INFLEUM- An Open source of brand publishing platform

INFLEUM- An Open source of brand publishing platform

INFLEUM is a platform for blockchain, which is a simple trading structure created by ELSOL, so that a little thought or activity of a person can benefit him. It is an open source platform for distribution, blockchains view and 8 types of administration from ELSOL.

Infleum Client impacts and disseminates all dependent on its movement at all levels and contributes to a brand development: speculation, organizing, triumph, circularization, usage and installments.

Reverse ICO facility

The switch ICO is an ICO, run by an organization that now has a business platform or provides business administration, providing an extension through an expansion to the end goal, providing an ecosystem of premium quality. An ICO, where organizations typically compare with their specialized organization, have a level of confidence to gain confidence among themselves through stable business work. Combine documentation and gifts. As a result, the line of this type of organization, Kakao, Rakuten, telegram and Kodak unrivaled ICO.

INFLEUM that is the most urgent for all those three conditions that ICO is a fruitful launch around ICO:

INFLEUM is better by ELSOLCOM, which has created new companies, small and medium sized undertakings. Through own (interior) and outward endeavors, ELSOLCOM is a positive OPPO and client audit repository, which promotes prompt psychological and quantitative meaning.

INFLEUM, the business will win local and physical obstructions, which will disturb the progress of their business and will be able to provide the clients with the ability to advance and ad administration. The rise of dynamic competitiveness among INFLEUM clients will create an explosion in the circle of astounding administration and with huge and small costs, and ultimately, there will be the ability to execute funds in this case. This ecosystem itself will grow bigger and will improve its humble desire, in case every person will get increments for the client.

INFLUEM means terminating an open development platform, when it seems that a decent occasion for decentralization for all clients. In this way, where the earth and the foundation will be created, even though the application has already started, there are the best stores in other external applications and where they can be made and properly used UI and toolbox, which is easy to access them.

INFLEUM Ideas and Objectives

Publicizing in the following decade, the change is normal. In late, the organizations coming from crypto world are trying tokenize for the blockchain innovation and for the current motivator (for example, STEEMIT, a platform tokenized for bloggers). In fact there are numerous additional progressions: a huge publicizing organization of merger; External media outreach, the development of this imaginative part; Development and presentation of various new media and correspondences; increasingly the new shopper assembly

ELSOLCOM, which provides the blockchain platform INFLEUM, is an organization that distributes Mark data. He has gathered the commendable experience and information in the attention of various issues that the small ideological ventures are looking at their approach to becoming a dynamic business organization. Already, it was difficult to acquire capital, even with an impressive business thought or item, you need to ask cash from or offer a model item. With the situation like crowdfunding, you will now be able to publish your thoughts on the web and even be able to meet some financial experts.

In fact, even after starting financing, it takes two years to achieve the initial investment point for an independent organization (not a partner with the company). A brand, numerous methods, such as arrangement, planning, generation, dispersion, and advertising, resources are needed; On the other hand, the ultimate goal should be to make more cash, small organizations should not be less than two years old.

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