Exclusive Way to Find Stolen Crypto Back

Exclusive Way to Find Stolen Crypto Back

Sorry to say about crypto market that to date the amount of crypto stolen by hack is $10 billion. Some occurred due to closure of exchanges with user’s funds. Pawel Kuskowski, CEO of Coinfirm, is offering an opportunity to victims, who lost their funds, to fight to have their stolen funds back. A firm called ReclaimCrypto has been established with the combination of latest blockchain forensic techniques to investigate and recover assets by Coinfirm and Kroll, which is a corporate investigations and risk consulting firm nased in New York City.

Actually after losing crypto fund victims can’t go to such a place where they can make complains and with an eye to help them the firm, ReclaimCrypto, has been established. Another piece of news scattered that more $4 billion is lost this year. The will take fee, varies on the basis of case, after being successful. The amount of top cases filed to them is 200, account for $1.5 billion.

Working Procedure

Kroll, which was previously an working partner of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, has adopted the antique approach of making court orders to reveal details about an IP addresses or to scour the dark web for activity involving stolen funds. Kroll assured that it can track down the offender in Europe of $27.8 million bitcoin theft.

The approach the firm has taken is that firms providing specialized finance to the legal market will shoulder the cost of people’s litigation but for doing such, they will take about 30 percent of the recovered funds. Hopefully their initiative will help to discover the murky depths of the dark web.

They are running a specialist darkweb unit out of Pittsburgh, Pa., which is overseen by the former head of the criminal investigations unit of the U.S. Secret Service’s cyber division namely Keith Wojcieszek.


Figuring out who did it or following the money are two ways of crypto investigations and both of them lead to the same place. The objective of ReclaimCrypto is asset recovery. The focusing area of ReclaimCrypto includes bitcoin (major), ether (major), XRP, BCH, LTC, NEO and DASH.

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