Ethereum 2.0 is to go live in 2020- Ethereum's Bazaar Update

Ethereum 2.0 is to go live in 2020- Ethereum’s Bazaar Update

It is expected that 2020 is Ethereum 2.0’s year of delivery with the genesis of the beacon chain in the early part of the year. Hopefully, the delivery at its initial stage will be accomplished with three or four production-ready clients and 500,000 ether staked. Ethereum’s superpower is that it keeps ensuring and delivering its technologies and innovation even under untoward circumstances of market. 

Ethereum has to be global, distributed, inclusive and empowering and it will be failure to accomplish its ambition unless its development process is equal globally. So, developers allow participation through developer calls, GitHub issues, formal updates, informal updates and many other channels to do their job openly.

All are welcomed by the community and they cherish organic growth and their attempt is taking them to the extent of Linux.  They are applying the ‘’bazaar’’ model of development, which is described by Eric S Raymond, to the development of the Eth2 protocol. It is believed that the idea is to inspire a broad community around a shared purpose and focus its collective energy on the work. But fact is that it can be threatening and a matter of criticism like an article identified teams working with different agendas and different timelines as a risk area.

The superpower of ethereum is that it is able to engage a massive community and its sense of a shared endeavor attracted brilliant people. No fewer than eight independent client teams have delivered working Proof of Stake implementations. They have improved mesmerizing features across all areas from security to performance. The other advantage is that their open and engaged community is getting fast feedback. They had some good reviews after their initial scaling design called for 1,024 shard chains. They adopt good ideas if they find. Though they were thoughtful about how they would layer smart contract execution on top of the shard chains, the design space is massive.

But then Quilt team picked up a proposal, which is currently in work of implementing the design, emerged on a community forum. They are taking effective measures to their expected development trajectory. They are intent to go live with ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain. This is the foundation on which they will continue to work towards massive scalability.

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