNV GL powered by VeChain comes with a new solution

DNV GL powered by VeChain comes with a new solution

While COVID-19 has raised the infection risk at a high extent, possible solution has become formidable. In this deplorable situation, DNV GL, a globally leading quality assurance and risk management company with 100,000 customers across a wide range of industries, has come with a solution for better risk management called My Care, a methodology helps companies assess, manage, and mitigate infection risks in their management systems, processes and operations.  

The BaaS Platform of VeChain will support DNV GL to launch this brand-new digital product in a rapid lead time. Viking Line, which is a Finish shipping company that operates a fleet of ferries and cruiseferries between Finland, was the first one to take advantage of this new solution. Many other companies are expected to be on-board with this invention.

A progressive strategy by VeChain to DNV GL

The collaborating effort by VeChain and DNV GL is driving the adoption of blockchain increasing transparency and trust between customers and products. In developing My Story, a solution giving consumers access to the verified journey behind a product, based on facts and data stored in a public blockchain, DNV GL used VeChain ToolChain back in 2019.  

My Care as a solution to COVID-19 Infection Risk Management

COVID-19 has thrown a challenge to the world and a large portion of that challenge relies on economy. People are failure to go to their work places as the risk of infection management has already gone out of control. In this deplorable situation, a new system should take over to better manage infection risk, and My Care has come into the place. DNV GL’s My Care will utilize the VeChainThor blockchain for all data related purposes.

A Hospital-Grade Solution in Enterprises

The methodology namely ‘’My Care’’ by DNV GL is a suite of independent assessment services designed to assist businesses reassure stakeholders that they have put infection risk management at the core of their risk management strategy. Aspects of healthcare standards and best practices in risk management, HSE have been brought together in this system.

Through scanning the QR-code enshrined in the My Care Trust mark will provide users access to DNV GL’s assessment statement which are stored on VeChainThor blockchain. This is how businesses can be assured of their infection risk management. During COVID-19, the holistic approach of My Care helps well manage and prevent infection risks.

Expansion of Blockchain Powered Solution

With VeChain and DNV GL and similar other projects, Blockchain is expanding its wing to the digitalization in this business world. Over the last few years, VeChain ToolChain has been receiving acknowledgement from various industries as a solution to a number of existing problems. Blockchain will be a major driving force to increase confidence in data integrity, business credibility, and manual trust in multi-party collaboration.

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