New features Unfurled by trading platform on tokenization

New features Unfurled by trading platform on tokenization

Tokenbox, the platform providing a service for cryptocurrency assets was created by the team that also developed The Token Fund, provides dozens of trading pairs through their platforms and a universal cryptocurrency wallet where a multitude of digital assets can be stored.

They allow anyone to make deposit through a wire transfer or by using bank card and the company is supportive to those who are new at crypto space.

The company, which was launched back in 2017, has introduced a feature of tokenized portfolios and their intuitive charts offer updates on daily and lifetime performance. They have gotten a large number of investors as major releases being made on a regular basis.

Strategies bringing success

Tokenbox created an environment where traders can share tactics and also can make genial competition. The company has also announced to host a trading content where newcomers and seasoned professionals are invited to join and account establishing process is quite simple here. In that competition, those who will be able to generate the best returns will be awarded in TBX, the utility token of the trading platform.

In this competition portfolio managers will showcase their strategies and the contest is to promote the selling of Tokenbox.

More and more interest

Tokenbox expects the interest in crypto funds to rise and the company has become able to build portfolios focus on stocks, shares or fiat currencies. The growing interest of people in crypto will lead them to come to make investment in crypto and the company said blockchain technology and smart contracts will be the weapon to them. They will have the savor of decentralization and will enjoy much greater level of transparency and dramatically lower costs. Institutional investors are paying greater interest in tokenization, which is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security, day by day which leading the industry to bring more innovation and exploring of a number of avenues. When the tokenization gets seated at the perch, Tokenbox wants to see it at the forefront.

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