How to Buy Parsiq? (Uniswap, KuCoin,, Coinmetro)

Where to Buy Parsiq? (At a Low Cost with 100% security)

For buying Parsiq, you might have a bunch of options. But, do you know one thing? You can lose your Parsiq forever if you buy it from any wrong or deceitful place. That’s why this, where to buy parsiq-titled article describes the guidelines that should be followed to buy Parsiq. This writing illustrates the guidance that needs to follow and names those Exchanges from where buying Parsiq is safe and secure. Alongside we mentioned those crypto exchanges from where buying Parsiq is risky.

Where to buy Parsiq safely?

  • Only use Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap, PancakeSwap.

Yes, our motive is very obvious. If you want to have full control over your money, you should use decentralized exchanges. And most significantly, don’t share your ledger seed with anyone. The reason is the leakage of that ledger seed takes away the ownership from you. Owing to that, you can lose your hard-earned Parsiq coins. 

You are probably thinking, why are we encouraging you to hold your PRQ coins in decentralized exchanges? It’s a long story to narrate. But, in short, to say, many in the Parsiq Community have become scammed using Centralized Exchanges. To make you cautioned enough, we are sharing such an incident with you.

Notably, the victim claimed not to disclose his name while narrating his story with you:

‘’I have been following the Parsiq project since the middle of 2020. Since I couldn’t buy Chainlink at a cheap rate, I was waiting to purchase any project at a cheap price. Then, I bought a total of 40K Parsiq at 0.12$ through Poloniex exchange in the second week of September 2020. Later I intended to withdraw Parsiq from the Poloniex exchange when Parsiq’s price reached 2$ in April 2021, as I made a massive profit. But, Poloniex exchange stuck my Parsiq coins and didn’t let me withdraw. I just failed to come to a solution even after I had tried thousands of times to contact them in support. At that time my anguish knew no bounds. The price I bought Parsiq for will never come into catch again. Many retail investors gained much profit investing in Parsiq, but I couldn’t enjoy my high-profit gain only because of the wrong exchange selection. However, it’s a message from me to the Parsiq community; please take a lesson from my mistake, and use only decentralized exchanges.’’

For the time being, we can do nothing except expressing our sorrow for the incident that took place with the person. But, the right time has appeared for crypto investors to be alert. However, it’s not an isolated incident; rather hundreds of such incidents take place in centralized exchanges on a daily basis.

Therefore, if you want to hold your Parsiq for a long time, then use devices like Trezor, Ledger in your decentralized exchange, and remain safe.

Now, we are moving on to the synopsis of our discussion.  

  • Where to buy Parsiq?

It’s obligatory for you to use a Centralized exchange to buy cryptocurrency in exchange for your fiat currency. On the other hand, you can directly buy Parsiq using decentralized exchanges providing that you have cryptocurrency. We have a piece of advice for you in regard to using centralized exchanges. Suppose, you want to purchase 10,000$ Parsiq from any centralized exchange; then we strongly recommend you not to deposit the full amount. To know about the nature of that exchange, you can first invest 100$ or 200$. And then withdraw your Parsiq instantly after buying from that centralized exchange. Bear in mind that a centralized exchange is never a safe haven for your Parsiq. Consequently, never plan to hold your Parsiq in any centralized exchange.

So, you have cryptocurrency in your hand, and you want to know from us:

  • How and from where can I buy Parsiq in the best way?

Don’t worry; we won’t make you wait for even a second to answer that question. You can buy PARSIQ from Binance or Coinbase when available. Even if Parsiq is available on Binance or Coinbase, in our opinion UniSwap will remain the best place to buy Persiq. Verily to say, sometimes the fee in UniSwap remains high, but this high fee isn’t a big deal when compared to security issues. Let’s come to know the process of buying Parsiq from UniSwap in brief.

How to Buy Parsiq on Uniswap?

ExchangeSpread24h VolumeVolume %
Uniswap (V2)0.6%$119,82920.03%
Uniswap (V3)0.6%$199,90812.01%

Immediately when we think of any decentralized exchange, the name of Uniswap, which uses automated liquidity protocol, comes to our mind. The advantage is its decentralization is consumed by every single entity having control over their coins.  The Uniswap platform started its journey in 2018 on top of Ethereum Blockchain, and as a result, it is well-fitting for all ERC-20 tokens and infrastructures.

Creating a decentralized exchange using this Uniswap platform can be done within the snap of a finger. This platform is open source in nature, letting anyone copy its code. You can list tokens on this exchange without any cost, unlikely centralized exchanges. This reason is decentralizations exchanges are not profit-driven. Decentralized exchanges like Uniswap leave full control on users, and private keys are the weapon of users. As opposed to that, the centralized exchanges never unshackle the control on uses. Centralized exchanges are very much prone to get hacked anytime that leaves their holders bare-handed. With more than $3 billion worth of crypto assets locked away on its protocol, Uniswap is the fourth-largest decentralized finance platform.


  1. Creation of a MetaMask Wallet: For buying, selling, sending, or receiving PARSIQ tokens, you must create a MetaMask wallet using your desktop computer or an iOS /Android mobile device.

Before creating a MetaMask wallet, check over and over if it is the official metamask wallet. The reason is scammers often try to entrap Crypto users by advertising the wrong metamask wallet address. On the other hand, carefully keep your Metamask wallet seed in a safer place.

  • Send ETH to your wallet: Exchanging of ETH is easier on MetaMask wallet in exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc. At the time of transferring ETH, check and recheck to make sure you are using the ERC-20 network.
  •  Connect your wallet to UniSwap: To access your wallet to UniSwap, you have to successively click on ‘’Launch App’’ and then ‘’Connect to a wallet’’ by selecting MetaMask. After so, you have to go for the option ‘’Swap Selection’’.
  • Swap ETH for PARSIQ: You can swap only when you have ETH available in your hand. You can enter the token address of PARSIQ by pressing ‘’select a token’’. In the meantime, make sure you are not using the wrong contract address. You can now buy Parsiq as much as you want through Uniswap.

    But, bear two things in your mind while buying Parsiq; these things are:
  • Price impact: There will have an impact on the liquidity pool depending on how much amount you are buying or selling.
  • Slippage: Slippage refers to the difference in the price of two different tokens/coins. Both positive and negative slippage has a direct impact on price.

Example: Ripple is going up 1% in a few second whereas another token that you are intended to buy or sell is following the downtrend by 1%. So, this process has created 2% slippage.

So, now the question is: How are they calculated?

  • To figure out how much gas you used while using Ethereum for purchasing, 5 seconds or 20 minutes is required.

Two coins divergent in value can lead to occurring slippage. During transactions, Ethereum’s value can quickly alter. Alongside the token that you are swapping could also be moving the other way. Even a sudden alter in value can be seen while pressing swap.

That’s how Slippage Occurs

We see an impermanent loss in a liquidity pool because of slippage. If the pool is $1,000 and you sell $100 worth, then the impact on the pool is 10%. Suppose you put $1,000 equally in both ETH and USDC. If 10% of loss happens in ETH and 10% gain takes place in USDC, it will cover the slippage then.

How to buy PARSIQ on KuCoin?

ExchangeTrading PairSpread24h VolumeVolume %

Verily to say, PARSIQ is listed on a number of Centralized Exchanges; even then, why have we placed KuCoin at the first of the list? – is a question. Yes, Parsiq trading volume is the only reason. Parsiq’s trading volume on KuCoin was more than 25% by the time we were writing this Parsiq coin-related article. Notably, Parsiq was listed on KuCoin in the PRQ/USDT pair on May 25, 2021. Let’s know some information about KuCoin-

With more than 400 markets and 200 cryptocurrencies, KuCoin, launched in August 2017, stands as a colorful crypto hub online. It offers a wide range of services to users including a built-in P2P exchange, using debit or credit cards for buying crypto, bank-level security, lending and staking via Pool-X, opportunity to participate in fresh initial exchange offerings, and many more. This exchange is a well-known one-stop shop for all sorts of crypto operations. A large selection of coins, generous profit-sharing incentives, listing small-cap cryptocurrencies with tremendous upside potential is some tendencies for what investors are attracted to KuCoin.

The Process

  • Step 1: Open an account with KuCoin: Account opening is the first step to be done to start your journey with KuCoin. Initially, there is no requirement to submit KYC verification, but it is required to be done later. Use your valid phone number or email address to verify your account.
  • Step 2: Verify your KuCoin Account: It is obligatory for you to verify your account in case your deposit or withdrawal amount is large. Until KYC verification is done, you cannot withdraw more than 5 BTC. So, to withdraw more than that amount, get your KYC verification done.
  • Step 3: Deposit Funds: With an eye to buying PARSIQ, you have to deposit either in fiat or in cryptocurrency on KuCoin exchange. You can quite easily transfer your fund from one account to another as KuCoin gathers all of the different account types in one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Step 4: Buy Parsiq: Now you are ready to buy Parsiq. To do so, enter PARSIQ into the search bar, and then click on the ‘’Trade’’ option. Then buy PARSIQ the amount you need from KuCoin Exchange.  

How to Buy Parsiq on

ExchangeTrading PairSpread24h VolumeVolume %

We won’t recommend you for buying PARSIQ. According to our viewpoint, it’s a controversial exchange. So, you better avoid this exchange. PRQ/USDT is the only pair available on, wherein the trading volume is 21%. Let’s know about the detail of the exchange.

The exchange, a digital asset exchange, allows you with more than 100 cryptocurrencies to trade. Some notable features of this exchange are quick deposits and withdrawals of cryptos, no deposit fee, and low trading and withdrawal fees. They maintain security through using a secured SSL link and technology. Their platform can be accessed through desktops, android, and iOS mobiles. Their services offer several analysis tools including margin trading, margin borrowing, and lending.

Their website is complicated to use, and it ensures all necessary information needed for trading cryptocurrencies. It’s relatively easy to sign up in the exchange; as you are getting the necessary instructions and necessary links under the link ‘’new user signup’’. You will see the options of 4 primary markets upon registration.

The Process

  • Step 1: Open an Account with Open an account with along with maintaining the verification. With verification, this exchange creates issue at the time of withdrawing. To get your account verified, use your valid phone number or email address.
  • Step 2: Verify your Account: Don’t dare to deposit without verifying your account. Because this exchange procrastinates at the time of withdrawing if your account is not verified. As their verification process is full of complexity, you need to invest more time here.
  • Step 3: Deposit Funds: To buy PARSIQ, deposit either in fiat or in cryptocurrency on You can transfer your coin here easily from one account to another without complexity, as gathers all of the different account types in one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Step 4: Buy Parsiq: You can now go for buying PARSIQ. The buying process is as same as the process followed on So, buy your desired amount anytime.

How to buy Parsiq on CoinMetro?

ExchangeTrading PairSpread24h VolumeVolume %

To be honest, our only recommended centralized exchange for buying Parsiq is Coinmetro. The reason is the CEO of this exchange, Kevin Murcko, is the strategic advisor of Parsiq. On the other hand, Parsiq team members have a profound relation with CoinMetro. After Coinmetro being hacked last year, the way Parsiq helped the exchange was just mind-blowing. You can use CoinMetro for buying Parsiq, providing that you highly prefer centralized exchanges. According to what we are hearing, Coinmetro will bring Parsiq staking facilities to its platform. Now, we are taking you to the details of Coinmetro.

The Estonia-based crypto exchange, Coinmetro, provides its users a user-friendly, simple, and secure platform. They always intend to create a new vast ecosystem of trading. You will have all popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC, and many more available on their platform. You can find their team member’s information on a dedicated page on their website that adds transparency o their platform. This exchange is secured as they have their Estonian license that is shown on their website. Two-factor authentication, email verification, and captcha protection add an extra layer of security to the exchange.

The Process:

  • Step 1: Open an account with CoinMetro: Account opening is always the first step to enter an exchange. The account opening process is simple here, and you can also use your Facebook account for opening an account.
  • Step 2: Verify your CoinMetro Account: With no additional complexities, the account verifying process in CoinMetro is quite simple. If any problem shows up while verifying, you can seek help on their official telegram channel, and you will receive instant support.
  • Step 3: Deposit Funds: Depositing in fiat or cryptocurrency is essential for buying Parsiq. And the transaction cost is cheap on CoinMetro. Fund transferring is easy here.
  • Step 4: Buy Parsiq: Following the same approach aforementioned, buy now as much Parsiq as you need through CoinMetro exchange.

Except for this exchange, Parsiq is also available on other exchanges like poloniex, Hotbit, Hoo, and WBF Exchange. But it’s better for you not to use these exchanges, as buying Parsiq on these exchanges is risky.

How to Buy Parsiq Smartly?

  • If you want to buy Parsiq through Uniswap, which is a decentralized exchange, at a low fee, check the Ethereum gas fee well before buying. Just wait if you find the gas fee high because a high gas fee will cause you to spend more transaction fees. So, buy PARSIQ when the gas price is low and Parsiq price remains within your range.
  • Even if you use a decentralized exchange, we will recommend you use a crypto hardware wallet like a ledger device. As long as your Parsiq coins are stored in a hardware wallet, it is safe and secure.
  • If it seems to you that buying Parsiq on a decentralized exchange is a bit costly, then you can do one thing that, first, buy Parsiq on a centralized exchange and then send it to the ETH address of the crypto hardware wallet. With this approach, your Parsiq coins can be bought at a cheaper rate, and these coins will also remain secure.
  • Before buying Parsiq on a centralized exchange, you can have some words with its admin panel to be confirmed whether they will support you if you fall into a problem with your Parsiq.
  • Without investing a large amount at once in a centralized exchange, partition your investment into small pieces, then invest little by little. With this little investment, buy PARSIQ gradually; and after buying, move these Parsiq coins to your ledger device.


Verily to say, the price of a project like Parsiq with real use-cases can take an increment anytime, leaving a skyrocketing profit percentage to its holders.  So, you should make sure your Parsiq’s safety issue after buying it. And for safety, you must store your Parsiq in a crypto hardware wallet. So our valuable advice to you is don’t leave your Parsiq at stake using centralized exchange, only to save some money; I mean forsaking decentralized exchange for its high transaction cost. 

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