How does IQ Protocol Beget Passive Income in Metaverse Industry

How does IQ Protocol Beget Passive Income in Metaverse? (Earn Free Crypto)

The word ‘’Metaverse’’ is a hotcake in the cryptocurrency world now. Ranging from crypto investors to project developers has descended to war from their respective places to engage themselves with Metaverse. Do you know what the interesting fact is? IQ protocol is already prepared for providing Metaverse asset owners with passive earnings from digital asset renting. Indeed, the Parsiq team can be assuming the future scenario of the crypto industry due to their prudence. That’s the reason they became able to develop such an innovative decentralized money market protocol, the use cases of which are yet to be realized. And so, in this Parsiq IQ Protocol article, we will depict how IQ protocol will play a lead role in the future Metaverse world by providing passive income from holders’ Metaverse assets. Let’s start from the basics. First of all, let’s know what Metaverse is actually.  

IQ Protocol (Parsiq)

Liquidity TokenParsiq (PRQ)
Total Rented11,233,044 PRQ
Liquidity Pool57,031,531 PRQ

IQ Protocol (Mysterium)

Liquidity TokenMysterium (MYST)
Total Rented Token88,374 MYST
Liquidity Pool1,102,079 MYST

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is an application that unites different forms of technologies to generate a changing real world depending on digital twin technology. Certainly, the juxtaposition of Metaverse and the blockchain industry will revolutionize the norm of economic and social systems.

The creation of Metaverse is developing a new world solidifying the present world with the virtual world. And based on that new world, a complete business model will take root, which will revolutionize our existing business models, the gaming and entertainment industry. Along with that, the management of Metaverse business model will also be changed.

The Future of Metaverse World

  • Metaverse will reshape our current economic system.

Depending on Digital Migration Blockchain, a number of digital assets will be created and traded on Metaverse. As a result, our world will see a new digital economic system. Do you know the interesting fact? IQ Protocol in the Digital economic system plays a vital role in renting. Indeed, people hardly understand what digital asset renting is because Metaverse is a smoky topic to many. If you juxtapose the comparison scenario of Metaverse and the existing world in your brain, you can easily understand that one day IQ Protocol will be a likable name to many.

Suppose- you live in a world where there is no option for you to rent your home, office, and shops in the market. There is no existence of such a custom where you can rent your land, place, and home. Do you expect such a world?

  • Surely, the word ‘’impossible’’ is being spitted out from your mouth, hearing this question. And it is quite natural.

Likewise, is any mass adoption of Metaverse possible without the custom of buying, selling, and renting of Metaverse assets?

  • Not at all.

Of late, Sandbox, Decentraland (MANA), and many other crypto platforms started selling digital assets, which you all may have heard. And, there is no doubt that this business sector will grow day by day. For example, Justin Bieber, a popular Canadian singer, performed an exceptional live concert. Why is it exceptional?  

  • Because- that JB’s concert wasn’t held in any stadium or open place. Rather it was held in Metaverse. Yes, you heard the right.
  • The proponents of JB heard his songs from every nook and cranny of the world through Metaverse.  Indeed, it is just the beginning. In the future, such kinds of concerts will be common in our world.

Maximum technologists think Metaverse will create an economic model within the next few years and this will be indissolubly linked with our daily life like email and social networking systems.  According to them, Metaverse will grow to the No. 1 social network and its Marketcap will outnumber one trillion very soon. Such massive growth will be visible when there will be mass adoption of Metaverse. But, we won’t see any mass adoption of Metaverse if Metaverse assets are confined to buy and sell only.

Renting in a decentralized way is essential for the mass adoption of Metaverse. As a result, Metaverse assets will not remain seated idle. Rather than that those who need these assets can hire in exchange for a relatively lower amount of money. Conversely, Metaverse owners can earn passive income with their assets. And that will be the true balance of the Metaverse economic system.

Why will IQ Protocol be deemed as a renting future of Metaverse Asset?

In the Decentralized Finance industry (DeFi), Parsiq IQ Protocol is a structure of subscription-based services and risk-free collateral-less loans. You can consider IQ protocol as the clay of a statue. For example- you are a sculptor (imagine you are an owner of Metaverse), and there is a pile-up of clay as a raw material for embodying a statue (imagine you have IQ Protocol in front of you), now, you are free to embody a statue using these raw materials (imagine you can add rent terms and conditions on your IQ Protocol’s sophisticated smart contracts and also can create a Custom renting pool act up to your will for renting Metaverse assets). This is how you can develop a statue according to your will (finally your Metaverse asset is fully prepared for renting).

Indeed, buying digital assets may seem to be a sheer luxury to many but it will be a significant deal at the soonest. And the next phase includes the part of digital asset rent. That’s why the future of the IQ Protocol team aka Parsiq team is crystal clear to many. And so, they have introduced the IQ Protocol to us, which is an epoch-making risk-free decentralized money market protocol.

Indeed, IQ Protocol came with a win-win game to both the Metaverse asset owner and borrower. With the starting of Metaverse asset renting, Metaverse asset owners will start to earn passive incomes. As a result, Metaverse assets will not lay idle. On the other hand, many will afford to buy such expensive Metaverse digital assets directly. So, those who are already the users of games and other Metaverse-related digital assets may rent qualified Metaverse Digital Assets from the renting pool of IQ Protocol. Here, both the lenders and borrowers are risk-free and this is the innovation of the IQ Protocol.


Metaverse became a buzzword after Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, changed Facebook’s name to Meta and expressed his future predictions about Metaverse. Since then, maximum Crypto investors have started searching for Metaverse-related Cryptocurrency projects. The funny thing is that many Parsiq holders too teamed up with them. The reason being so funny is that the IQ Protocol itself is the mother of passive income in the Metaverse industry. And you all may have already heard about 1M Parsiq airdrop and those who staked PRQ on IQ Protocol in the Q4 of 2020 will receive the governance token of IQ Protocol, IQT token. So, if you want to grab the first-mover advantage of Metaverse asset renting of IQ Protocol, you start to store the IQT tokens carefully. The reason is that it seems the full world will yield to Metaverse and the value of the IQT token of IQ protocol is immense for the mass adoption of Metaverse. Is there any doubt?

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