Jonathan Wilkins joins River Financial

Jonathan Wilkins joins River Financial

Jonathan Wilkins, who has much expertise on industrial issues, is reportedly joining bitcoin brokerage River Financial as Chief Security Officer (CSO). River Financial Group was founded as a partnership of professionals, each with expertise in various areas of financial services. River is a financial institution for buying and selling the digital currency.

Wilkins, who brings c-level gravitas and cypherpunk bona fides to River, was a CSO at Blockstream, their technology is accelerating the adoption of Bitcoin-based peer-to-peer finance from enterprise-grade settlement networks, to consumer wallets, to Bitcoin satellites. Previously, Jonathan Wilkins worked at Zero Knowledge System, a Canadian privacy technology software and services company, and Microsoft as a security architect.

Wilkins has joined the River with the intention to conducting the company’s security model through taking care of user’s private keys. River is closer to the historical ideal of a bank thinking what would be the best for users in the long term focusing on simplicity. His wanted that the community grows its wealth and provides an alternative to today’s more predatory financial institutions. River Financial has built its infrastructure form ‘’the ground up.’’ River has made some decisions based on the guidance of Wilkins such as not relying on third-party cloud computing services.

Laser-like focus

They think bitcoin is going to be the most dominant cryptocurrency and that’s why River Financial is focused solely on bitcoin. Adding one cryptocurrency increases the sophistication of developing a system and other companies managing many tokens are constantly putting out fires. River adopted some cutting-edge technology because of their only working on Bitcoin. River Financial is one of the earliest companies to adopt the lightning network, which is a system of smart contracts built on top of the base Bitcoin blockchain that allows for fast, cheap payments directly between two parties. To make sure, each user in a multi-signature transaction can sign from a different hardware device, River relies on Partially-Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBT).

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