Either with Lightning Network to cope up with Bitcoin Ecosystem

Either with Lightning Network to cope up with Bitcoin Ecosystem

From the very early age developers of Ethereum have been using Lightning Network, which is a Layer 2 payment protocol that operates on top of blockchain-based cryptocurrecy enabling fast transactions between participating nodes and has been touted as a solution to the bitcoin scalability problem. We know that bitcoin ecosystem keep spreading its net throughout the world, and ethereum just want to make a bridge in this ecosystem with using Lightning network.

Recently a service namely ‘’RedShift’’ has been introduced by Radar, a crypto startup, which is going to allow people to pay a lightning invoice from an ethereum wallet. Sources from Radar told they want to make a bridge between clients who are interested in multiple chains and multiple assets. Radar will maintain channels and will exchange ether for bitcoin, which has more liquidity, users, a lot of holders and a lot of interest, so that users can get paid in bitcoin.

With an eye to concretizing the expectation, Radar has MetaMask wallet users with an in browser widget which will make an addition of second widget to their browsers and paste a lightning invoice into the ethereum wallet. The widget will also work for other ethereum-based tokens. Addition of trading bitcoin is being increased because of their number one request from DEX users are market maker.

Making Relationship

The atomic swap of Arwen and settlement Service for centralized exchanges now offers mainnet capabilities. On the other corner, Cross-chain Working group along with   the Electronic Coin Company are trying hard on the ecosystem and the former is trying to build a system for wrapped bitcoin tokens that can be used on the ethereum blockchain and the later is working on bridges for zcash into the ethereum network.

Without losing custody, one can take some bitcoin, buy some ETH and so that settlement. Arwen CEO said. No third party is needed to do so. Bridges allowing flows of value into bitcoin from more experimental assets can add more value to the bitcoin ecosystem by opening it up to new users.

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