How to Make a Paper Bitcoin Wallet (Full Tutorial)

How to Make a Paper Bitcoin Wallet (Full Tutorial)

It is actually known as cold storage which can be used offline. This wallet (Paper Wallet) is public and private key printed together. It is highly secure and there is no possibility for this to be hacked. It is made of paper where information is printed. Sometimes plastics can be used for durability. In this paper private and public keys are printed. You can copy and paste the keys onto a text document and print it out. Or free web services can also be used. Key generation process is done here by browser. With few wallet services you can cut, fold and seal. You send your bitcoin to the open location showed on the wallet and after that store it in a protected place.

It is secure because it is of totally offline. But if someone find your hidden printed copy then he can do everything using the public and private keys. Folding and sealing process makes it durable and makes it out one’s sight. With paper wallets you can check your balance at any time using Most online wallets allow you to import your paper wallet data. and are open source arbitrary location and key generators that utilizes your program’s JavaScript engine, so no keys are sent over the web. Mycelium offers an unique and much increasingly secure approach to create paper wallets, with a USB dongle that you plug specifically into your printer.

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