Israel Thinks Surveillance Can Be An Effective Weapon

Israel Thinks Surveillance Can Be An Effective Weapon

The alarming spread of COVID-19 has created a horrendous alert among countries and the pandemic is expected to increase its wing to a high extent. In this critical situation countries are taking measures in all sectors to combat the situation with strong hand so does Israel. The statesman of the country has ordered to track civilian mobile-phone data with an eye to monitoring the proliferation of COVID-19. The initiative has been activated by the concerned ministry. The parliament of the country is still trying to arrive at a solution of this mandatory program and the Health Ministry discovered 400 people to be affected with the virus and these affected people have been ordered to be quarantined.

Some people in Israel thinks aggressive outreach will save lives and the opinion is different among critics. Israelis are not serious about the decision because surveillance is more widespread in this nation of nine million which is rare in others. They are going do the same thing for COVID-19 issue however they are skeptic of government intervention. Some people are talking the decision to be secured on the other hand others think it to be a threat to the democracy.

Some others think the measure should have taken some days earlier making this legally easy to access terrifying and making you want to wear mask and walk around without a cellphone. Other ministries of Israel are also taking appropriate measures at the face of the situation for example the Israel’s transportation ministry is banning the use of cash on most public transit but it is unknown whether it will benefit against the coronavirus.

A common Exercise

To many Israelis, being under surveillance is a common issue to those Arab-Israeli citizens who used to commute to work in Tel Aviv’s crypto industry so they are much worried about the decision of the government. It refers that surveillance policies don’t concern them any more than usual. One East Jerusalem resident said he is not bullish on bitcoin and in his situation, censorship-resistance feels futile. In Israel, Bitcoin is taken as also an important payment tool and we know civilians and terrorists use the same tools in the country. So residents who are under the watch of army know tools can only be used to circumnavigate laws as long as the military doesn’t physically stop them. Back at the Tel Aviv Bitcoin Embassy, the bitcoin ATM will be the only open aspect of the nonprofit and reportedly a civil liberties group has already started petitioning the Israeli Supreme Court to suspend the monitoring program.  

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