Tokenized Securities Trading by Singapore Exchange

Tokenized Securities Trading by Singapore Exchange

A Series a funding has been risen by Singapore Exchange-backed security token platform iSTOX, established and operated by ICHX Tech Pte Ltd which is recognized as a recognized market operator. The firm is owned by ICHX Tech which is alos funded by Singapore Exchange and Heliconia Capital Management. The company announced KKP was going to be their only investor and after the funding done they said they made it with Thai investment banks and Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group.

They are willing to issue tokens with a range of securities such as bonds, stocks and structured products and the raise will be used to grow the user base of qualified investors after making profit from there. Chew Sutat has been appointed as the board members of ICHX Tech. the exchange is admitted into a fintech regulatory sandbox established by the monetary authority of Singapore.

According to their plan they started on boarding their first batch of issuers and investors with an eye to launching the digitalized securities trading. In the case of reintermediating the value chain and offering of solution will be critical in that scheme. The exchange has also planned to open the private capital markets. Many investors are currently tensed about their profit from public financial markets so they are willing to avail of the private market advantages to get rid of the problem indeed.

Such securities require high transaction fees from the intermediaries and long settlement times. So it can be said that this market is severely cut up. Many opportunities are being offered by the new platform such as:

-it reduces high costs,

-provides equal access and provide information about opportunities,

-opening of private investment to accredited and instructional investors.   iSTOX ensures one-stop shop for investors indeed. Both custody as well as secondary market trading can be used by the platform indeed. Three law firms are partners of iSTOX with an eye to advising issuers on the structure.

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