‘’Don’t Vote for John McAfee’’ A Slogan By John McAfee’s

‘’Don’t Vote for John McAfee’’ A Slogan By John McAfee’s

McAfee previously kept running for the situation in 2016, when he neglected to anchor the Liberation Party designation for President. He’s since a long time ago declared his expectation to run again in 2020, likely under the pennant of his recently made cyber Party. Furthermore, he has said from the very beginning that he’s racing to lose. McAfee needs to gain admittance to a national stage with the end goal to bring the issue of cryptocurrency onto the race motivation. To such an extent that on his Twitter channel, he’s consistently reminding individuals that not exclusively is he not going to win, he completely wouldn’t like to.

He expressed that ‘’ I am running for Potus for the second time just so I can get to the national stage. Nobody in there correct personality could trust that I would ever be president. Diminish Dinklage would have a more possibility of winning a UFC title. This data is taken from his latest twit. He included, for some measure, a couple of day after the fact that his expected race trademark will be ‘’don’t vote in favor of McAfee’’. It’s an uncommon trademark unquestionably, and you can’t see the officeholders hopeful, Donald Trump, receiving any sort of variation of it.

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