High-Speed of Coinbase Shutters Crypto Trading Division

High-Speed of Coinbase Shutters Crypto Trading Division

Coinbase Markets (Chicago) was devoted to making sophisticated electronic markets technologies. The exchange has taken an initiative to close its Chicago based office. The exchange is trying to fix the matching engine work being accomplished in Chicago with similar work being done by its team in San Francisco. It’s possible to access to a large talent pool of engineers with deep exchange infrastructure experience by Chicago office. It also make us much more able to continue offering the most preformant and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase Markets Opened to some fanfare. Some employees in Chicago who are not engaged with matching engine project will remain with Coinbase. But the exchange is looking forward to relocating a small-number of Chicago based matching engine employees to San Francisco.

Flash in the Pan

High-frequency/low-frequency trading strategies for cryptocurrencies are an aim of to be devised by Coinbase. The peak priority of coinbase lies in courting institutional investors’ area such as crypto custody and OTC trading desks. The establishment in Chicago will retain the intellectual property and that it may be integrated into the company’s technology. The technology which was built by the company could be used to influence the future development of their matching engine.

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