How to Invest $100 in Cryptocurrency

6 Best Profitable Ways to Invest $100 in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a trillion-dollar market, where billions of dollars are traded every day. Suppose- as a retail trader, you want to invest $100 in Cryptocurrency. But, maybe you are suffering from the hesitation- will this handful amount cause any impact in this billion-dollar market? How to invest $100 in Cryptocurrency in a proper manner? Here, we would like to draw your attention and let you know confidently that this $100 investment can surely provide you with a 10X profit on every Bull Run. And if you reinvest the already profited amount, then you will be the real gainer at the end of the day, and you can realize it. This ‘’ $100 in Cryptocurrency’’ article is especially for you if you are enthusiastic about knowing how Crypto investors build their portfolios, starting with only a $100 investment. We thoroughly described the 6 best profitable ways to invest $100 in Cryptocurrency that will help your $100 to swell up if you follow them.Let’s get into the game.

6 Best Profitable Ways to Invest $100 in Cryptocurrency

  1. Invest $100 in Cryptocurrency Bear Market.
  2. Select those days when prices create lower-low in Bear Market.
  3. Invest in the fundamentally strong projects only.
  4. Avoid Crypto projects, teams of which are anonymous.
  5. Pick projects down from ATH by maximum percentage.
  6. Choose high use case-affluent Cryptocurrencies (Exchange type coins).

1)     Invest $100 in Cryptocurrency Bear Market

Look, $100 isn’t a big amount for investment. So, you must be crafty about this. For this reason, you have to wait like the way a hungry tiger searches for prey. The Cryptocurrency bear market is the best time to invest your $100.

Why are we saying the Cryptocurrency bear marketis the best time?

  • It’s because you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a discount for a low price in the Cryptocurrency Bear market.

Don’t you believe in our words? Then, let’s exemplify it-

  • 2017 was a Bitcoin bull market-affluent year. And Bitcoin’s price reached its ATH, $20K, in 2017.
  • But, 2018 was a Bitcoin bear market, and by that time, Bitcoin’s price had reached around $3000.
  • Thereafter, the next Cryptocurrency Bull Market appeared in 2021 and all the cryptocurrency projects became bullish in that year. For example, during Crypto Bull Market, the price of Uniswap (decentralized crypto exchange) was $45.
  • And we believe that 2022 is a cryptocurrency bear market. And now in 2022, the price of Uniswap tumbled to $8 whereas its price was $45 back in 2021.

We can show you thousands of such price-crashing examples in the Cryptocurrency bear market. And it’s a golden opportunity for you to jump onto the cryptopcurrency market with your $100 investment.

2) Select those days when prices creates lower-low in Bear Market

It’s true that Crypto price remains low in a Cryptocurrency bear market. You can filter out your entry point if you want to reap much profit from the Cryptocurrency market. These days are those when the Cryptocurrency market creates lower-low after price crashes.

These lower-low creating days increase the force of deriving higher returns from only $100.

3) Invest in the fundamentally strong projects only

Look, you have invested your $100 in lower-low creating days in the Cryptocurrency Bear market but you selected such projects that are fundamentally poor.

What will happen then?

  • These fundamentally weak projects won’t move higher in the next Cryptocurrency Bull market.

Now maybe, a question is peeping into the mindsof newbies-

‘’How to identify the fundamentally strong Crypto projects?’’

  • In the cryptocurrency industry, fundamentally strong crypto projects refer to those projects that have affluent use cases, strong teams, bolstered tokenomics, and community friendly.

So, invest your $100 in those projects where you will find these criterions available. Best of luck!

4) Avoid Crypto projects, teams of which are anonymous

According to our last 10 years of experience, we discovered that most anonymous crypto projects come out scammed. So, our suggestion is for you to avoid crypto projects, teams of which are anonymous. Investing your $100 in anonymous projects means spending your money for nothing.

Bear in mind that team is a very important fact in Cryptocurrency.

5) Pick projects down from ATH by maximum percentage

A very common mistake done by retailinvestors is they buy when the prices go up and they sell at a loss when the prices go down. You should come out of this malpractice.

You can apply a good trick to take an entry into the best crypto projects in the Cryptocurrency bear market. And the trick is that you can make a list of popular cryptocurrency projects that have huge market dominance, like ETH, AVAX, LINK, SOL, LUNA, etc.

  • When the Cryptocurrency bear market appears (like 2022), you have to check which Cryptocurrency projects are down by the maximum percentage from their ATHs.
  • Make entries with your $100 in those projects which are down massively.

6)     Choose high use case-affluent Cryptocurrencies (Exchange type coins)

Keep one thing in mind that you won’t have profited in the Next Cryptocurrency Bull market if you invest in projects with no special use cases. It’s because these projects have no use cases.

So now, how can newcomers identify projects with high use cases?

We are adding a top-3 use case-demonstrating list below for your sake-

Top 3 Cryptocurrency types based on use cases-

  1. Layer 1 Cryptocurrency projects (like, ETH, AVAX, SOL, DOT, LUNA, etc).
  2. Exchange-type projects (like BNB, FTM, Uniswap, Trader Joe, etc).
  3. Cryptocurrency service providing projects (like Chainlink, Parsiq, The Graph, etc).

We described the above 6 best money earning ways of investing $100 in the Cryptocurrency industry in such a way that it helps crypto investors reap much profit. This ‘’6 best ways to invest $100 in Cryptocurrency’’ article is a complete guideline made for retail investors so they can turn their $100into a big amount smoothly.

Be a successful Crypto Investor from only $100: Top Criteria

Let’s be honest; examples of becoming a successful Crypto investor from only a $100 investment are few and far between. If 100 people do so, 98% of them come out failed. So, you can understand how challenging it is.

You have to follow some special Step to conquer this hard job. Let’s come to know all these criteria so that you can concretize your dream out of the thin air.

How to Invest $100 in Cryptocurrency? (Step by Step Guide)

  1. Investing for a long time.
  2. Mental preparation for proper analysis.
  3. Buy and Forget.
  4. Sell on a bull run for high profit.

1. Investing for a long time

Needless to say that- if you dream about becoming rich overnight with just a $100 investment, then we will say- wake up and come to reality. You will lose your patience if you are here with a short-time goal. As a result, you will have to bear losses, let alone the hope of profit. Even; a $100,000 investment isn’t also enough for you if you are unable to shield yourself against losses. Let’s come to know why long-term targets are essential for us-

  • You must tame the tendency of long-term holding regardless of how much your investment amount is if you want to earn the maximum profit from your investment.
  • We are getting you across it with an example- Ethereum’s price was below $10 in January 2017. And the price accrued to $370 in June 2017, which left a 37X profit to those who bought ETH at $10.
  • However, you made a mistake if you sold ETH at $370, thinking the profit amount to be sufficient for the time being. The reason is the price grew to $1400 on January 12, 2018. It means that traders who had already gained 37X profit could have ended up receiving another 140X profit.
  • You have to understand the calculations of Cryptocurrency sessions for so. We broadly described Cryptocurrency sessions in our recently posted article ’’What is the Best Day to Buy Cryptocurrency?’’ You can read this article to know about Cryptocurrency sessions in detail so that you can gain the maximum profit.
  • Reiterating that investing for a long time is the only criteria that can drive you to success.

2. Mental preparation for proper analysis

You should have the mentality of self-run analysis if you want to gain maximum return from a $100 investment. If you are reliant on-copy-pasting and others’ decisions, then success from a $100 investment will remain an elusive dream for you.

With proper time budgeting and project selection, a $100 investment isn’t enough for you.

  • You have to run an analysis before investing, and this analysis will include the following aspects-
  • Whether the particular Cryptocurrency project solves any real-world problem or not?
  • How strong are their team members? Do they have any bad records? Or, do they have any achievements in the Cryptocurrency industry?
  • And most importantly- how strong is their tokenomics? You will see a project ascending uptrend smoothly with no improvement in price if that project solves any real-world problem but has no business-oriented and potential tokenomics. You must be clear about these factors before investing in your preferred Cryptocurrency project.

3. Buy and Forget

Psychology is a very critical factor of mind and behavior, and it works the way you operate it. And the tendency you nurture gets sharpened overtime. You should follow this ‘’Buy and Forget’’ strategy if you would like to develop yourself as a personality by reaping incredible gain from a $100 investment in Cryptocurrency.

Now, maybe you are thinking- why do we need to follow this buy and forget strategy for investing $100 for the long term?

  • Our experience says it’s vital to follow. The reason is human psychology. Let us explain.

Look, many of you may frequently think- Alas! If I bought Bitcoin in 2015-2016, then how profitable I would become by now. Things are not as easy as expressed in bare eyes. Even; retail traders fizzle out to do so. The reason is Cryptocurrency bull market is not a season that comes by turn. A Cryptocurrency bull run usually appears at intervals of every three to four years (maybe the structure will change in the future but it requires waiting for now to get a Cryptocurrency bull run). And those 2-3 years come with challenges and boredom.

Now, maybe you are in doubt- where is the challenging part here?

  • The prime challenging part of the Cryptocurrency bear market is to venerate your decision when you see your project’s price is declining. And it is possible through the ‘’buy and forget strategy’’.
  • Put simply, you invested your $100 in Cryptocurrency, and the market crashed massively right after your investment was made. And your Crypto portfolio tumbled down to $45 from $100.
  • This is where maximum Cryptocurrency investors lose their momentum. An intense frustration nests into their mind at such a point. In such a bear market, price crashes are a very common affair, but maximum investors don’t have the mental preparation for facing such a situation. That’s why maximum crypto investors drop out of the Cryptocurrency bear market.

So, we don’t want you to remain among those dropouts. Mental preparation is required for so. When you invest in a Cryptocurrency project, you should forget about it right after buying. And stop checking the price daily because it is a bad practice that keeps you mentally imbalanced. So make up your mind like- I won’t touch the project I bought after profound analysis until the next Bull Run. And I don’t care even if any collapse hits the market in the meantime.

4. Selling at Enough Profit on the Next Bull Run

Are you familiar with Cricket? If you do, then you know that there are several types of dismissals in Cricket. But, ask any Cricketer- what kind of dismissal is very frustrating?

  • Undoubtedly, they will answer ‘’Run-out.’’

Now, maybe you are thinking what is the relation of ‘’Run-out’’ with this article, ‘’how to invest $100 in Cryptocurrency?’’ Indeed, in the Cryptocurrency space, there is ‘’Run-out’’ too. Unfortunately, if you have ever faced this experience, you can realize how bitter it is.

So, what is ‘’Run-out’’ in the Crypto industry?

  • Actually, Cryptocurrency ‘’Run-out’’ or ‘’Session-out’’ refers to the inability to sell any on-profit project in its bull run.
  • In fact, when any Cryptocurrency project reaches its ATH on a certain Bull Run, you have to analyze the project’s potential and strength. You have to sell off your project at its ATH if you see the project won’t add up anything in its current roadmap, and its Bull Run will not exist for long. Otherwise, you will be the sufferer of Cryptocurrency Run-out.
  • Think of XRP, a popular Cryptocurrency project. In 2017, XRP’s price was only $0.06, and thereafter, XRP created a record-breaking new ATH at $3.84 in 2018. But, maximum XRP holders couldn’t realize it, coming to the end of the 2017 Bull Run. They didn’t sell off their retained projects expecting the price would grow. Then let alone $3, XRP wasn’t even seen in the range of $2. Even; XRP’s price was only $0.51 on average in the last four years. That is how the majority of the XRP investors became the victim of ‘’Run-out’’ by not selling their profitable XRPs in their Bull Run. In the 2021 Cryptocurrency Bull Run, XRP couldn’t perform well.

Look, you may have noticed in the intro part that we suggested you target at least two Bull Runs to reap incredible gains from only $100. In the first Bull Run, you have to sell the entire profit at the ATH. And that profited amount you have to reinvest in the next bear market when the price remains low. You have to follow these hidden tricks if you want to become successful from only a $100 investment. We never recommend you to hold your Cryptocurrency forever. You have to sell your retained Crypto project for the maximum price by comprehending the market condition, and also should develop the skill of buying Cryptocurrency for a reduced price in a bear market.

Well, so far, we have narrated the top criterion required to have for being successful from only a $100 investment. Now, let’s come to know about steps to be followed for creating a successful Cryptocurrency portfolio.

Your 7-Point Checklist before investing $100 in Cryptocurrency

  1. Never invest in too many coins together.
  2. Invest in Crypto projects with high use cases.
  3. Select engaging projects.
  4. Avoid projects with shaky prices.
  5. Invest after calculating the circulation supply and total supply.
  6. Measure the effectiveness of tokenomics.
  7. Check the degree of movement on the Bull market.

1)    Never invest in too many coins together

In our pro Checklist for $100 investment, we kept the ‘’never invest in too many coins together’’ point in the beginning. There are two valid reasons behind these-

  1. You have to spend the maximum amount on gas fees if you would like to invest $100 in too many projects together.
  2. As a result, your Cryptocurrency portfolio will get narrower, which will lead to a decrease in the profit ratio.

You all know about the ETH gas fee. It is, off and on, seen that users of Uniswap need to calculate more than $90 transaction fees for buying or selling something worth $100. So, you need to plan smartly to handle this unrealistic transaction fee. Don’t worry; now, we will teach you how to avoid this kind of unbearable transaction fee.

  • Two popular Crypto tracking sites named Coinmarketcap and Coingecko show gas fees on the dashboard. You will find a section named ‘’ETH Gas’’ on the top right corner of the dashboard. Right beside this section, scores of gas fees are displayed like 19 Gwei. The higher the Gwei score is, the higher the ETH gas fee is. You should wait if you see the Gwei score is above 50 because if you trade when there are high transaction fees available, a large amount from your $100 will disappear.  
  • But, give it a shot when the score of Gwei is under 20. The lower the Gwei score is, the lower the transaction fee is.

Contrarily, centralized exchanges won’t also provide everything for less money. For example- you can hardly buy something under on Binance for under $10 because Binance doesn’t allow it.

So run your research on too many projects, and it’s our recommendation to you. But, you have to select the best 2 or 3 projects through filtering for investment. However, if you want to invest $100 in more than three projects, then we should mention a proverb for you- ‘’the game is not worth the candle.’’

2)    Invest in projects with high use cases

This point is very significant, and selecting potential Cryptocurrency projects is the most challenging task in the Cryptocurrency space. According to our long experience, the Cryptocurrency industry needs real use case-ensuring projects for its own development, for example- Cryptocurrency projects providing oracle solutions, potential Defi projects, smart-contract-based potential projects, etc. Usually, these projects don’t fade away over time.

Therefore, our strong recommendation is for you to select real use case-full Cryptocurrency projects through filtering and then invest your hard-earned $100 in them.

But, our request is to you not to invest in trendy projects like Meme-typed coins. The reason is that these trendy projects usually don’t have any real use case. Maybe these projects will provide you with profits for the short term but will fade away after a certain time. They are not value-creating to the Cryptocurrency industry. However, a majority percentage of the crypto investors are plagued by this mistake.

3)    Select engaging Cryptocurrency projects

Look, this subject is technically much important. You have to invest in those projects which are active. Checking the social media- like Twitter, Telegram, Discord- of those projects is essential to know whether those projects are active or not. Staying active on social media is the emblem of caring by a project to its community members.

  • Therefore, it is your first and foremost duty to check if the projects where you are going to invest in are active on Social media or not. Efface the names of inactive projects on Social Media from your checklist because you should not invest in those projects. Inactiveness on Social Media is not a positive sign for a Cryptocurrency project.
  • Then, you have to check whether other Cryptocurrency users are well aware of the project where you are going to invest or not. But, if you see your desired project has a zero engagement score which means the project has no active community member, you should give the project the slip. And it’s a leading concern. So, subtract these types of projects from your checklist through filtering.
  • There is another parameter relating to Engagement, which is the Cryptocurrency watchlist. Indeed, you will find this list on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. To be honest, those who are concerned about any project use the watchlist option to see their concerned projects’ prices on the dashboard individually. If you see any project is kept watchlisted by 100,000 users, you should understand that 100,000 people are concerned about that particular project. It means that the number of community members of that project is not fewer. And it’s better for you to select such types of highly watchlisted projects.

4)    Avoid projects showing Shaky Price Action

There are some criteria through following which you can identify any scam crypto project, and one of those criteria is that you can think of a project to be scammed if it shows Shaky Price Action. Indeed, they show this Shaky Price Action to stultify Cryptocurrency investors. If you see that any cryptocurrency project takes a 500 to 1000 folds growth in a specific season and then retreats back to the previous position, then you should apprehend the project to be a scam. You should keep yourself apart from such projects. However, let’s share with you some information in this regard.

  • Indeed, scam-type projects can’t do the Shaky Price Action alone. If you run a deep analysis, you will be able to find a nexus between the scam project and an unpopular Cryptocurrency centralized exchange. A scam project, if truth be told, works hand in hand with the controversial cryptocurrency exchange to show the phony price and trading volume.
  • This increased price arouses enthusiasm in cryptocurrency investors about investing in the project. This fake volume and price tricked new investors into buying the project, and thus those projects make new investors fool. So, be careful about those projects.  
  • Another fact to notice in those projects is that you would see the first 12 to 15 holders of the project hold the majority of the coins. Indeed, it’s an illusion because there is a single person or the team members of the project as an owner of those 12 to 15 wallets. They make this distribution to show people and gain their trust. When Cryptocurrency investors start buying the project seeing the fake price, they begin to dump the project from their big wallets. You should piss off those projects of which coins are kept holding in 12 to 15 wallets. You will just go bust if you invest your $100 in those projects.

5)    Invest after calculating the Circulating Supply and Total Supply

To be honest, the calculation is simple and easy (Circulating supply and total supply calculation). But unfortunately, maximum cryptocurrency investors are found averse to making this calculation. As a result, investors need to keep hanging on after investing in a project. You should know the tricks of circulating supply and total supply, provided that you want to reap massive gain from only $100 on the next Cryptocurrency Bull Run. Now, let’s come to know what the things are you should perform and what the other things are you should avoid-

  • Suppose- you are thinking of investing in a Cryptocurrency project, which has one million tokens (circulating supply) with a $1 price. But, you can see the project’s ATH price is $4, and felt wowed. You start to think you are going to get the project at a 75% discount, and it’s really great to have the entry for $1. And the excitement has made you forget that the project has a 100 million total coin supply, which means only 1% of that token is now available on the market.
  • So, you have already purchased the project for $1 and are seeing the amount of circulating supply of that project is increasing day by day but the price is sinking. Why is so happening?
  • Indeed, a coin needs to cross several stages to get enlisted in a Cryptocurrency exchange, and thus it comes into the Cryptocurrency sphere. These projects collect funds at their Seed & Private level. In this regard, you should know some Cryptocurrency terms, including TGE (Token Generation Event), Cliff period, vesting schedule, etc. We will discuss it deeply in the next Tokenomics point, and so we dashed out of the discussion for now. We told you a little bit about it just to make you understand. After getting enlisted in exchange, (Seed & Private) investors receive an innumerable number of tokens of their already-retained projects. The tokens’ price remains low at their Seed & Private level.
  • It is seen that the price of the project you purchased for $1 was worth $.20 at its seed level. So, the seed level investors are already in 5 times profit. They are those investors who dump projects even if the projects’ price remains low. And it’s because they took their entry at a low price.
  • It strongly indicates that you should avoid those projects, the circulating supply of which is NOTICEABILY less than the total supply. The reason is that the price of those cryptocurrency projects may decline more over time, and such a situation can devour your $100 investment.

6)    Measure the Effectiveness of Tokenomics

You have to understand one thing well- tokenomics is the backbone of a Cryptocurrency project. A strong tokenomics helps a project to succeed in the future the way a spine (or backbone) helps a person stand straight. Let’s shed light on tokenomics-

  • First of all, you should know what type of tokenomics is retail crypto user-friendly. If you see a project’s maximum amount of coins are held by its team and advisory board, then the project is not retail crypto user-friendly. Contrarily, the Cliff period or the duration of the lock period is also a significant issue of consideration.
  • Put simply, the 25% coins of a Cryptocurrency project are held by its team and advisory board, and the project has a two-month lock period. It means that 25% of the coins will go into the possession of the team and advisory board after the end of the two months after the TGE (Token Generation Event) date.
  • Do you understand that 25% of coins are kept under the control of the team and advisory board so that they can dump it anytime they want? Indeed, the Cliff period or lock period of many scam projects is small, like a few months. On the other hand, projects that are confident about their future set a long-term Cliff period.
  • Therefore, you should avoid those projects, the cliff period of which is set for short-term for its Seed, Private, team and advisory board.
  • You must check whether the cliff period of your selected project is going to end or not right before making your $100 investment. It is because the market crashes massively right after the end of the cliff period or lock period.

7)    Check the Growth Potential of a Crypto Project on the Bull Run

Look, we kept this point at number 7 in this ‘’The Pro Checklist before Investing $100 into Cryptocurrency Market’’ article. Checking the growth potential of your selected projects on every Bull Run is essential for you. It is significant because-

  • You should check the behavior of your already-selected Crypto project on the last Bull Run.
  • If you see the project remained stable during Bull Run, meaning no increase in price, then you should subtract the project from your list. 
  • Contrarily, if it is seen that the Cryptocurrency project follows a down-trend in the bear market but overtops during Bull Run, then you should go for the projects provided that other investment-friendly parameters are up to the mark.

The above seven parameters work as a filtration process to select the best Cryptocurrency project before investing $100. We aligned this post-research obtained seven points in such a manner that can help you reap massive gain in the next Bull Run.

How to earn maximum profit from $100 by Cryptocurrency investment?

There is a well-known proverb- ‘’A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.’’

The answer to- how and when a $100 investment in Cryptocurrency can give you maximum return- is quite likely to the proverb. The investment will carry no value if you make it at the wrong time. But, the $100 investment will be something to remember forever if you make it at the right time.

We will teach you two rules that will make you capable of reaping massive profit from the Cryptocurrency industry even when the market is unpredictable.

  • Rule Number One: Invest in Bear Market.
  • Rule Number Two: Sell your retained Cryptocurrency on the Bull Market.

Invest in Bear Market

Indeed, you can buy Cryptocurrency at a discount price in the Bear market. So, it’s the right time to buy Cryptocurrency. Consequently, if you crave a massive return from your $100 investment, you must invest in Cryptocurrency in a bear market.

Sell your retained Cryptocurrency on the Bull Market

Indeed, what is seen in investors is they nurture a tendency of buying Cryptocurrency during Bull Run. But, they don’t know that it’s a big mistake. Investors should come out of this big mistake. To be specific, the bull market is the perfect time for selling your already-retained Cryptocurrency, not for buying.

So, if you want to reap incredible gain from your $100 investment, you should buy in a bear market and sell it off on the Bull market for a high price.


Indeed, this ‘’How to invest $100 in Cryptocurrency?’’ article is a deep research-based article. The core objective behind writing this article is to help retail investors with proper guidelines so that they can grow their research ability by themselves. These 6 best profitable ways to invest $100 in Cryptocurrency will lead you to the right track with your $100 investment. This guideline will help them select the best project to invest $100. We decorated this research-based crypto article in such a way that retail investors will no longer have to rely on others to decide about where they should invest their small amount if they follow this article. If a trader invests haphazardly without proper analysis, he can lose everything. On the other hand, the reward is also massive if a trader invests in the right project. May the Cryptocurrency market bring prosperity for you.

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