Launching to the Public of Tokenized Security Exchange

Launching to the Public of Tokenized Security Exchange

After a spell in beta mode is going to be launched to the public. Public can directly trade and invest in tokenized financial instruments by the exchange. The allowed payments here are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The exchange has it’s app can be used by any system allows users to access the exchange on the go. Additional features of the app include 50 percent margin close outs and selling at loss. With the exchanging linking crypto to the price of stocks and shares provides a tangible way for holders of Bitcoin and ethereum to access traditional financial markets.

The exchange belong 1,000 tokenized securities on offer to investors worldwide. provides the underlying technology of the platform. Tokenized products of it track the underlying market price of common financial instruments for example global equities, indices and commodities. With a view to adding more government and corporate bonds going forward from a source it came to knowledge that has also launched a tokenized Belarus today.

The blockchain business which is under Belarusian law follows Know-your-customer rules, anti-money laundering and EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. The exchange is trading over $20 million monthly along with 5,000 users having successfully registered for the beta announced on Jan.15.

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