ETH Analysis is 150.00 Last Chance to BUY Ethereum

ETH Analysis: is 150.00 Last Chance to BUY Ethereum?

It’s the last week of October 18; but till now there is no impulsive move from the buyers! Although, the ETH market could be good for the long term buyers! But the point is, yet ETH market looking for solid technical support level (maybe). According to the weekly chart, it’s clear right now 150.00 is the most crucial support level. Besides, we have also 10 tiny candles on the daily time frame! That means, buyers are monitoring this chart so carefully!

Right now, institutional traders are also monitoring the Ethereum market; they are not participating in! This is why, 10 consistent tiny daily candles. In addition, if we get strong bounce back from the weekly support level (@150.00) according to the trend reversal pattern; afterwards we can expect more impulsive moves for the buy side. As opposed to, new ICO 7.14 project won’t shove it bullish as like the previous years! Happy crypto trading

Bias: Long Term

Bullish: 75%

Bearish: 25%

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