Expansion of crypto ‘’Exchange of Exchanges’’ ShortHop to 7 US States

Expansion of crypto ‘’Exchange of Exchanges’’ ShortHop to 7 US States

An exchange of exchanges called ShortHop, a seamless exchange with simplified liquidity, has launched targeting business in Indiana, Massachusetts, Navada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Arizona and Montana. The exchange, built for cryptocurrency trading, has started in 7 US states. In California, Washington and IIIIinois, Del.-based ShortHop was live.

To accomplish financial activities the parent company and technology provider Velocity Markets requires the money transmitter license in those states where it has business and the company is much willing to take license from Utah and Pennsylvania. When you are transacting with their own orders they lower the price for their customers.

Here the price isn’t quoted as like others and they will use that in total to have the best price throughout the ecosystem. Transacting digital asset listing from various order books on one screen is allowed in ShortHop.

ShortHop is an exchange; broker and a spot market which help customers find the best deals in a highly fragmented market. Here one model is that the more orders, the better the price.

Frisking within assets

Kelfar established the company as a reliable American exchange. He thinks people can reliably base their assets through it. Before the establishment of this exchange, one needed to rely upon an Chinese exchange.

Bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash, XRP and Stellar lumens can be acquired and traded throughout ShortHop. Hoping between these assets without various conversations on different exchanges is allowed by the company. Velocity Market, belonging a broker-dealer under the legal name Distributed Technology Markets, is creating a digital securities exchange and broker-dealer license is required for this. Through offering a plug-in service to institutions wanting to connect to the exchange’s capabilities, Kelfer aims at subsidizing retail users of ShortHop’s platform, which just gained $25 worth of bitcoin for signing up

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