Drawing of Criminal Investigation by Importer of Bitmain’s Bitcoin Miners

Drawing of Criminal Investigation by Importer of Bitmain’s Bitcoin Miners

An allegation goes that against DTPK which is the brief name of The Far-East Trading and Industrial Company assumed that it became baffled to offer a payment of approximately $1.2 million on 6,012 Bitmain-manufactured from where miners of ASIC imported. And this dealing happened during August 2017 to February 2018. Deeming the talks of such types of incidents, a criminal investigation into an importer of Bitcoin miners got launched by The Russian Federal Customs Service. The potentiality of underpayment of customs fees instigated to raise such a concern.

A submitted search warrant which is dated July 17 talks about the misrepresentation of false documents with bogus prices for the equipment that included Bitmain’s Antminer S9-13.5, L3+ and D3 models with power elements from them showed by DTPK which is placed in Moscow. They said another false that it received miners from MSR Co. by the assistance of Manli, a Hong-Kong based company, but fact is that with Manli they don’t have any contract confessed by Manli Company which is discovered by customs officers.

A warrant states that,

Artem Aleksandrovich Bublik, CEO of DTPK, became engaged in a criminal conspiracy because of to evade due customs fees especially in the case of large amounts at the time of importing the Euroasian Economic Union of ASIC miners and power elements of ASIC miners.

Invasion for ASICs

Another allegation stood against DTPK-imported miners by Alexander Shashkov, co-founder of Intelion Mining,. The allegation is that the miners of DTPK terminated at his company’s data centered and 20 people with machine guns arrived in Moscow among whom 10 people without machine guns.

The company left nothing to do with the miners as the investigation was underway. On the other hand, 2,500 ASICs was seized by law enforcement. It happened because they had no valid documentation that they belong them

Grey miners

Hardware, which are coming from China to Russia, having dearth of proper documentation. Miners countably seventy percent are coming from China adopting grey schemes. But the director of Intelion said they are just working with the legit ones. Companies buying large batches of miners from the Beijing-based manufacturer are involved in grey importing. People who don’t want to wait for the delivery from the Russian office usually they mover to these reselling companies as they want it immediate.

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