Top 5 Reasons why Kalao (KLO) Price will be $10

Top 5 Reasons why Kalao (KLO) Price will be $10

You certainly have heard of the name ‘’Kalao (KLO)’’ if you are an active community member of Avalanche. Many of you think Kalao is just an NFT marketplace on the Avalanche ecosystem. But, it is totally a misconception. Kalao is an ALL-IN-ONE place/shop of Metaverse & NFT. And we firmly believe the virtual ecosystem of Kalao (KLO) will be more than several billion dollars in value, pushing its price to more than $10. However, it’s not a wild guess. Throughout this article, we will define the top 5 reasons why we expect Kalao (KLO)’s price to reach $10.

Top 5 Reasons why Kalao (KLO) Price will be $10

  1. First NFT marketplace on Avalanche ecosystem.
  2. Kalao has an innovative team.
  3. Kalao is affluent with its strong VC backup.
  4. Kalao’s strong tokenomics can drive its price up.
  5. NFT & Metaverse crypto niches will ignite Kalao’s price.

Kalao Price Details

Kalao (KLO) ParametersDetails
Current Price$0.021
Trading Volume (24h)$273K+
Circulating Supply62M+ KLO (12%)
Total Supply500M KLO
ATH Price$1.96
ATL Price$0.019

1. First NFT marketplace on Avalanche ecosystem

Avalanche is one of the most popular layer-1 crypto projects in the crypto industry. As Avalanche (AVAX) is still in its building phase, many of you are still unaware of its potential. According to our experience, Avalanche is a fundamentally strong project, which is even ahead of Solana given its problem-solving ability.

Consequently, when such a potential ecosystem pioneers, it’s a big achievement for the ecosystem. You will notice in the crypto industry that in every popular crypto area, there lies a crypto project holding an untouchable position, like Uniswap is the number one decentralized exchange on the Ethereum ecosystem. And there are many other decentralized exchanges on the market which are far off from Uniswap according to the marketcap. However, Uniswap’s position is nearly unattainable for those exchanges as the exchange has the first-mover advantage.  

  • Think of Chainlink (LINK) now, which is the number one oracle service provider in the crypto industry. This project has the first-mover advantage in the Oracle Crypto Niche. For so, Chainlink has been monopolizing the Oracle Crypto Niche for a long time despite the availability of several other Oracle-type crypto projects on the market.

Same goes to Kalao (KLO).

So, if you raise the question to us-

Why is Kalao (KLO) so important in the Avalanche NFT ecosystem?

  • Kalao (KLO) is the first well-established NFT marketplace in the Avalanche ecosystem. Therefore, the image of the Avalanche NFT ecosystem depends to a high extent on the success and collapse of Kalao.

So, if Kalao (KLO) fails abruptly, the NFT Avalanche ecosystem will have to back off from the race of layer-1 blockchains.

That Kalao (KLO)’s team is innovative and smart has already got proven several times by their roadmaps and achievements. So, we can rule out the possibility of Kalao’s collapse.

  • On the other hand, Kalao is so important on the Avalanche NFT ecosystem that Kalao’s success will lead the Avalanche NFT ecosystem ahead.

Indeed, NFT has a bright future, and the value that the total NFT possesses as of now in the crypto industry is several hundred times lesser than its potential. So, once the growth of NFT starts, Kalao will at least reach the threshold of $10. And Kalao’s strong tokenomics and the circulating supply of KLO tokens will fuel the price increase. However, we will explain these important parameters below.

2. Kalao has an innovative team

The cryptocurrency industry is a new chapter for the whole world. So, nothing is fixed in the industry, like the crypto project that is in the top 10 today is not guaranteed to remain in the same position by the next decade. This industry is also volatile like price movement.

You should know that teams of crypto projects play a major role in holding the existence of any crypto project. Because if the team of any project is not innovative and experienced, the project will settle down to the bottom.

  • Take bZx Protocol for example. The project was trendy once upon a time and fell prey to hacking several times due to the ineptness of its team, causing a decline in holders’ trust.
  • We can show you hundreds of such examples, where many crypto projects fell flat due to the incapability of their teams.

So, let’s get back to the discussion of Kalao’s team.

Can the Kalao team take the Avalanche ecosystem to the echelon of NFT’s mass adoption?

  • Absolutely YES.

We have already told you that the NFT mass adoption of the Avalanche ecosystem highly depends on Kalao. Kalao team’s prudence is evident by its movement with other projects on the Avalanche ecosystem based on its roadmap.

How innovative is Kalao’s team?

  • The Kalao team is extremely innovative. They are successfully integrating two different industries- NFT & Metaverse- into the blockchain technology of the Kalao ecosystem. Certainly, it will take the entire NFT ecosystem to the next level by bettering the NFT & Metaverse experience.

How big is the Kalao team?

  • Kalao has 50 team members, among whom more than 20 are full-time Dev.
  • Brice M is the co-founder of Kalao, and right now, he ranks COO.
  • Moreover, Hassan Benahmed, whose popularity in the AVAX ecosystem is at its peak, is serving as the CEO of kalao.
  • On the other hand, Nassime Alexander is playing his role as an advisor and his presence flourished the kalao team.

Such an experienced team was badly essential for integrating two popular crypto niches- NFT & Metaverse- into the Avalanche ecosystem. And Kalao team is a blend of innovation and experience. So, when Kalao starts to get traction due to the contribution of its innovative team, its price is set to reach the $10 milestone.

3. Kalao is affluent with its strong VC backup

Let’s teach you a trick. If you would like to find out a potential cryptocurrency, you have to uncover projects in which popular VCs invested because Crypto VCs have their own market analysts who run deep-analysis on the market and take investment decisions after finding a potential currency according to their research.

Now the question is-

Did popular VCs invest in Kalao?

  • The answer is YES.
  • Kalao acquired $1M at their Seed Round and $1.8M at the Private Round. So, $2.8M is an attractive number for an NFT-based project.
  • And you will be surprised to know that the Avalanche Foundation itself invested in Kalao, seeing its game plan and team innovativeness. Moreover, popular cryptocurrency VCs- like IconPlus Capital, Dutch Crypto Investor, Maven Capital & Lemniscap- invested in Kalao.

Did Avalanche Foundation Invest in Kalao?

  • Yes, they did. The Avalanche Foundation announced to assist the Kalao team with advising alongside investment.

Actually, Avalanche is the mother coin of the AVAX ecosystem. It’s crystal clear from history that Avalanche Foundation never invests in shaky projects. Avalanche’s investment in Kalao proves that the foundation is not in any doubt about the future of Kalao.  

Avalanche Foundation’s investment at the Private level of Kalao will accumulate confidence in crypto companies and users about the project’s worth. So, $10 is an easily-attainable price for those projects which get investments from any mother coin of an ecosystem.

4. Kalao’s strong tokenomics can drive its price up

In the Cryptocurrency industry, tokenomics works the same way a backbone plays its role in the human body. The way a person can’t stand straight without a backbone, a crypto project’s price can’t increase sustainably without strong tokenomics.

How much strong Kalao’s tokenomics is?

  • Kalao’s tokenomics is so strong and the navel of the Kalao ecosystem is the KLO token. Kalao’s usage will stretch from the NFT marketplace to KalaoGo, Kalao Citadel-like places because Kalao token will be used in those sectors as a transaction fee. However, the KLO token will play its role as fuel to the Kalao ecosystem. So, when the Kalao ecosystem starts to lead the NFT & Metaverse industry of AVAX leaving a mounting demand for Kalao tokens, then the price of Kalao may hit $10.
  • The mistake that most projects commit in the Cryptocurrency industry is they don’t maintain any rapport between their tokens and the growth of their respective ecosystems. As a result, there lies a disparity, meaning their tokens remain out of use cases, albeit the respective ecosystem grows. However, the Kalao team didn’t commit this mistake because they are using Kalao tokens as fuel to the NFT & Metaverse industry. So, Kalao’s price and the ecosystem’s growth will automatically coincide.

Kalao Staking is an example of Kalao’s strong tokenomics

  • Right now, Staking is a useful feature because of which crypto investors, nowadays, don’t rack their brains up about crypto bear and bull markets. It’s because they are earning more using this important feature.
  • Even though the Kalao team hasn’t been on the market for a long time, they are realistic, which can be understood when you see they incorporated the Kalao (KLO) staking facility so earlier to attract token holders.
  • So, Kalao holders can earn a massive amount of APR by staking. Kalao platform will distribute 75% of their total collected fee among stakers according to the sizes of tokens that holders hold.
  • On the other hand, the Kalao team is active in thinking about how they can distribute a massive amount of passive income among KLO token holders.  KLO token holders will be able to earn in multiple ways in the future. It will grow the tendency of Kalao token holding, creating a shortfall in Kalao’s circulating supply.
  • You may know that Kalao has a circulating supply of 62M KLO tokens, which is a small amount to put pressure on. Contrarily, the total supply amount of Kalao is 500M KLO tokens. $10 will be a closer target by the time the first phase of the Kalao ecosystem rolls out.
  • On the other hand, Kalao’s DAO model is an example of strong tokenomics. By using this DAO model, Kalao can push updates to the full decentralized environment of the project. As a result, the AVAX community will get more inspired to lead the decentralized NFT & Metaverse industry by holding the KLO token.

5. NFT & Metaverse crypto niches will ignite Kalao’s price

With the arrival of Web 3.0, there will be a huge revolution in the realm of mutual communication. And Metaverse will lead the communication sector

Kalao & Decentralized Metaverse industry on Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem

The Kalao team is so smart and innovative that they are developing their tech to lead the Web 3.0 industry by providing NFT & Metaverse services, capitalizing on the available opportunity.

  • Let’s imagine that a community event of Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem will be held on Kalao Citadel, which is a virtual space of Metaverse where any user of Avalanche ecosystem can engage by adding his crypto wallet. Thus he can make instant communication with anyone he wants.
  • The Kalao team is planning to add all projects’ details and social activities to the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem through the Kalao Citadel virtual space. In this space, you can make a virtual art gallery of NFT and then display them online.
  • Alongside so, Kalao Citadel offers you the advantage of instant buying and selling of NFT & Metaverse-related items.
  • Moreover, there is a virtual advertising space named ‘’Slots’’ on Kalao Citadel. Like the advertising of our current advertising space, you can buy those slots to rent them.

So, Kalao’s future is colored with Metaverse. So, what we have been telling you is if you think Kalao is the only NFT marketplace, then it’s your mistake because Kalao is planning to be the central point of Metaverse on the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. So, expecting a $10 price from such a project is never over-optimism.

Kalao & NFT Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem’s future

Not only the NFT marketplace but also any regular NFT creator can launch NFT on Kalao without the need for any coding and marketing. And even the Kalao team will ensure advisory support to NFT creators.

  • That’s why Kalao will be a massive NFT-based ecosystem in the future.

For this reason, we believe Kalao will lead the NFT & Metaverse industry in the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. And by then, Kalao’s price will skyrocket, and the $10 price target will seem to be an achievable price.


Kalao is still confined to a baby phase because it works centering on two industries, NFT & Metaverse, both of which are in their early phase. According to our research on the internet realm, we can firmly say that NFT & Metaverse are the next big things in the upcoming internet world. And kalao became able to integrate these two big things outstandingly. As a result, kalao could make their basement Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem understand that the control of the AVAX ecosystem is in the hand of Kalao. So, we can confidently say that Kalao will hit $10 in the future. Do you have any doubt?

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