How to Earn FREE Parsiq without Investing?

How to Earn FREE Parsiq? (Collect before The END)

Maybe, by reading the title of this article, you are thinking we have come up with fake news to draw your attention. But it’s nothing like that. By reading out the article, you can learn how to earn 50 Parsiq for free without making any investment. And this 50 FREE Parsiq will be given by the Parsiq team in a 100% authentic way.

How to Receive Free PARSIQ

Before diving into the details, we are nailing down one thing that no third-party is offering this free PARSIQ rather the PARSIQ team itself is offering this opportunity through arranging an officially weekly competition. ‘’The Community Competition Series’’– is the name of the competition given by the PARSIQ team. So, any occurrence out of the blue is much unlikely to take place. Now cut to the chase, how to receive free Parsiq?

For so, you don’t need to go too far; if you only have an active Telegram channel, you can receive the Parsiq without wasting money. You don’t even need to spend a cent to enjoy this opportunity. Don’t worry if you don’t have a telegram account. Just go to the Google play store then download the telegram app, and create an account using your mobile number only.

Very simple, just join the Parsiq official telegram channel. Maybe, you are thinking about where to get the Parsiq official telegram channel? To ensure no worry in you, we are providing you with the official telegram channel.

We are warning you not to click on any link provided by any third party. Providing that you want the authentic link, you should visit a company’s official website to get the authentic social media sites like Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter to get the link.

However, why are we providing you with the link knowing all these? The reason is that we want to help you to get the link from the official telegram channel.

Now, what to do after joining the telegram channel? Nothing more you have to do without waiting for the next Community competition.

The last weekly competition ended on Sunday, 25th July. So, remain active to grab the opportunity of acquiring parsiq on the next Parsiq weekly competition. You don’t even need to struggle to find the announcement of the competition, as the parsiq team pin posts the announcement.

You may be now confused thinking about what types of questions are asked in these weekly competitions. To give you some conception, we are attaching the details of the last three weekly competitions. You will get to know how simple questions the PRQ team asks their participants.

PARSIQ 1st Weekly Competition

Rossi, a PARSIQ team member, announced to organize a weekly Community Competition Series on 7th July. They are arranging this program on a small scale as fun with participants. Rewards will be distributed to winners in this parsiq competition through the BSC network. PRQ tokens are preferred as a reward.

Rules of the Competition

1st RuleMeet all Submission deadlines.
2nd RuleFirst Guess is Your Only Guess, No Changing.
3rd RuleNo Alts Submissions.
4th RuleNo Multiple Submissions.

The 1st competition was passed by asking a question to guess what would be the parsiq price within a certain time. To be more specific, how much the price of PARSIQ would be by Sunday 11th July? – This was the topic of 1st competition.

Participants of this competition were asked to post their estimation on the channel or to dispatch a message to Rossi informing him of their estimated price. This approach was maintained during the 1st-week competition. In the second parsiq weekly competition, participants submitted their answers through a Google Form, and the way was a bit more organized. Whereas the first-position winner gets 50 prq as a reward, there were also rewards for 2nd and 3rd position holders.

What we saw in the 1st weekly competition is the participation of more than 100 members. We are sharing a prq price chart estimated by the participants below so that you get to understand the matter so clearly.

Participant NameEstimated Parsiq Price
Kubi X$0.696
Phillip MC$0.595
BItter Dragon$0.569
Juan Leobi$0.573

On 13th July, Rossi declared the price of PRQ to be $0.446 at 13:00 EDT on 11th July. MawFak, Matthew, and Clarkson were declared as the winners of the competition.

Place NameWinners NamePRQ Amount (Winning Prize)
1st PlaceMawFak50 PRQ
2nd PlaceMatthew Ko25 PRQ
3rd PlaceClarkson20 PRQ

2nd weekly competition

On 13th July, Rossi called for the second week competition. Whereas the 1st competition ended by asking for the assumption of PRQ price, the 2nd competition was more interesting. What will the borrowed amount of PRQ be from the IQ protocol on Sunday, 18th July at 13:00 EDT? – was asked in the second competition. The number of participants who participated in this competition exceeded that number in the first competition.

 Verily to say, the exuberance in the PARSIQ community about IQ protocol knows no bounds. That’s why they are too excited about the borrowed amount. The rules of the competition were the same as the earlier. But there was a change in the answer submission process; whereas participants sent their answers directly to Rossi in the first competition, this time they used Google Form.

Participants alluded their usernames to the form so that the Parsiq team could understand who answered the question. No additional information was required to attach except for the user name in the form.

16th July Friday, 16:00 EDT was the deadline for submitting the answers in the second competition.

On July 21st, Rossi congratulated Juanleobi and ferzanal for being the winner by accurately guessing the amount of borrowed PRQ from the IQ protocol. Both of them won 50 PRQ.

Winners NamePRQ Amount (Winning Prize)
Juan Leobi50 PRQ
Ferzanal50 PRQ

Now, you say, how simple is it to win 50 PRQ?

Parsiq 3rd Weekly Competition

Their first two competitions were successfully arranged with all simple questions to guess over. The 3rd competition commenced on 26th July, 00:00 EDT asking, when will the next announcement drop live?

They don’t count article sharing service announcements as an announcement; rather according to them, the actual announcements include partnership and collaborations, IQ changes, AMA announcements. They won’t qualify entries that come not in the correct time format (EDT). They suggested the participants submit their answers along with respective user names in the EDT Timezone format.

Parsiq has just announced the result of their 3rd-week competition. They named two persons as winners namely DanielGBV, who guessed 08:00, and Lucas, who guessed 09:00. Rossi congratulated both of them and awarded them with 50PRQ. Parsiq’s first announcement for the week commencing came in on the 27th of July at 08:30 EDT.

Why does PARSIQ arrange such a competition?

At the time of announcing this competition in the 1st week, Rossi said it was an effort to give more to their community. So, it goes without saying that inspiring the entire community is the purpose of the PARSIQ team. For invigorating the entire community when the crypto industry is sunken into a boring state, this step really deserves a thump-up. That the Parsiq community was getting bored in such a market situation leaves no question to understand. Such as, the price of PRQ was $2.61 on April 12, 2021, and the price is now at $50. Such a concern by Parsiq is really praiseworthy.

50 Parsiq Winner’s Opinion

Our Cryptooof team wanted to contact the PRQ winners who took part in the Parsiq weekly competition to learn about their feelings and observations. Luckily, we got connected with Juanleobi, who is one of the winners.

Juanleoby said,

               ‘’I have been in crypto space since 2017. Unfortunately, I missed a number of crypto projects owing to a lack of crypto knowledge. I have been following PARSIQ since 2020, and at last, I invested in Parsiq in September 2020 with a long-term goal in mind. I am a PARSIQ fan and I believe the exclusive technology and awesome team that Parsiq has will lead to its success, and other projects also want to have so.’’

He also said that he started feeling for Parsiq when he saw that they announced a weekly competition program. I participated in their first competition and guessed the price at 0.57$, but it was a misfortune. But, in the 2nd competition, my estimation was nice and got awarded. And it was unbelievable! To estimate correctly, I went through the history of the borrowing amount from IQ protocol. I got really puzzled for a moment seeing Rossi tagged me in his message on telegram. Rossi sent my 50 PRQ that day through BSC. I am basically accumulating PRQ and so this 50 PRQ is of significance and value to me. I believe Parsiq’s price will be 10$ by 2022, and that’s why this 50 PRQ seems more than 500$ to me.


There are thousands of retail traders in the crypto market who want to earn some coins for free. But it is not possible to earn it for free indeed. Maximum free giveaways turn out to be fake down the road. But we are showing a real example of the Parsiq team who are arranging such a program to allure their community. Undoubtedly this Parsiq weekly competition is completely authentic. Who knows you can join this Parsiq competition after reading our review? How about you win and save that coin that turns out to be a giant amount after Parsiq going a far head? So maybe one day you will find our website to thank us. Best of luck to you!

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